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MTL Pompino

MTL Pompino
Front and rear brake

Old model On One Pompino, medium. Which means it has a 135 rear spacing, not the newer 120.
30/22 for playing
36/16 for getting there and back.
165 cranks, finally found some that could take a 30T granny ring so a bash guard could be fitted. Old Sugino GT
700 x 38 tires back and front
mini-V brakes back and front
Lever has a dual pull adaptor similar to the St. Cago but not as well produced. The mini-v specific lever is handy in that it has a hinged clamp (I've had mangled levers in the past) and it did work ok with regular v-brakes even though it's not quite long pull (and not quite short pull either).
Nothing much else outstanding other than the amusement my crew here are now getting after they only recently googled up "Pompino". Took them almost a year...

A year? How long did it take you to get the top tube pad off so we could read the name? That's a bit unfair if you ask me.

Anyway, kickass bike. It's already claimed quite a few of my spokes.

perfect bike!!! ;-))