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Dad's new Scrambler

Dad's new Scrambler
Dad's new Scrambler
Front and rear brake

55cm Scrambler V3 with canti posts added
34/22 polo
40/16 road
700 x 26 Kenda
165 cranks
spd pedals
St Cago dual brake mod
B43 clones, 36 spoke, formula hubs (thank you Jesse)
"TaBARnac" bars (it's a local thing)
Ergo grips

You have a fancy version of my bike :)

Do you change chainring for the 40-16 ratio?

Winston Salem NC Bike Polo

I have a double chainring behind the bash-guard, one either side of the crank with the bash sitting on, but spaced outside, the outer ring. Harris Cyclery have some super long chainring bolts (with matching spacers) so you can have all three without a granny ring. I discovered that when flipping the rear wheel over between 22T and 16T cogs (installed normally) the chainline was pretty acceptable for each of the chainrings without needing to do any further adjusting, handy.

Nice that you think it's "fancy", perhaps my vanity-suppression ability is poor. Besides, who's calling who fancy - you have a whole bunch more spokes than me, one of those fancy english seats and slicks! Glitter, that's what you need, lots and lots of glitter...

gorgeous frame, parts, and ratios. well done!