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Fen Boy 3 Goalies new ride

Fen Boy 3 Goalies new ride
Fixed gear
Front brake

Isn't that BIg Daddy Wayne's wheel cover? Played against you in Manchester at the UK champs, you were good then, this truck ought to add to that!

Cheers ! No i've transfered the wheel cover off my old bike, its psychologically designed to create despondency and a sense of futility in opposition players minds. Like the final scene in "village of the damned" . Who were you playing for in Manchester ?

As psych warfare it might work. I was one of the three old men of The hip replacements (combined age of 140). I did buy some of your lovely mallet heads, first time I used one here (Montreal) I get a gruff "ahh, english mallet...".

Very nice, I think the pink crank alone would get some of those corn-fed midwesterners nervous.