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$~$~$~$~Kruse Control~$~$~$~$

$~$~$~$~Kruse Control~$~$~$~$
$~$~$~$~Kruse Control~$~$~$~$
$~$~$~$~Kruse Control~$~$~$~$
Front and rear brake

I've already taken a million pictures of this bike but here are a couple more.

Custom geometry, fillet brazed by my friend (this word seems not strong enough) Keaton Haire in Springfield, MO. This bike is a testament to his craftsmanship: home made jig, mitered joints by hand, tubing bent and shaped by hand in a vice...

Down tube, top tube, chain stays and seat stays are straight gauge 4130. Seat tube is a double butted bicycle tube. It's stiff!

RaceFace Evolve crankset
48 hole Fixcraft hub with a BB7 in the front (GET ONE OF THESE!)
Fleetvelo riser bars

A hair over 25 lbs. And yeah, I rattle canned it.

I don't see any lasers. post pics of the weapon systems.

keeping polo sinful.

She's a real beaut!

If you can dream it, you can do it!

How's it ride bro?

zip ties. shit's weak.

lovely tall bike !!!

Zero Rake Fork?

No, it's a fork from a joust. 35mm or whatever it is.

You have too much fun with your own last name.

The only reason anyone does anything.
For the lulz.

10 goals on milwaukee? youre a monster!