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"The Blowhole", part deux

"The Blowhole", part deux
Rear brake

I gave my tired polo steed a bit of a makeover. Here's what I changed:

-converted to singlespeed
-bmx bars off of a toddler's bike
-burly half-link chain
-shimano deore v-brake setup (from cantilever's)
-26", 48-hole velocity chukker rim, laced to dt swiss black spokes & a no-name hub from Ben's cycle.



It seems so strong and smooth...
Aloha Riz

Did you have trouble finding 26" 48 hole chukker rim?
Haven't seen many here in Aus


really? that seems strange, considering they're made in austrailia.

no, i didnt have an issue, just ask your local velocity dealer or LBS if they can get them. they may have to make a phone call or two, but you should be able to scrounge one up.

Maybe I'm asking the wrong peeps.
The set-up looks ace, nice job. Cheers.