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Aussie Sillgey

Aussie Sillgey

The Sillgey is great! I had to put "real " brakes on though as calipers just didn’t pull me up so I welded on V brake boss's and used Avid V brakes! it stops too good now and has cost me dearly in tires!
Ive used a BMX flip flop hub 13/17 and have used 34/38 combo on a compact road BB on 170 cranks up front (so no change in brake position) 17/34 is perfect polo and 13/38 for commuting gears!
Deep V velocity's make for 20 inch (406) bullet proof wheels and I use 20 x 1.5 or 1.75 tires.
Its soooo much fun to ride great for riding around town and an awesome polo bike and looks really cool in a different sort of way!

Very nice Rob. Could you get a few more spokes though?


Nice Bike Rob, I've never seen anything like it! Is it originally designed as a travel bike? Either way sweet ride,

cheers j

Rob's Piccolo

Not sure why the pic you have is so blurry. This one is linked to a much larger file for those who wanna have a closer look.