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Sean Slaughters Polo Ride

Sean Slaughters Polo Ride
Front and rear brake

my past polo bikes have included a Bianchi BASS, Volume Sledgehammer, Surly 1x1, and an IRO Rob Roy ss cross bike. I won this Joust frame at Los Marcos Melee last year and have since built it up. In the picture there are two brake levers, I now have one lever and a cable doubler. I am also running clipless pedals.

56cm Joust
front and rear v brakes
48h Rhinolite rims laced to cartridge bearing DK bmx hubs
FSA DH cranks

so wack..

legend has it there are two hundred forty-seven street hockey balls in the atmosphere never to come down due to launch upon impact of this mans tires

I should probably stop throwing things

I like your style, Sean... I'll be posting my 1x1 polo steed soon.
{}------- lexington -------{}

{}------- lexington -------{}

how did these tires turn out? zachary's post makes it seem pretty sick, I am about to pick 2 for 40 bucks up off craigslist for my bike, did you tear through them at all?