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35x22 (i got my pologuard i'll get an updated pic soon)
Rear brake

this is my newest polo bike! and now my primary one since joeMKE said i can never ride my other one (basey2) in tournaments ever again.


Frame is (55cm) Eighth Inch Brand 4130 CroMo, left hand rear brake, clear oddysey pedals, still thinking of a cool front wheel cover design. Pologuard added not pictured.

eighthinch.com for frame info and accessories


that looks like a freewheel jake? Am i correct on that?

yep its a freewheel jonny im trying it out over the winter training months and youlll see me on it at the NYC
no dice nyc...MKE!

looks good

Doug D
Brooklyn, New York

Doug D
Brooklyn, New York

murdered out! i dig man, i dig
MKE -> PDX | wednesday sundown @ ne14th & killingsworth | sunday 3pm alberta park @ ne22nd & killingsworth

probably too seriously...


nice work jake, that looks serious.

maybe way to serious ;)

no dice nyc...MKE!