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Front and rear brake

54cm Velolucuma PoloLoco
48H Velocity Cliffhanger wheelset
Dual Brakes via Slidepad (Still giving it a test run instead of hating without trying it!)
165mm Profile Cranks & BB
Odyssey 28T Million Dollar Sprocket
Time Atac MX4 Pedals
FBM Integrated Headset
Truvativ Hussefelt 40mm stem
1980’s Bianchi Selle Italia saddle
1980’s Bianchi celeste handlebar tape


Is The Toptube Sloping Forward?

Thanks! Yea it does seem to be doing that. I've been enjoying the bike so far; I would love to support my local Grand National frame builder but for now I needed to acquire something I could afford. Sweet ride, great lines, thank you Axl!

Jordan Williams

How tall are you? I've ridden one of these in 54cm with 700s and I loved it but I want to run 26". He also had a long stem and I want a short one like yours. I'm just curious how tall you are and how your size is working out. I can't decide if I should go for the 57cm; I'm 5'11''. Thanks so much for your input.

I Have The 58 Cm Which Fits Me At 6'3''. I Usually Ride A 6Cm Road Frame.

I'm 6'0", and I know traditionally on most road frames I'd be a 57cm, but I went with 54 both because my past polo bike was small (so I was used to it), and its short and nimble. I've only now had the opportunity to play on it once last sunday, but I'll be playing again this afternoon. But as of last sunday it was feeling great! I'm looking into a seatpost now with a greater setback, but otherwise this bike feels very good. My clubmates have also said I already look better even though I've only been on it one day so that's good.

Jordan Williams

How do you like the BB height? I feel like neg BB drop would really mess with your center of gravity. How does it feel?

So far so good! But then again I've only had the chance to play on it once so far, although I'll be playing on it again today! My roommate though, who has far greater experience in polo than me, has been very complementary of everything about this frame.

Jordan Williams

I got to jump on this bike yesterday, it could use some taller bars, but its nice and stable. And the bottom bracket pushed back doesn't seem to mess with your center of gravity. I'm 5'11ish and so the owner is my height if not a little taller and it fits fine.

Nice build Jordan.

Thanks Nick, and yea I'm considering getting some Poose handlebars, once I know what kinda skrilla I need to save!

Jordan Williams

That seat and bar wrap is "celeste"
A color that has changed many times over the years.
Legend has it that a certain champion bike racer was denied union to an Italian princess because of cast issues.
Celeste was her name...
Finally Jordan, A fitting ride for your game!
Very happy for you and proud.

slayers are only slayers if the slay out of town...

Haha, I do love my Celeste and thanks for the Legend! I'll take it as truth.

Jordan Williams

I'm more like 5' 10 1/2" and debating between the 54cm and 57cm, thoughts? Yall with experience with this frame are invaluable too me. I'm planning on commuting to work on my polo bike once I get my setup with this frame completed, but I'm doing that to improve my polo game by heightening my bike familiarity, so I don't want to sacrifice polo qualitys for commuter qualities much. Feel free to chime in everyone. I love your bike Jordan, that's why I'm asking here.

Well, my roommate is 5'10" and he loves my ride. I'm 6'0" and I feel great on it. I'd go with the 54cm, because why not? Its more compact, and if you want you can always keep your steer tube long to keep your handlebars up, not to mention buy one of those nifty Velolucuma (or similar from Rustbelt, Grand National, and I heard Fleet Velo now too among others) riser handlebars to get the ride height higher. I kept my steer tube long enough to not smash my fingers if the handlebars whip around, although I think I'll have the Indianapolis-based Grand National make me some riser bars and a seatpost with an adjustable long set-back to get my ass over the rear even further. But as far as the seatpost, that's something I needed even when on a 58cm road frame playing polo back in the day so that's not indicative of the 54cm frame. So final answer, get the 54cm (in my opinion), and you can always keep the other bits tall/long or adjust as needed to suit your riding style.

Jordan Williams

Ah and as far as for commuting, White Industries makes a sweet 16/18 or 17/19 dual singlespeed freewheel, with two rows of teeth spaced so the rider can manually switch the chain over. I'm thinking about one of those for when playing on a big vs. short court, although it wouldn't give you a ton of additional gear height for your commute. You can also get an internally geared 2 speed crank which would give you more range

Jordan Williams

Cant believe no one has asked about the Slidepad set up, thoughts? Love it/hate it?

Get rad

I come from a rear brake only set up, which was nice to slide around the back end but sucked when I ran into the wall sprinting to block a shot. So the Slidepad fits that need well. But as others have said, not great for those who like to do nose pivots, although it would be easy enough to throw it on the front and have the rear give the extra assist. (Which I may do? Still feelin' it out). I do like it though right now, and no going over the bars!

Jordan Williams

Uhmz... im 6.1" and own a 57 700 marino which is ok, my commuter is a 58... imho get a frame for your size and dont overdo it with setback seat posts, really long stems (tried it) and so on.

I don't understand, how do you carry all of your dilldoes with that sloping top tube?


This is a good looking Peruvian. One of the best I've seen.

Combination of choice: Smash + Bang