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BFF London 2009 Sunday 27.09.09

Sunday, September 27, 2009
Host club: 
London Bike Polo
Contact info: 
Court size: 
2 courts, fully caged

Yep. Londons oldest hardcourt bike polo tournament is coming back for its 3rd year. Date:Sunday 27th September 2009Place: London.This year's BFF tournament is at Newington Green, home of South London bike polo. Two caged courts for maximum all-day polo action. And floodlights for extra post-tournament throwins..Prizes from: Rapha, Condor, Brick Lane Bikes, Shop 14, Tour de Ville, DVS, Matix, Son of Son, Park Tools, Kryptonite locks, and Giro helmets.Onsite bike maintenance provided by Brixton CyclesThe party afterwards will be hosted by Shop 14 at their store on Brick LaneAnyone in town on saturday evening should check out the BFF Urban Shorts programme ( http://www.bicyclefilmfestival.com/?p=london ), featuring no less than two polo movies. Yorgo's "One Less Horse" (featuring Polo players from Paris taking on a team of horse polo players) is followed by "Polo Manual", described by director Skoota as "Like an instruction manual on bike polo, but with the pages out of order". Expect to see all of Londons polo scene in attendance (as well as Manchester, Paris, Oxford, Cambridge, Brighton, and everyone else.)Buy tickets online now for extra discount: http://www.barbican.org.uk/film/series.asp?id=765


Newington Gardens
Harper Road
London SE1
United Kingdom

Signed up

"Signups closed for this Tournament"


so be can not take part..... nice!

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ya that was the choice of eggpie, who posted the tournament thread. they can be turned back on, if desired, by eggpie or by me.

s/choice/stupidity...Signup is now back open. Thanks for waiting for me..

we will wait for John to do it :)

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i was thinking of going to this, is there still room? and is it september or october, as you have conflicting information posted.

i'm going too.

jackal/brian, yeah come, it would be great to have more of NA come over and play here. Hopefully we'll also get a good turnout from europe.

yep. September. As everyone else said. I'm just a retard. See above..

http://www.bicyclefilmfestival.com/?p=london says it's in September. BFF is in Paris in mid-october, tho the tournament is not confirmed.

it is in september, and yes there is still room, no inscription open yet, so... all the room

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Killer poster.

anyone need a 3rd and can provide me with a bike? moving to leeds from canada on the 25th so can't be sure i'll have one by then, but i'd shoot down to play for sure!

I can lend you a fixed brakeless bike. You should check on the London forum for a team. http://www.londonfgss.com/forum24.html

MALICE for the people.

actually i found a bike and a team- mad thanks though

27 teams so far...


has anyone else noticed that above it says Sunday 27th September but here


it says it is Saturday 27th September? Can you imagine how confused my alleged French team is, they cant read English and cant count.

lol. it's sunday. dimanche! dimanche! dimanche!


i heard bad won and manchester 2nd and oxford 3rd.

That's spot on.

BAD 1st
Netto 2nd
Oxford Toffs 3rd

There were a few unexpected losses from the usual London suspects (Cosmic/Zombie/Apples/Malice etc) that left the Winners Bracket in a strange place.

Overall a fun tournament.

There was no award given for it but, in my mind at least, Mirek of Netto deserved MVP. For the following two reasons as well as his general level of play:
1)He wedged his shoulder under Brendan(BAD) to try and stop him from dabbing due to a heavy check, It was unsuccessful but the intention was there.
2)Knocking one of the toff's mallets clear out of his hand and across the court, Mirek then retrieved the mallet and handed it over to the other player. True sportsmanship.

Shitty quality video of the final:

BFF 2009 Bike Polo Tournament Final from Iain Pate on Vimeo.



Results updated. And definite +1 for Mirek. Awesome.

Yeah. Why were most of the london teams fighting their way through the losers side? Cosmic going out that way was incredible. Polo Fiasco were on fire. Some great polo.

Thanks to everyone who made this happen (more in-depth version here: http://www.londonfgss.com/post972906-406.html )

Such a good w'end. And the 1st final for us(Manchester). Bring on Paris!

i just want to point out that Brendan switched to a freewheel and then his team won.

That's hardly the reason they won though. BAD have been playing together as a team for a over a year now. 2 of us (netto) have only been playing for 6 months, and we don't play regular team games or anything. BAD out polo'ed us, would of been the same if Brendan was fixed.

you guys beat lots of other folks who have played together for awhile. I can see a definite relationship between brendan's freewheel and them winning the tourney. Those guys finally win one when brendan switches.

Note that brendan plays freewheel with a FRONT BRAKE ONLY! Just sayin.

LONDON: http://bricklanebikepolo.wordpress.com/
PARIS: http://panambikepolo.blogspot.com/


Note that Yorgo played freewheel on 26" wheels last night.