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Bruiser V

Bruiser V
35 x 22 Polo, 35 x 16 Street.
Front brake

Frame: MKE Bruiser w/ canti bosses brazed on.
Wheels: Velocity Chukker 48 rear, Deep V 32 front. 32mm tyres.
Bars/Stem: Atomlab/Superstar Revolte
Cranks: FSA Gossamer external bb w/ MKE Polo Guard
Seat/Post: Turbo/Thomson
Lever/Brake: Avid/Shimano Deore
Pedals: Time ATAC Alium.
Mallet: Fixcraft Shaft w/ 140mm ABS head.

I love this bike. Been riding it for almost a year. Was kinda unhappy with it for the first few months until I had the canti bosses brazed on. The U brakes blew, after I switched to V's I ditched the rear brake (was dual) and haven't looked back.
This bike has played on polo courts all across Europe, NA and Australia. I also worked on it through a Nov/Dec in Toronto.

that is a sweet lookin bike, i think i'm gettin cavitys starin @this sweet peice of machine'ry

no more double brake???

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Berlin Bike Polo 2010 - 2015
London Bike Polo 2008 - 2010

Nope when i got the front v brake i ditched the rear.