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Drive side
Riveted Wheel Cover
Leather mallet holders
Cue with leather mallet holders
32 x 22
Rear brake

Following the naming convention for all of my bikes, Arroch is named after a horse of Middle Earth, specifically the mount of Hurin.

IRO track frame
Brooks NAHBPC 2009 saddle (thanks Mom)
Chukker wheels
Wheel cover secured with screw on rivets
Asymmetrical riser bars

Also note:
Leather mallet holders, designed by me and created by Walnut Studios http://www.etsy.com/shop/WalnutStudiolo
They are awesome for holding cues of mallets together or strapping mallets to your bike. Count it.

Leatherwork and middle earth!
Thou representeth the kingdom of geekdom well fellow!
(I read the trilogy nine times as a kid)
I'm assuming shadowfax is an earlier model?