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The Meal Trolly's Wicked Wheels

whacka wanga
Front and rear brake

I bought this VooDoo Wanga right after my Univega got stolen, in 1996 I think. Tange Prestige tubes. My favorite part of the frame are the seat stays that have lovely strong-womanly hip lines from atras. First sticker: sword and skull like my first skate deck. Noteworthy sticker: Ca junior rangers from Erin during the winter picnic2 in 818. Most recent sticker: Portland Count It in the Hamm's style from a Pololluvia team mate.

Kept the front derailer for easy access to a slightly better city gear 32-17. Rear derailer is a tensioner, white industries 17/19 freewheel. This photo is right after I put the fly screen door mesh on, winter time. Screens ... didn't last long. Will update the photo soon.