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FBM Sword aka The Piss & Shit Bike

30 x 19
Rear brake

Drilled the frame myself to mount a brake.

love this bike!

thats sharp, I love black
time atacs?

I should probably stop throwing things

Good Shit!

are those 700 x 32's or 28's?

Peace to all the Gods and the Earths!

28 rear 32 front



Northern Standard

loving it...

"We don't need no education"

this bike is pretty freaking awesome for a polo bike. Nice set up.

Really dig the BMX feel of your set-up. Do you ride a BMX too?

Ya i was going to ask, is that a bmx brake??


Northern Standard

nah, BMX Lever, with a shimano long reach brake and Kool Stop V-Brake salmon (soft compound) pads. Very powerful brakes. Oh yeah, I had to drill the frame myself to fit the brake.

Sorry ya thats what i meant. Is that a dirty harry lever?


Northern Standard

What fork are you running on that bike ? I've been looking for a nice BMX fork but can't decide, yours looks good.

- Glasgow Polo

really diggin this bike! what stem is that? is it 22.2 or 25.4?

Jeff it's a 22.2 stem, Primo Aneyerlator, and the bars are Gusset Open Prison bars (steel 22.2 jump bars)

Nice bike is that the million dollar chain ring

and I hope you don't come between me and the cold hard ground.