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Schwinn Mesa Runner

Schwinn Mesa Runner
Fixed gear
Front brake

I procured the Schwinn Mesa Runner the summer of 2008 when I first started playing hardcourt polo. My friend, and cycle mechanic/fixed gear proponent, singletrackm1nd helped me roto-fix a Surly cog to the rear and I removed the superfluous front rings and shortened the bars. I played the 2008 season out with this iteration of this bicycle.

Schwinn Mesa Runner Polo Bike

During the winter of 2009 our gameplay subsided with the cold weather and I took the opportunity to refurbish and stylize the Mesa Runner. I stripped it down to the frame, rattle-can painted it pink, re-greased the bottom bracket and re-built it.

The Schwinn Mesa Runner gets a paint job

Over the course of the 2009 summer season I opted to add larger pedals and wider bars. The rear wheel is desperately in need of four new spokes and a serious true.

Fuck Shifting

The 2010 season is upon us and a wheel disc has now been added to the Mesa Runner. I bent the hell out of the rear wheel last season (with the fixed gear) and replaced it with a freewheel. Thus far I prefer the freewheel as the ability to attain great speed followed by coasting as well as not having to worry about pedals striking the ground in sharp corners seem an advantage to me.

Schwinn Mesa Runner - Hardcourt Bicycle Polo