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Ferrari Polo

sugino xd drivetrain is good, low q, light, not so strong
the ferrari beast!
Front brake

Riding in Circles Polo Frame
Profile 48h hubs Chukker/Dodici2.4
White Industrrrrrrrrrrrrrries sweeet sound.

I absolutely love it, still have not realized how good it is, but yes, some atributes on your bike make you a better polo player!

Check Riding in Circle out!

incoming double brake.

Maybe I'll upgrade the drivetrain one day, stronger and longer, 165 now, 170 is the goal.

Recommend me 26 slick tyres please, so far i'm happy with continental sport contact.... but maybe you have some other suggestion.

freewheel, tu quoque
very nice Jordi


The result is random the performance No

clean build! Looks nice.

la envidia me corroe!!!!!

*Somebody please think of the children!!*

nice pictures, nice frame. Good 26'' tires are maxxis hookworm. they come in 26x1.95 to 26x2.5

belliissima jordi, super !!

tu sei piu bello anchora! Venezia forever in my heart!


nice ass ride man!