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Front brake

It's the remix to ignition, hot & fresh out the' kitchen! I took this pic before R.Kelly had a chance to pee on the bike.

-51cm Velolucuma Travel 26er frame/fork (fits more like a 53cm)
-Shadow Conspiracy headset/grips
-Front & rear 26" 48h Chukkers, Surly polo hub front/Halo spin doctor hub rear
-26x1.5" slicks
-Shadow Conspiracy Interlock half-link chain
-Old Deore cranks with Spot bash guard
-Odyssey twisted PC pedals (maybe someday I'll clip in)
-Old Avocet Touring II saddle

My last polo rig made me feel like I was playing in a recliner. This one feels like riding an angry bull who has been on a 4-day meth bender. It has the couplers, and I'll only need the most minor of excuses to come visit you & your club.

So how do you feel about your purchase now? Couplers feel solid? Is it a heavy frame?

I feel pretty good about it! The couplers feel solid, and the bike handles nice. It probably weighs about 26-28 pounds all told, which is at least a few pounds lighter than my last polo rig. It'll have it's first airplane trip in a few weeks!

I think I'm a little envious.

I can't make up my mind about these frames, mainly because I fall between sizes 54 and 57. The 51 looks great, 54 looks weird and 57 is huge. Velolucuma say that the geo on their travel frames is the same as their non-coupling frames but the pictures they have out there suggest otherwise to me.

Enjoy that single bag check-in feeling!

Oops, double post.


If you're between a 54 & 57, I would go with the 54 at biggest. My 51 fits like a 53 (has a 31 inch standover), so I imagine that the 54 would feel bigger as well. I'm not sure about the non-travel frames.