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My "64er" and My Mr. Laing

Polo May 2009 021.jpg
Sunday Games Jan 2010 019.jpg
Rear brake

Same Bike. With a few mods. Built for high speed grass polo but works great on hardcourt. 1x8, Avid mech.rear disc. Maxxis Holy Rollers.

New for me, single speed, 35x21, steel Ian Laing frame, Sun Mammoth 36, avid, Kenda K-Rad ( which by the way were very quickly) Odessy lever. This thing is quick on shorter courts.

looks good. now turn it around and show us the drive side.

Doug D
Brooklyn, New York

Doug D
Brooklyn, New York

You forgot the "We just scored on your ass" bell in the description. I can't wait to see you guys in November!

Bike Polo Ronin

Tim, The boys and I are pumped to come to your city, and play polo. Being sorta new to hardcourt and grass converts as well, you Mo. folks are the best! MiniMike, Troy Hacker, Big Mike T., Mailman Jay, Justinrunns and the NOD all say Hi from PHX. We're comin to play polo.

Not Yet....Not Yet.