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Surly 1x1, orange

Drive side
Rear brake

New frame and a few new parts. More photos on Flickr.

Frame: 18" Surly 1x1 frame and fork, orange

Wheels(26"): Front, 40 hole Salsa El Gordo laced to a Sansin SE high flange tandem hub.

Rear, 48 hole Salsa El Gordo laced to a no-name 135mm hub

Brake: Avid SD-7 v-brake, parts bin old school Shimano long pull lever.

Drivetrain: MKE Bicycle Co. Pologuard(35 tooth) with 165mm Sugino XD cranks up front and a 22t ACS freehweel in the back. 117mm bottom bracket to make the pologuard fit.

Stem/Bars: Parts bin, Dimension upright 1 1/8" stem. Chopped and still fairly wide and fairly upright riser bars. Bell.

Pedals: Plastic Odyssey pedals

Misc: Salsa seat post with WTB mtb saddle.

looks awesome. i was gonna get a 1x1 before i got my jamis exile 26" ss. one thing i don't like about both of our frames is that the brake cable runs along the top of the top tube. i ripped my thighs up a few times before i got smart and covered it with padding. i'm thinking about grinding those things off and running housing along the bottom of the tube using zip ties. love that color.

carve. smash. eat shit.

Thanks for the compliment. I'm liking how well I can play in front of this bike. Much improved over the more set-back Rollo.

I do wish the housing stops allowed for full cable housing as opposed to the open part. Not sure how the open part is a benefit.

less housing = less friction in the line

But then more shit gets in the housing because there are more openings! I had to clean my rear brake line like 10 times this winter.

Bike Polo Ronin

The cable running across the top tube is definitely a shortcoming of the 1x1. I ride with a top-tube pad yet my knee frequently pinches the cable to the frame and causes problems with braking. It's really a minor annoyance. I also thought about full-length housing but decided against it. When I first set the bike up I thought about grinding a few things off. Am very glad now that I refrained from taking an angle grinder to my frame.

Like playing across the front of the bike? Move the bars lower/closer. Mine are just about down at the steer tube. I love being able to hit left side forward backhand shots!

Once upon a time I gashed my leg on the seat stay braze-on for disc brake housing. Covered it with tape afterward. It's a little sharp edge where you don't need it.

It's a beaut, sven. Love the matching dust cap.

What are you doing with the Rollo?

I bought the frame complete and it came with that Origin-8 matching orange headset. Its a bit over the top. I usually don't color coordinate my bike to that degree.

The Rollo will live again as a cruiser bike. I will never get rid of that frame. I love it dearly.

good looking bike! i like the mugshots on the front wheel cover!

Black Stardust Flip-Flop

The 1x1 is going thru a metamorphasis right now. More photos forthcoming.


Photo set of the process from bent frame to bent frame with gusset.