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Solo Girl! A 303 Polo Bike

Solo Girl! A 303 Polo Bike
Solo Girl! A 303 Polo Bike
Solo Girl! A 303 Polo Bike
Rear brake

So this is a general description
KHS Solo One Soft-tail single speed STEEL frame with horizontal dropouts and a huge rigid fork with the disc tabs...
On two generic 26 inch rims, front wheel cover design took a bit of work at kinkos but the art is from a Danzig album-- representing heaven and hell (a good metaphor for polo) --
The bashguard(E-thirteen) is a main feature of the drive train on FSA 170mm cranks. Avid V-Brakes...
Race Face diabolus stem and some prison bars.
brooks saddle (originally b-17 with the sides cut out)

3 - 0 - 3!

real nice wheel cover art.. I'd pay for one of those custom...


I may be visiting East Van this summer kenny, martil and emerson were really chill with me at LA so I want to come crash some couches and crash some games. Will bring the art on a usb disk and help you print it out at a kinkos.