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Fixed gear
Front brake

60cm Surly Steamroller frame w/ a Jamis cyclocross fork, custom weed inspired powdercoat by Wondercoat. Fixed gear 32x19, front V brake. Truvativ crankset w/ GXP BB, super stiff and you only need one tool to remove and install the crankset for travel. All City hubs with 48 double-butted Wheelsmiths laced three cross. Velocity Dyad on the rear wheel, Sun Rhyno Lite on the front to avoid dents on the brake track. The axle bolts on the All Citys mean I can pack the wheels tighter when shipping/flying the bike. SPDs cause whatever. The saddle is a take-off from a Linus; it's not the most uncomfortable thing in the world and the last time I used one it stood up to three years of constant polo abuse. The Spacetruck has been thoroughly safety checked, nature walked, and it has swept the bakery. C'mon, let's go Spacetruckin'. Photo by Zach Bloomington.

yusss!! nice whip, dawg.

Very Nice! And based on your play, it handles soooo well.

This dude slayed riverside on this bike. Beast mode engaged.