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Fixed gear
Front brake

What's the fork?

All City

Oh yeah, the Nature Boy? Feel free to ignore this if you like how your setup feels, but... I ask cause I had a similar setup (Mordecai frame with road/cross fork) and I really didn't like how the front end handled. The bike never wanted to right itself when I carved low into a turn.

I think it was due to really low trail because the frame is designed for a longer freestyle fork (~410-420 A-to-C), so using a short road/cross fork will steepen the head angle... and the longer rake of the cross fork versus a freestyle fork (45 mm vs 30-35 mm) makes the trail even lower.

Anyway, not meaning to criticize. But if the handling feels limiting, a Fixcraft or Bruiser Polo fork might help.

Yea, the Bruiser is definitely on my radar in terms of upgrades for this bike. I just went with the All City at first because a friend had it on hand as I was having the bike built. As it is right now, it doesn't feel super twitchy or anything - but it does feel a bit limiting.

The Fixcraft fork that I've seen would be great as I could eventually get a disc brake, but it seems they're sold out? The Bruiser looks great too though, so I'll probably go with that.

Thanks for your input!

Yeah I believe the fixcraft fork that sold out was a prototype and they should have the final production version in stock eventually.
On the other hand, it looks like the Bruiser fork will have disc tabs soon as well... and hopefully a rotor guard to match?: flickr.com/photos/mkebike/sets/72157634614753042/with/9269908809/