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Polo HED.

Polo HED.
Polo HED.
Polo HED.
Fixed gear
36 - 19
Front brake

I'm still trying to get this bike setup how I like it
Scrambler V2 frame
Fixed 19T on one side
Free 18T on the other side
I'm going to try these 175s Raceface cranks so I don't destroy the Topline cranks I had on before. I also need to buy a new chain next week, and cut the bars down a bit more.

Your chain tension is shit

I'll just kick off the boards and coast around the court. Or grab on Scott and get him to pull me around.

clear chain? tarck balla

Yup, you should see the free wheel bike I built for polo. Scott was using it for a bit but he more on to a new bike so I'll be "trying" out this freewheel thing.

you should see the bike i'm literally having built... custom frame. should be done in 2 weeks or so