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Triton Titanium Polo Bike

Just built
At the builders in Russia
1789g (3.9lbs)
684g (1.5lbs)
Custom dropouts for rotor guard mounting
Alfine 8 Speed.
Front and rear brake

Custom Titanium, built by Triton Bikes in Moscow, Russia. http://tritonbikes.ru/

Paragon Machine Works sliding dropouts
Rotor guard mounts on front forks (like geekhouse ones)



You have a matching Ti polo mallet, right?

this is my dream polo bike

basically a single speed mtb but with the back wheel tucked further in

Some photos taken today:

What did this frame cost if you don't mind me asking?

Now you've had it for a while; any comments or concerns?



Sure, his prices are pretty great for Custom Ti

Frame was £575, plus the cost of the paragon sliding dropouts ($200), but they're optional.

Forks were £180, but the forks have proven to be next to useless for polo, as they are so flexible. I'll keep them for offroad maybe, but I have now got some Alu Trials forks for polo, which are rigid as hell, and light.

The frame is amazing though, I love it. Geometry is spot on. The geometry is here http://bit.ly/owXV57