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Purple Reign - 2013 Rustbelt Marco

Drive Side
Default riser is 3" but I asked for 2"
Excellent craftsmanship on the seat stay bridge
Purple Reign - 2013 Rustbelt Marco
Purple Reign - 2013 Rustbelt Marco
Front and rear brake

Purple Reign

2013 Rustbelt Welding Marco
(size medium)
S&S couplers
Paragon Slider dropouts
2" riser bars

Rims: Salsa Gordo
F Hub: New Surly Ultra (36h)
R Hub: DMR Revolver (36h)
Spokes: Sapim Leader straight gauge
Tires: Panaracer RiBMo (26"x1.25")

Brakes: Avid BB7 w/ 160mm rotors
Lever: Paul Duplex

Saddle: WTB Speed V
Stem: Thomson Elite (70mm/0deg)
Seatpost: Thomson Elite (setback)
Collar: Thomson Elite

Cranks: MKE (165)
Bashguard: MKE Pologuard (35t)
Freewheel: White Industries (20t)
Chain: KMC Z410

Top tube: Black Star Bags polo tube
Grips: Ergon GP-1

Big thanks to the guys at Rustbelt Welding for putting a lot of love into the bike.

100x better. How do you like double disc with the paul?

Winston Salem NC Bike Polo

Still experimenting with it. Last night, I got it dialed in. I'm a little nervous about if my bars spin CW and the cables get super bent from the top tube. I didn't want to route the cable through my head tube, and around the head tube 2x (for the rear) because Horse would have never shut up about it :-).

Combination of choice: Smash + Bang

I'm loving these bikes. Your bike is inspiring me to covetousness. Rode one in Toronto last year and saw Nico's in Boston last weekend. I didn't take the opportunity to to ask ride Nico's, silly me. I did overhear comments about the weight of them. Do you find it a heavy bike? I also wondered if the Rustbelt guy put the couplers on for you. If he did and it didn't double the price of the frame then it's a thing within budgetary reach!

I didn't think to weigh the frame before final assembly. My personal concept on polo bikes is that saving mass isn't a top priority unless it's actually hurting you. I picked my old bike up with one arm and this one with the other. My guess is that they were about the same. On my bike in particular, the S&S couplers, paragon sliders, and the MKE pologuard all add notable mass. With 26" wheels, my accelleration is still very fast, and wih the CG so far back, if the bike was lighter, I might have a hard time keeping the nose down! I think the base model Marco is going to be ~1.5lb lighter.

Mine is essentially a copy of Nico's with a few lessons-learned fabrication changes from RB.

The couplers were ordered with the bike, and I'm not sure if RB put them on or sent the tubes off to have them applied.

Combination of choice: Smash + Bang


agile for my size.

*your acceleration was never fast to begin with ;)

agile for my size.

GOD DAMN. Super tight build.


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The saddle angle on my Marco is identical. And super comfy.

If you can dream it, you can do it!

Switched to a Brooks and now it is comfy in a position that you might call "normal". My monster Tioga multi control was damn near pointed straight at the fork crown. I had a fizik arione for about 6 months in between that was positioned... well... in between. Depends on saddle and ball size I suppose.

If you can dream it, you can do it!

Oh, you must be enjoying the ride for real, Alias !