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the WHIP.

Rear brake

Haven't had a chance to really ride this sucka' as it sits.

New polo guard
Fat "Bulletproof" bmx pedals
26" wheels, 1.5" tires
V-brake on the back

I really like the stance of this bike, it feels agile and quick.

Things to come: One of those nifty problem solver brake doublers with a front brake, and a straight/no rake fork. I want to tighten it up, as the wheel base seems long and there's a lot of open space. Also maybe find someone to weld on some horizontal drop outs... the chain has a little slack.

Lookin' good Nick!

what's up, nick? you might not want to change the rake of the fork because it will probably result in worse handling. you might be able to achieve a smaller 5-hole by switching to a 24" front wheel, which would drop the front end a bit making the head tube angle steeper and not affect the handling in a negative way at least. i just switched to a 26" mountain frame and wheels and i thought the same thing you did until i did a little homework. now that i'm used to riding the bike, i like the way it handles just fine and a large center hole hasn't really affected me much (i don't play goal a lot). read this thread for info about what you're trying to do: short rake forks

nice bike, though. what happened to the red one you played on in new orleans?

carve. smash. eat shit.

carve. smash. eat shit.

That sucker felt more like a beach cruiser than something I could play polo on. This one's just got a better stance, feels better under me.

Interesting point about the short rake fork. I'll have to see what Charlie says about his. He just got that 26" threaded straight fork, and says the steering messed with him a little but not much. I played in Lawrence, KS today and a guy there had the same 26" straight fork. I rode around on it for like 5 minutes and it seemed okay. I'll do some more reading about trail though.

Put fatter tires on it!!! That closes the 5-hole a bit. And, as you know, I do play goal a lot.

Bike Polo Ronin

are you bringing this whip to the Quad Cities?

Basileia tou Theou and bike polo.