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DZR bike shoes for street and bike polo Velolocuma bicycles


can't remember
Front brake

This brandless italian columbus tubing frame that took me from Montreal to Newfoundland on the longest spur-of them moment bike trip ever. It also survived about 5 salty slushy Montreal/Madison winters, and won countless polo matches. It finally gave up in March 2005. I was riding it in a polo game and suddenly felt extra suspension. First i thought that i had blown a half dozen spokes, and the wheel was bending under my weight, but i was determined to finish the game so i didn't bother to look.

at first i was looking at the wheel, then moved to the frame. nice job! RIP.

Golden/Victoria/Golden Polo

I remember playing with you on that bike. Beautiful photo, snow and garbage and all.

MALICE for the people.