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Beef City Modded Bruiser

drive side
front end
Beef City tab mod
Chain is on Free side, Fixed side is a flip away.
34-22 Free / 34-21 Fixed
Front brake

MKE Bruiser Frameset
Selle Italia Turbo Saddle
Time ATACs
Sugino 165mm crank
Half Link Chain
36h Paul front disc hub/velocity b43/Jinxy shield on the front with Avid Lever/BB7/Clean Sweep Disc brake.
Wheel Built by Garth at Beef City
Disc Tab/brake installed by Garth as well. Thanks Bro!
RiBMo 700x28c tires
MKE Nickle ends (they're pimp)
Stemie stem pad
Plans to upgrade back wheel (h+son EERO or another b43)

Disc brake stops on time every time.
Turns extremely tight
Durable frame/fork
Wheel Cover fits flush on the edge of the b43, from certain angles it looks like a disc cover... thanks Jinxy!

A bit heavy (The MKE Paint job and 3 layers of paint is dumb, how many times do you need to paint something black?)
U brakes don't do anything, why bother?
Handlebars are still 1-2 inches too long, knee slams into the handlebars sometimes....
Back wheel is so out of true...

All in All, a fun bike. I appreciate the steel frame especially when I smash my bike into the ground or hear that nice ping sound when a ball pops off the frame. The turn radius is great and the front end is still a bit heavy (stem/handlebar replacement likely).

Mad props to Garth for making the disc brake happen.

Looks good!

Hoser Mobile!!!!

Niiiice! Gimme that stemie! You know so connections with my bike will be pleasant experiences...

mash on or get mashed up.

I like the noodle lol that's a really good idea

what size rotor do you run? i got a disc mount from
paragon but because the fork is straight and the offset
ends I have wound up using 203 rotors. I like the placement
of your caliper.

fuck ur face

Did you custom make that tab If so could you tell me the dimensions?