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Bid WHBPC 2010: Berlin

Sponsor commitment: 


We have a good contact at Brooks (also a coordinator from ECMC)(not that you need a contact to get Brooks to help out :)) that has already offered support, several local sponsors (bike shops, clothing company,...). We have many contacts from ECMC that offered 'blanket support' for future events.
Anticipated cost of registration: 
Maximum 50 to 60€ per team, but hopefully much cheaper.
Proceeds : 

Passed to the European host of Worlds.

City donation (space), reuse of old courts, sponsors, registration last (to keep it low).

First day would be 8 groups of 8 in round-robins. Second day would be double elimination of top 32 teams. Numbers are being crunched, looks good so far. The day is also extreme long this time of the year, with around 15 hours of sunlight.


As we have four courts we could handle up to sixty teams.
Format/eligibility/rules/refs will be coordinated with several cities from Europe and N. America (any others?)

How many teams will you have capacity for? : 


Long term goals: 

Provide awesome polo without leaving farm yard animals hungry.

What else do you want to add? : 
More pictures of the area on Flickr (link below).


:::: vimeo profil: http://www.vimeo.com/user1214048 :::::

in addition to the organizing part:

Morgan, Stefan and Miguel all are experienced coordinators. Morgan throwing alleycats for many years. Stefan was head organizer for the ECMC in Berlin last May. Miguel ran the polo tournament, including wrangling his own sponsors.
Olli also build 3 very successful freestanding courts for that tournament, two of which are still in Berlin.

I love how in the "Logistics" section the first item addressed is the public consumption of alcohol.

Also, "Sorry, hay bails are too hard to come by in Berlin." Zing.

This looks awesome.

maybe montana can ship the hay bales along with the monies.

any interest in moving those dates towards the end of August more the beginning of September? Cheaper airfare for all and more room for the NA and Euros

X 2 on the dates september is much better. the NA's still have to happen and most likely that will be the first week of august.

Berlin würde großartig!

WOOOHOOOOO! Looks great, although the pavement on the other 3 courts looks pretty sketchy.

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the j is for jesse
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Austin, TX? polo!???


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i got to go to this one

you are in the Forest

you are in the Forest

Congratulations to Stefan, Miguel, Morgan, Marc, Danny, Nico, and Olli.
First step for hosting the World's done!
Many steps to follow.

Bid looks good.
In regards to the 2 courts that you're talking about from the ECMC's, do you mean that you will re-use the materials or that you will have 2 courts in the airport?

Just reusing the materials in the new location.

57 kegs a tourny bitch!

Unfortunately the first weekend in August is the latest we can do it and get the sports hall included. A local football club or league starts games the following weekend and will take the sports hall likely.

57 kegs a tourny bitch!

This would only affect the 100-person indoor lodging, right? The courts and outdoor camping would still be available in late August / early September?

I believe so, but have to check with Stefan.

57 kegs a tourny bitch!

Berlin for Worlds O-10!

Oh this would be fun. I'll probably be too broke by then to go, however.

Bike Polo Ronin


yes, why july or august for a world championship? isn't that more of an end-of-season thing? isn't berlin smoking hot at the end of july?

more kenball played by more people in more places more often


My friends will move by the end of the year from p-berg to weissensee. that will be perfect!

Wouldn't there be a problem with the guys riding fixed and all the bullshit with the german cops?

It's close to The Netherlands so I say, it's a go!

That's a valid point, you should make sure to mention that it's illegal to ride brakeless in Berlin and that bikes have been confiscated in the past.


I think isn't working any more....

El Vaquilla hubiese jugado Bike Polo.

This is not the case anymore. Earlier this year it was proven it was unconstitutional (or what ever their equivalent is) to take peoples bike. I have not heard an update in a while, but last I heard they where no longer ticketing people or taking bikes. Personally, I rode there for 3 months over the summer with no problems. Everyone I know who personally had some problem all got nailed in Mitte. Stay out of Mitte, it is boring anyhow.

57 kegs a tourny bitch!

Agreed on the Mitte front, Kruezberg or broke!

Cheers for the clarification Morgan. Glad to hear the brakeless fixed riders will be okay.

can you guys finalize the date cause I wanna start checking out tickets.
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Yo Dawg I heard you like redundancies so we got a PIN number for your PIN

x2 on the ticket front. Now it's on to finding a team!


Okay catfish, I'm going to move my mouth like this...


I prefer End of july!!!!!!!!!! GO BERLIN
since 1998

Matt Messenger
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DMM Polo

DMM Polo

How does the recently reignited Berliner passion for burning cars and rioting factor into this bid?


Oh, and if you question the credibility of Der Spiegel as a news source, check out this video report:


T&A at work may be grounds for termination. Maybe review this later.


Worlds should be in september

I like this, Sounds like a great place to have the WHBPC 2010

Any updates on Berlin hosting worlds?? Set date? For sure happening? Let us know.

DMM Polo

DMM Polo

talked to the city about doing it later in the year. our prefered date is august 13th-15th now (it´s the latest possible too), but we´ll check with geneva and madison again and then fix it.
our website will probably be up next week, we´ll let you know.

sounds good. I'm trying to move to Berlin next winter so i'm pretty excited to check out the bike polo scene in Berlin.

DMM Polo

DMM Polo

this sounds great. Im in
Pierre? Guthrie?

Guthrie is ours again Hugo...sorry ;)

Reckon World Hardcourt Bike Polo Championship 2010 in Berlin might be the best event ever.

MALICE for the people.

you know it has a lot to live up too in terms of philadelphia.

Yeah. No, but just in terms of the first really international tourney in such an amazing city. One year later, teams that much better. 64 teams. It is going to be fucking epic.

MALICE for the people.

first really "international" oh come on.......

Really international = not dominated by North Americans. The 2008 worlds had two countries, the 2009s had 5 counties. I estimate at least 15 for the 2010s, with North Americans being a minority for the first time ever.

Toronto 2008 = ~40 teams (only Canada and US)
Philly 2009 = 48 teams (43 Canadian and US teams, 2 UK teams, 2 German, 1 Swiss, one French kid)

Berlin 2010 = Probably 30 Euro teams, 30 NA teams, and very likely a few from Oz, Japan and more.

MALICE for the people.

There was a 2008 Worlds?

57 kegs a tourny bitch!

2 French teams,my friend!

Epic indeed!
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Matt Messenger
since 1998

Any word on if WHBPC will be reasonably after NAHBPC?


My guess at the odds.

75% chance it'll be 4 weeks
20% chance it'll be 3 weeks
5% chance it'll be 2 weeks

so can we have dates?

Sorry, I had thought for certain Stefan posted the dates.
We managed to push back to 13th-15h of August, 1 month after NAs

57 kegs a tourny bitch!

So those dates are confirmed then?

Ride, bake, polo, repeat.

Ride, bake, polo, repeat.

Yup. Mark your calendars, book your flights, start swimming, what ever it takes! See you there.

57 kegs a tourny bitch!

you coming rowing I hear

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Trying too, flights are so expensive this coming year, and now with this fucking nutter bringing a bomb on a plane security is going be a nightmare. Turns out cargo ships are really expensive too, bah.

57 kegs a tourny bitch!

Catania - Sicily, The South Polo community, supports WHBPC 2010 Berlin's Bid!!!!!
Dates (13-15 Aug) and location are perfect. We'll see you there guys .... go Berlin go ....
Ich bin ein Berliner!!!!

Luckily, Berliners don't have holes. I hear that in L.A. they serve up the ones with holes.


Berlin or bust!

Credo quia absurdum

started looking at flights. Anybody in Europe hosting the pre-party? Looking at arriving about a week early. London/Dublin/Amsterdam all make sense for a first stop. Flights around Europe are much cheaper than their American equivalents.

Lon-don! Lon-don! Lon-don!


Okay catfish, I'm going to move my mouth like this...

I will like this to be a German affair

London Bike Polo

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Berlin Bike Polo 2010 - 2015
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For North Americans heading to Europe, these are the companies that currently will take your bike for free:

* Air Lingus
* American Airlines (though this seems a bit sketchy)
* Air India
* Air Transat (from Canada)
* Virgin (to London)

bookmark this page: http://www.ibike.org/encouragement/travel/bagregs.htm

Watch out for Delta ($300 each way), United, and codeshares (the above airlines contracting with other firms).

Pretty sure you can add British Airways to this list. They also have free booze.

American Airlines charges you $150 each way. It lets you check in your bike as a bag, and pay only $50, but only if it's under 62 inches total (H+W+L).
British Airways takes it for free and it doesn't even count as a bag...

*Somebody please think of the children!!*

*Somebody please think of the children!!*

if you follow some of the links on the ibike website i posted above, it seems people are having pretty good luck with AA.

air france takes bike for free, if you dont carry more than 20kg!

anyway, london pre-party would be awesome. I cancel all my hollyday plans for the worlds, so would be cool to move a bit around in europe for polo instead.

so how the places will be sorted out? It is damn close to the europeans....