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Mr Shah the faithful steed.

Mr Shah the faithful steed.
Very nearly full tube crack concealed by top tube cover. check your shit people as that strange creak you hear could be this.
Front brake

Mock up of my bike before catastrophe,

Redline Urbis frame,
Custom Colossi fork,
700c Velocity Chukker wheel set.
Race Face Cranks and E-Thirteen Chain ring,
White Industries 22 tooth free wheel,
Time Atac Pedals,
DMR Drone stem and Second hand flat bars,
Avid BB7 Disk Brake and Avid speed dial lever,
Homemade denim top tube cover concealing the end of bike life crack found on the morning of the first day of the Australasian Champs.
Strange creak led me to investigate all bolts in the front end then the brake then the welds finally leading to me removing the top tube cover to find a sight to make sad face.

oh well time for a new steed.

Had A Frame Break That Way Too From Being hit By A Brake Lever