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Symes Whiskey

Obligatory Drive Side Shot
Stainless Disc guard, Hope Pro II Single Speed, Juicy 7
34 / 20 (and 38 / 16 for street use)
Front and rear brake

I made a bike. I like it. it's the nimblest bike I've ever ridden. Hooray

beauty. you fabricated this yourself?

One of the sweetest polo bikes I've seen! Nice job on the break guard.

Deaddog- sacbikepolo




Sweet brake guard!

you betta bring the Heat!

Cheers guys. I'm in the process of making a custom one for Damon / Dingo... An even lighter weight build with geometry slightly altered to fit him better. I'm looking forward to it. It'll be a similar spec with a hope pro single speed hub etc... Then maybe I can get my bike back from him ;)

No-one mentioned that Damon was on the winning team - Johny Crash in the Australasian Bike Polo Championships on the symes whisky, I've ordered one a whisky already!
Well done Scottles

Symes Whiskey 2

Number 2 is here :) more details soon...