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Messmann's Hija de la Coneja (L)

love it!!!
Front and rear brake

(L) Coneja with Ti Flite saddle, Thompson Layback seatpost, Halo Tornado 36 hole wheels with Dual disc (140 Rear)!! Rob Goodin's (FTW polo) Avid dual pull set up (stainless steal). Milwaukee Polo guard, Sugino 170 cranks. Canecreek HS. 1/8 chain. Surly 21 cog. Schawbe Marathon tires 1.5's 32 psi, no name stem and riser. Time Atac pedals. Count it!!

very cool bike!

Added the discs? and how?

Get rad

already dented. boom!

In my opinion, it's more important to have a smaller disc front. Just a rotor(aka disc) 140 mm diam. is pretty expensive where I live, otherwise having smaller rotors both front and back could become a fun experiment. Almost persuaded myself to weld the disc-brake attachment bosses to the fork