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Polo Bike 2.0

Fixed gear
Rear brake

55cm Pake Frame
48H MKE rear hub laced to Deep V
MKE Pologuard
Front wheel is some old junk, but the corruplast is holding it together

how u like that frame? u get pedal strike or overlap? how big are those tires?

sorry, didn't see this till now. I'm surprised how much I like the frame actually. Cheap, but the straight gauge tubing has held up to repeated beatings and crashes. I would assume the newer ones with the 1 1/8" steer tube are even stronger (I thought I'd fold the 1" but it has held up). 2 solid seasons of hard play, still running straight.

the 55cm with 165 cranks and large cages just barely has toe overlap with a 28 on the front. Pics are not with big tires. Currently running a 28 ribmo in the rear and a 28 fyxation on the front. room for a bit more, but not much.

I switched to freewheel and overlap isn't an issue now.

Man, I need to update this... now dual brakes, freewheel, and other changes.