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Battle for the Midwest 2

Battle for the Midwest 2
Saturday, April 13, 2013 - Sunday, April 14, 2013
Host club: 
Mankato MN
Contact info: 
Court size: 

Mankato, MN will be hosting the Battle for the Midwest 2 on April 13th-14th.

Location and Amenities:

We will be coordinating with the local curling club to utilize their space after the ice is melted for the year. This location is heated indoors and includes high-bandwidth live streaming capabilities, a kitchen for full food service, a large elevated common area for watching games, open 24 hours to players and a bar stocked with schell's on tap.

Registration Benefits:

$40 Per Player

The registration fee will include a wristband for beer all weekend. We will also be providing 3 full meals Saturday, and 2 or 3 meals on Sunday. The rest of the money will go towards cash prizes, and we'll be raffling a ton of stuff to raise more money for cash prizes. There will be live music at the court as well.

Registration Party: Friday 6pm - 10pm.


10 Teams. 7+X players.

Saturday: Round Robin Groups. 4 Games. 20 Minute Halves. AM starts 8AM - 3:30PM. PM starts 3:30 - Midnight.

Sunday: Single Elim Bracket. 25 Minute Halves. Final game will be 3 20 Minute Periods

Teams (Currently):
Mankato, MN (Confirmed - Blue)
Minneapolis, MN (Confirmed - Black, white alt)
Columbia, MO (Confirmed - White/Red or whatever they decide to wear)
Michigan United (Confirmed - Color?)
Indiana United (Confirmed - Yellow)
Lexington, KY (Confirmed - Orange/Grey)
Milwaukee, WI (Confirmed - Green/Yellow/White)
Chicago, IL (Confirmed)
Winnipeg, Manitoba (Confirmed! - Hawaiian)

If you have any thoughts, concerns or suggestions feel free to email me.


Mankato Curling Club
600 Hope Street
Mankato, MN
United States

Signed up

Midwest is annoying as hell. They act like they build smack.. Mood & lux did more for battle rap than all of you combined

Are you on the right website? Seems like you should be head spinning on some cardboard in a subway with a bunch of other broke homeless fools that think they can step... or maybe taking deep, personal insight from that ballet class you are taking.
This is going to be the shizz - despite the club being super green, they are doing the work, and providing a great time everytime. x2 on the smoked meats!!

MinneaPOLOgasm -----------[] ((((O

I think he's making a play on the "battle" part of the name of the tournament.

PS R eye P Eyedea

smoking bath salts again are we?

Keep your standards low, and morale high.


I've built a whole backyard smoker to smoke my bathsalts for that nice hickory smokiness while i trip my balls off...... don't judge me.

@larry Huh?

I'm pumped for this... Last tourney in Mankato was dope. So many smoked meats, delicious sides, and locals cheering us on.

Keep in touch about boards. Also is the full space 140x80 or is that what you're shooting for as far as max court size?

I'll call ya. I have a few questions.

This tourney is going to be sick. High octane, indoor bench competition with all the amenities. I can't fucking wait.

Edit: my concern is with the number of people who will want to come. Pushing over 10 teams with round robin maybe impossible. At the last battle, we did 8 teams with no round robin and they were full days, right? How can we adjust this format to better suit the crowds this tourney might bring?

Since it's indoor we don't have to be worried about weather or daylight. My thought was to have 2 groups of 5, or 3 groups of 4. (unless we only get 8 teams of course) and then stagger the groups. So one group plays from 10am to 4pm and the other plays from 4pm to 10pm. With pickup happening until whenever people decide to pass out!

I have an excel document with all the math I can send you if you'd really like to see it! But it is certainly a LOT of polo. Options...

City or state based? That needs to be determined ASAP. And will Michigan be included as it's not part of NAH's Midwest but was invited to last year's MW Bench?

Agreed, this needs to be determined. I'm emailing club reps really soon to gather feedback/interest. The discussion so far has been mixed (some states want to combine, some clubs have enough people). I think we can find a solution that suits everyone and encourages competitive play.

Good point, please tell me if we are accepted to be the bastard child of the Mid-West. We played last time, and would like to again. It seems as though nobody wants Michigan to be in their region, half accepted by both the Northside as we are American, and Mid-West makes fun of us due to our half Canadianess.

Only joking, we'd love to return and play all you guys.

Keep your standards low, and morale high.

Michigan is invited. So is Winnipeg/Thunder Bay. Mankato supports a free border.

Awesome. Thanks for the invite.

Keep your standards low, and morale high.

Missouri needs two teams. I didn't think about how play could continue well into the night. You said 24 hours, huh? There is really no limit then! Just schedule games all fucking night and the team who rests the best wins!

For clarification: Club teams are a priority! State is merely to accommodate clubs that can't assemble a full team.

Makes much more sense this way, methinks.

I'm down to help stream + record this event. ...assuming Indiana / Bloomington can make it up there. 'highspeed-bandwidth' doesn't mean anything to me tho, i need someone to open up a computer at the court and tell me the Download and Upload speeds (www.speedtest.net). then i'll know capabilities.

Club Reps have been emailed. If your club rep couldn't be contacted through here or they don't check their email, discuss it with your club and get ahold of me.

Deadline for getting on the list is November 30th. This list of interested clubs and input will allow us nail the format down. At that time I'll update the thread with a final list of teams, groups, a google doc to add team members, and we'll talk team colors.

can you plesae send me the email at jake dot d dot newborn at gmail dot com . zach is not our club rep i need ot change that

sent. Still waiting to hear from you and chicago. Otherwise most of the usual suspects have responded.

I don't think I'm speaking out of turn when i say that Chicago is Interested. We may need two teams just from Chicago. Although depending on registration from the rest of the state, we could send half our second team to play with the IL state team.

coffee, whiskey, beer. repeat.

Chicago is on the list. Right now it looks like we might be full up to 12 teams without any B teams, but basically they will be 'wait listed' so as the time gets closer they can fill slots from teams that drop out or combine. I've got two potential formats out for review right now and will continue gathering feedback.

I can say that Columbus Ohio's club would love to come and be represented with a club team! Im not sure how the rest of the state is feeling about this but count Columbus in!

Peter-CBus wrote:

I can say that Columbus Ohio's club would love to come and be represented with a club team! Im not sure how the rest of the state is feeling about this but count Columbus in!

I'm tryin to go but I'm not sure if we could get 7+ from Cleveland.

If you can dream it, you can do it!

its a state team

out of the 3 clubs, I got confirmation from 1 city that they would team up with another, and hadn't heard directly from the third. If you want to organize as a state, that's awesome (and that's how I have it on my list).

Please have the captain of the team get in touch with me to confirm. posting about this below.

Cincinnati would have a hard time sending 7. teaming up is cool with us.

when pigs fly.

Winnipeg is in it to win it. or a least get drunk

we can get 7. no prob

Indiana United will be in attendance.

Just for transparency i wanted to explain our reasoning. We have five small clubs in our state. The newest, Muncie, doesn't have players ready for this caliber of event. Fort Wayne and Lafayette have a few good players but would not even be close to being able to field a team. Indianapolis has a decent amount of players, but very few that have ever even played outside of Indiana. Bloomington could field an independent team, but we'd be downright terrible compared to the many powerhouses planning on attending this.

Therefore, we're gonna unite to create a single team. We did this last year and still weren't even close to a "top tier" team, so hopefully no one thinks we're somehow trying to stack our bench. We're trying to be both equitable and competitive. I'd also point out that while it might be possible to send two teams from Indiana there is no where near enough slots for that. There's already something like 14 teams interested in this and that number only keeps growing... (rumors of Toronto coming!?!) With only one court i really can't see more than 10 teams be able to attend this, otherwise we'd all be doing a ton of driving for very, very little polo.

So yeah, while this would be awesome if it was two courts and limitless teams that's not the case. From what i've heard Mankato is already going above and beyond with their planning and facilities. So hopefully everyone can be excited and appreciative for what they're doing and not get too butthurt at the natural limits that stem from a one-court event... not saying that's what going on now, but y'all know how these things usually play out..

Zachary-Blmgtn wrote:

...(rumors of Toronto coming!?!)...

No. Toronto is not in the Midwest.

this isn't an NAH event, so we're not bound by the NAH regions. only in bike polo is Michigan not considered midwestern and Alberta Canada is.. that's silly. i understand why regions are drawn that way (to balance out the northside region) but in this case, for this tourney, it's totally up to Mankato.

that said i don't think Toronto will actually be there, that was more to demonstrate the overwhelming interest in the event.

Alberta and the even closer province Saskatchewan are both in the Cascadia region. I think we all agree the regions are outdated though.

Zach makes some really good points fielding one team for Indiana, maybe the rest of us should follow suite.


This is going to be difficult. Everyone wants to go but the nature of these one-court big-team tournaments is that not everyone gets to go. Kentucky alone or Missouri alone or Illinois alone taking 2 spots is just not going to cut it without two courts. Either do a lottery for attendance or just pick who you want to be there, Mankato. It sucks to be exclusive but we either need a fair system for how to exclude or we need two courts. One team per state seems about as fair as it gets.

fo rizzle

talk shit and burn bridges

BoozeKruse wrote:

One team per state seems about as fair as it gets.


talking to Nick in Lex he's thinking they could send two teams and we've got enough interest in Louisville to field a team as well, albiet a ratty one so looks like Mankato needs to decide who gets to go?

talk shit and burn bridges

Perhaps we could still do club based teams.
One team per state, and for states with more than one club team they could play each other for the slot.
Save the host club which is given a slot.

Might be a better solution if we are trying to go with a club team tournament, of which I'm definitely in favor.

We will be making a decision about this. After lengthy discussions and a bit of math it's clear that 10 teams is going to be the cutoff for 1 court, to allow 40 minute games. The first day is going to be very long, but it will be 2 groups. I will be releasing an official team list with a waiting list. Basically, it has already naturally turned into a State based system, with a few states being exceptions to the rule. So there isn't much to discuss.

It may be true that allocating each state 1 team is a super fair way, but really that excludes more people that have already expressed interest. So I will be using the list of teams I have, in the order that they signed up.

Until we can utilize a second court (something that is being explored, but not guaranteed). It will be a 10 team system, likely with 1 team per state (basically the way it is now, on the list) and if your team wants to field players from other cities in your state, I don't think anyone should have too much of a problem with that since most states are already doing that upon combining. *BUT* Anything questionable must be approved by me prior to the tournament. Team Rosters will be visible for everyone to see.

Here is the current list, with notes for transparency (Obviously B teams get bumped to the bottom no matter what):

1. Mankato, MN
2. Minneapolis, MN
3. Columbia, MO
4. Michigan United
5. Indiana United
6. Ohio United
7. Lexington, KY
8. Milwaukee, WI
9. Chicago, IL
10. Winnipeg, MB

Wait List:
11. Missouri United (KC, St. Louis) (Responded with a Maybe, talk to Como if you have singles)
12. Columbus, OH (Late Responding, but cincinatti and cleveland said they would team up so Its up to your three clubs)

13. Louisville (Late responding)
14. MPLS B Team
15. LEX B team
16. CHI B team

well, fuck.

talk shit and burn bridges

bit of a bummer. but it's not as bad as you'd think. things may change by april.

how slick is this court?


In my experience, painted surfaces like these (and our pickup court) grip tires well when dry. There is little drag on the ball, so they tend to fly. Once we get the surface dry we will test it and do any necessary washing/sanding.

photo looks like the floor is waxed just curious


I think it is ice, with the curling and all.

Keep your standards low, and morale high.

yeah it's ice. Here is a blurry shot after the ice is melting. On the other side of those windows is the large common area/kitchen/bar with CC tv's. It's elevated as well so people can watch the play and see over the spectators at court level.

Anyone check the Farmer's Almanac. Maybe a little inodoor/outdoor action if it's anything like last year.

Thou shalt only score with just the tip

Bump. Any new developments?

nope. MKE still favored to win. but actually i would like to know how many people will be allowed to play per team etc. we have to sort out our team.

New Developments:

Format is nailed down. 10 Teams is the limit. I will be divvying groups based on last years results (draw groups from top 4+1, bottom 4+1).

Friday: Lots of pickup, and possibly a Reffing clinic that is in the works.

Saturday: Two Groups Round Robin: Guarantees 4 games day 1 per team (1 more game than last year).
20 Minute Halves, 3-5 Minute Halftime, very little time in between games and morning group starts REAL early.

Sunday: Single Elim Bracket: Allows for longer/more interesting elimination games.
25 Minute Halves, and possibly 30 minutes for semis/finals

It was recommended by multiple people that we limit the bench per game to 7 people. But that's only per game. You can bring 9 people (or more) if you'd like, and run a slightly different bench for different games (this allows for play-time and skill disparity improvements, and fun for everyone).

So teams are: 7+X to register, 7 per game.

If anyone hates this, we can discuss it. Poster coming soon.

Love it. Good job, dude!

Jake, this begs the question, is MKE bringing that trophy back? Or do I need to commission a new one.

It was intended to be a rotating trophy and the amount of time and craftsmanship that went into its design makes that apparent.

Here's a link if you haven't seen the trophy:


This makes me happy. WHAT SAY YE MKE!

that trophy looks freaking awesome on my desk in my apt . and i would hate to have to give it up(but i'd put money it makes it way back with us after the tourney anyway.) i was thinking of engraving it with Team Wisconsin 2012 or something. if the MW wants to keep it a a traveling trophy we can't be the ones to say no i s'pose.

In keeping with my newfound love of brag-adelic shittalking, you're all lucky that I'll be at Eastsides this weekend. There will be an asterisk on that trophy if it doesn't go to Chicago, for sure.

Tell them to reschedule, you have to come.

MPLS team is looking strong, we got more white boys than the 80's celtics...


and you know this man.

I think you mean the 2013 Timberwolves. :]


Group Draws will be announced sometime after February 9th. We'll be filming some video at the location. This means current teams need to have a Captain get in touch with me prior to that day to confirm the team is attending. I know this seems redundant, but previously it was just club reps, not actual captains. I figure by now most places have at least got the ball rolling. Some information that would be nice but not required quite yet:

Team Color: (Based on last year, but can easily be changed)
Team Roster: Not required yet, but I'll be allowing early registration discounts based on this.

So, Please use the email in the contact info at the top of the page, and have your team captain get in touch with me. I'll be editing the teamlist in the event as they become confirmed.

MKE is attending. and we are also in the midst of designing our 2013 jerseys so we call white/green/yellow as a color combo, our roster will include but is not limited to Capt jake, kremin, chris simpson, ben schultz, matt hewitt, thanh, birdie?, joe burge?, lodi man, team sideboob.

use that new raise to fly me out cap'n

It's been decided you can't sit the mke bench. But since you attended MSU for a year you are welcome on the mankato squad. ;)

(ps I'm completely kidding, you can play for whatever team you'd like)

i was under the impression you are not eligibile to play on bench format for MKE or else you have to align with MKe and not SF in 2013 bench formats? use your $900 in SW fights to get here :)

If any of the Cities/States aren't sending a crew, let us know. MPLS has a whole team in reserve that would love to play.

you know the team size is unlimited so you can let them come and play.


Many applied, 9 were voted onto the team. Of course we are bringing along drunks, coaches, mechanics, bums and extra players as well.

Can there be livestream crew and volunteers before they become drunks and bums?

oh I'll do it, but only if I'm allowed to drink a handle of gentlemen on camera

I'll take your action regarding that trouphey making it back to your desk Jake. Can we play dirty like last time? Or does another team actually need to win the tourney?


get pumped.

Winnipeg couldn't be any more confirmed.
Kielbasa Smoothy .
You will all be blinded by our Hawaiian shirts and Bourbon fumes.


Don't get arrested here. This jail has no booze/drugs.

Chicago has a roster, finally. You can't see it though.

You'll see. Unless you drilled out your eyes because they were too heavy.

Haha, I'll be demanding all rosters very soon. I'll be sending out registration info to captains and trying to coordinate housing this week.

MKE starting lineup:
Eric Kremin
Jake Newborn
Chris Simpson
Ben Schultz
Matt Hewitt
Thanh Nguyen
Joe Burge??

Tom Owens
Sean Weber
Ben Dosmann
Britt Willey
Lodi Man
Dan Fisher

Missouri Line Up:

Jake Wheeler
Jake Wheeler
Jake Wheeler
Jake wheeler
Jake Wheeler
Jake Wheeler
Jake Wheeler
Jake wheeler

So if ya'll could throw out the word to everyone about bringing their own drinking vessel, it would be a good way to cut down on the ASCAP fees we would need to pay toby keith. Also it would probably cut our trash in half.

Thou shalt only score with just the tip


Due to some 11-14 man rosters, I've decided to send out the registration fee and housing email a bit prematurely. Captains check your email. The top has been edited with some new information.

The curling club is losing it's ice early!!! This gives us more time to setup, and also means probably thursday and friday night pickup prior to the tourny. You guys might not care, but this gives us so much time to make sure this goes off without a hitch.

Ohio is out. Who wants in? Midwest at-large team?

oh snap, looks like we're first on the waiting list. will you give me a day to reach out to some people and see what we got?

Lawrence is just as Midwest as Michigan in my eyes. KC/Lawrence team. Make it happen!


I bet you could find some louisville rejects too! And St. Louis

there's still one ohioian hellbent on going.

Talk to Chasm. Temporary team-name: "Midwest Rejects"

Put me in coach, I'll be there regardless to help livestream or something stupid like that.

Wut! Damn. Keep us posted Joe.

Discounted registration fee for people who don't drunk alcohol? ;-)


email me

First teams to pay get priority for housing. There's your incentive to email me back, captains!

What's the total then? 40x7=280?


You should make a fee per team and not per person. For teams that are going to bring 7 is cheaper then a team of say 11. For the sake of being fair. For the people that are coming to help/sit on the bench, and plan to drink and not play so much, there should separate fee for that so you can recoup your loses. Just sayin..

5 meals and nearly unlimited beer. that seems worth $40 on its own.


The per player fee is exactly what we need for multiple reasons:

1. CASH PRIZE - the more people that come, the bigger the cash prize
2. The cost of food and beer goes up with the number of attendees.

Every tournament fee is 'per player', but each team just happens to have a cap of 3 players.

Oh and for clarity Thanh, the $40 only applies if you are going to put your bike on the court. Any coaches/girlfriends/boyfriends/anyone else, they just have to buy a wristband for beer at the venue if they choose to do so.

Strike all that I've said. Thanks for clarifying. First bench format for me gonna be awesome. Can't wait to see y'all there.

I wasnt thinking about food.That is worth it. Still sayin it does say per player.

We discussed this. The options are: Cap the teams at 9, charge per team, or leave it up to you and charge per player. This is in the interest of fairness. 7 person teams shouldn't be subsidizing 14 person teams.

Don't forget to bring your Sriracha!

Are u talkin bout sriracha flavored lays chips?..

Nah dem nasty. I'm talking Sriracha concentrate mi amigo.

Poster is finally done.

Here is the facebook event!

Also like our clubs facebook page! https://www.facebook.com/BlueSkunkBikePoloClub?ref=hl

Here is my sentimental disclaimer:

I'm convinced that we truly have one of the best clubs around, when it comes to the quality of people. Last summer we were pulling out 18+ players weekly at our peak, and are hoping to grow more this year. But I'm not even referring to anything polo related, these are just great people. Every event we've thrown has gone exceedingly well thanks to the support of everyone in our club chipping in and helping out, whether it's a polo tourny, art show, or bicycle education event. Just ask Minneapolis about the 60 pounds of smoked meats. (we'll have some at the battle I'm sure). We want to thank you ahead of time, and please anything you may need just let us know.

This is how we'll play:

Emphasis on the dude NOT staying on his bike

Step 1: Dry floor.

Thanks for your work on this, BWahl and roustem, we'll be there on Sunday to help out!

This tourney will be livestreamed at bikepolo.tv

Please help us make the commentary more colorful, by filling out this short survey. Thanks!


Step 2: Sand floor. Step 3: build Court

ps: Final Size: 131x59

Court Built, Pickup played. This is going to be awesome. The court will be fully finished by next weekend.

Click the pic. We've got bleachers. PAINT YOUR CHESTS VARIOUS LETTERS.

is that a jamaican flag? i need context.

scotland, canada, minnesota, murica. you can add whatever flags you'd like though. no one will notice.

That's Scotland's, dawg.

dude, the Jamaican bobsled team took the gold in Mankato back in '96. you didn't know that?

Great court, pick-up was awesome yesterday. It's a little slippy on the mallet, but a quick court! Perfect size in my opinion. I'm really excited for this tournament. Mankato is doing some good things. :)

Let's talk rules.

How many time outs? 1 per half? Can you change on a stoppage such as a time out? Which stoppages can you change on? What about possession switches on time outs?

Is there a rule set already where those things are? If so, my bad!

I am using the ESPI ruleset that menace wrote as a template. It really doesn't deviate much from the NAH ruleset, but it is wordier and therefore harder for simpletons like yourself to grasp. Boom.

Anyway, I haven't thought about timeouts. Tentatively I'd say 1 2-Minute timeout per half (or period in the finals). Are there reasons not to allow changes on all stoppages that I'm not thinking of? If your team incurs a penalty I could see why you might not let the line off without having to work for it.

Other rules I have in mind:
No clock-stop on goals until the last 2 minutes of each half or period. If a team doesn't restart in 30 seconds it results in a turnover and the clock reset. This prevents time wasting to protect a small lead.

Off-bike physical contact will be assessed a 1 minute box penalty. This means any pushing/shoving that happens when NOT ON your bike. Fists thrown at any point will result in ejection from that game. Multiple infractions mean ejection from the tournament. (Please refer to Dustin vs Tucker, Dustin vs Chris, Dustin vs * in the battle teaser video for examples haha). Boom.

Players who are dabbed need NOT tap in to sub out. If you go down and want to make a sub simply make the substitution like normal. This will encourage fluid play. Obviously the dabbed player can't touch the ball or impede play on their way to the bench.

I'd like to suggest that the clock stop after every goal as well as whenever the ball leaves the court. Time would then start once the ball crosses half or if it's a 'play on', once the whistle is blown. It's been my experience that one or both teams will use those moments for a full line change and a lot of game time will run off the clock. It would be easier on the time keeper as well.

Is a 'last change' part of Menace's ruleset? Is it worth discussing for polo?

the dark end (aka Bobb Todd, Marzipan, B.R. Fuck Face)

With no home team (besides us) how would we decide last change?

Coin flip, like in the super bowl

Okay thanks. I think no changes from the offending team in the case of stoppage from a penalty is a good idea.

I would be for stopping the clock on goals. I like watching teams have a quick meeting. If you still want to enact a 30s restart requirement, you can still do so with the clock stopped.

Got a link to Menace's rules? Hey Matt Lane what do you mean by a "last change" I'm unfamiliar?

Menace took the rules down.

I think Matt is just referring to a certain team getting the last opportunity to make a change, so you could pick your line based on the line change of your opponents.

Maybe the team who is behind in the final 2 minutes of each period get's last change? This is probably just overthinking.

Not stopping the clock for goals was just an idea I had for organizational purposes. When we are having 50 minute games, and a 5 minute half, I want to keep these as close to an hour as possible. Hence not stopping the clock until the final 2 minutes. This gives the team that was scored on all the time they want to discuss, but with the condition that they are running down the clock.

I could do it your way though. I was thinking about only enforcing this rule on saturday anyway, so maybe for consistency I'll just drop it.

Yeah, the only exception to my suggestion would have been if there was an overall time issue with our being at the court - needing to get so many games in by a certain time. Your idea of 30 sec and then a turnover is a fair alternative, just more work for the time keeper.

Last change may be too much to worry about this weekend but it is something to consider in the future. I was thinking every team would have an equal and random amount of games that they had last change. Meaning you could match the line the opposing team sent out without worrying about them changing their line in response.

Also, line changes. Are the boards set up for a simultaneous switch or will one have to wait for the other? I've been thinking about future court lines that mimic lacrosse boxes, but on the court, where once the on-court player enters the box the sub can leave the box. Just looking for the most fluid but fair change.

This is all I am concerned with for now.

Thank you, Mankato, for hosting this tournament. Really looking forward to it.

the dark end (aka Bobb Todd, Marzipan, B.R. Fuck Face)

We've been doing our absolute best to ensure there will be enough room for simultaneous line change, but it's tight. We had to weight bracing power vs ease of use. You'll see it this weekend!

As for the time stoppage after games, I'll make a decision by friday. I guess people are accustomed to the clock stopping. I was just trying to encourage continuity of play. I don't see the benefit of having a line discuss strategy on the court when you are supposed to be utilizing your whole bench (and discussing strategy as a team). In 3v3 in makes much more sense, but in this format we should keep playing no matter what.

It's kind of a wash either way though, with the 30 second turnover penalty.

It isn't for "meetings" so much. As Lane said, both lines will want to change after goals. It's best to just let this happen within a reasonable time frame with a stopped clock. Leave it to refs discretion to give warnings to a team and then call a delay of game penalty or something.

I think a good rule of thumb is that if soccer does it, we shouldn't out of principle, because soccer sucks.

Haha, I like how you said "referees discretion" and then "don't do it like soccer". Stoppage at the end is all refs discretion.

I'll stop the clock! I am still in the mindset of trying to fit 20 games into a 15 hour day. We only have 12 games on saturday now

You take some pretty bold stances, Nick, but soccer sucks? Holy cow... I can't even agree to disagree 'cause you're just talking crazy now. Next thing I know, you'll be saying that baseball is fun to watch and that Diet Dr. Pepper tastes just like regular Dr. Pepper.

But... Yeah, stop the clock after a goal. Otherwise, half of the game will be spent getting players on/off of the court like American football.

It's not that I don't like the idea of soccer, but grandiose theatrics and narcissism dominate that sport. I'd rather carve my eyes out with a rusty spoon.


Nick Kruse wrote:

grandiose theatrics and narcissism dominate that sport.

I'd like to hear what makes you think this is the case.

Nah. I prefer my claims unsubstantiated. I'm just fucking around anyway.

Lomax is definitely right though, no matter what its better than baseball!

Also, mini-jousts yay or nay? It seems like on this court size the game will move quicker if we just do the restart the normal shitty way.

like face-offs? woof, nay. we're not ready for that cat rodeo yet.

Keep your standards low, and morale high.

That only happens in the Valley.

Keep your standards low, and morale high.

Yay! It worked so well at the wingman. If you have circles, then I say we do it!


It just seemed so natural honestly. Once people figured it out. It just takes slightly longer to restart the game. I'm torn.

I'm torn too. It seemed like a drawn out formality but at the same time makes the most sense from a fairness point of view. A ball out of play is a ball out of play, not a penalty. 1/2 court advantage is weak. But they were drawn out.

If you're going to do them, refs need instruction. It shouldn't be a "okay line up, everyone ready? you sure? how about you? " thing. The ref should get possession of the ball, should place it and say "here we go" and just blow the whistle. If teams are ready then they are ready. Mini jousts to me become a problem when they're drawn out. It needs to be a very fast restart.

I don't know how I feel about these all the way, though. I say no for now.

Can I get a ride to Mankato from the Minneapolis airport Friday night? I get in at 8pm. I will not have a bike only a backpack.

I'll also need a ride back to Minneapolis after the tournament.

Email me at TVHoehn@gmail.com or call/txt 812-267-2179


It's only like a 9 hour bike ride on a polo bike.

Also, I'm sure Dustin or Aren have room for you.

I'm going to go ahead and say there's no room in the van with Dustin, unfortunately, with all our bike shit, livestream stuff, and two dogs. Plus, Dustin's beauty supplies. Sorey. And, we're heading to 'Kato early to set up.

Rosters? And can you update the first post with the current team list?



Where was that posted?




DISCLAIMER! If you haven't been watching the facebook, this is where we have been drunkenly posting awesome raffle items and other interesting tidbits.

this is my new favorite gif

Haha! I wonder why. ; )

Midwest is best!!

Grand Haven, Michigan. I think you are playing for the wrong team this weekend!


I'm actually not playing this weekend. They picked up Wris Chilliams in my place. That guy hates super nintendo and weed, and he sucks at bike polo, but he is from Chicago.

cause dissociative identity disorder is gonna get you into northsides

why does he hurts us?



Registration 6PM - 10PM (pickup during and after probably)
Party at Pub500 (and other locations

9:00 AM: #1 Mankato Vs Milwaukee
10:00 AM: #2 Minneapolis Vs Indiana
11:00 AM: #3 Mankato Vs Minneapolis
12:00 PM: #4 Milwaukee Vs Indiana
1:00 PM: #5 Mankato Vs Indiana
2:00 PM: #6 Minneapolis Vs Milwaukee
3:00PM: #7 Columbia Vs Winnipeg
4:00 PM: #8 Chicago Vs Michigan
5:00 PM: #9 Winnipeg Vs Chicago
6:00 PM: #10 Michigan Vs Columbia
7:00 PM: #11 Winnipeg Vs Michigan
8:00 PM: #12 Columbia Vs Chicago
9:00 PM until 1:00 AM - Pickup

9:00 AM: #1 Seed 5 Vs Seed 8
10:00 AM: #2 Seed 6 vs Seed 7

11:00 AM: #3 Seed 1 vs Seed 4
12:00 PM: #4 Seed 2 vs Seed 3

1:30 PM: 7th Place Game (loser 1 vs loser 2)
3:00 PM: 5th Place Game (winner 1 vs winner 2)

4:30 PM: 3rd Place Game (loser 3 vs loser 4)
6:00 PM: 1st Place Game (winner 3 vs winner 4)

Sweetness. Still 7 person benches for each game, correct? I love the "Bench" format for podium. Haven't seen that in action before.

yeah, why aren't we allowed to dress 3 lines per game like last time?

Chris, this was per discussions with many people, including a thread here on LOBP where people determined the best number to be roughly 7 people. Also, some clubs can't dress 3 lines. But I don't want to get into details. It's been decided for months:

7 per game.

We just concluded our first bench league season, take a look. You can click on the individual games to see court time and goals for each player.


This is seriously a thing of beauty. Vince is the best.

So in games and points of time where I see 4 green bars all at once or I only see two green bars at once for a team... these are just recording errors?

What a cool concept and appealing design. We will use this for this weekend?

Yes, those are just recording errors. Should see 3 bars at any given time on the court which means 3 players on the court. The dots are goals (obviously). It's extremely easy to use while running a game, very intuitive too.

Podium Bench Format is ready and good to go and if whoever is in charge hasn't talked to Vince about using it, they absolutely should! I hope you guys use it this weekend.

Yup, they are using it this weekend!

There's a lot more that can be done too. Up next I'm going to add blocks, dabs, shots, assists, and penalties. Also, you'll be able to edit the shifts to fix situations like you mention

Pick up and registration are both happening at the tournament location?

the dark end (aka Bobb Todd, Marzipan, B.R. Fuck Face)

So the last forecast i seen was 39f for saturday. Heaters in th e ice area are meant to keep it at 30f. Bring some heaters. 220 and kerosene nearby

Thou shalt only score with just the tip

This is going to be an epic battle. Wish I could be there..
Thanks be to the Stream Team for allowing me to watch/cheer from afar.

Perfect weekend for an indoor tournament. We're getting 6-8 inches of snow tonight.

/edit Side note: I'm really bad with names. Like really bad. I apologize in advance for asking for your name for the 9th time in 4 years.


Lunch/Dinner sunday is a pot luck. We will be smoking lots of pounds of meat. (maybe raffling off some choice cuts, and maybe a steak dinner for the winning team. No guarantees.) If you feel so inclined you are welcome to contribute.

In essential minnesota fashion, this will feature lots of Hot Dish!

#midwestbattle2 #midwestbattle2 #midwestbattle2 #midwestbattle2

hashtag your shits

ALSO, to add to my string of posts:

We will have LIMITED vegetarian food options, as well as a non-alcoholic drink option for those who are worried about the registration fee. (In addition to coffee).


p.s ... break a leg ...

Tyre calligraphy of Zagreb


Bikepolo.tv gets a shout.
Excellent article from our local Sports writer, no frills, no talk of "alternative" or "counter culture" anything. Just competition.

Thank you Mankato! You all throw an excellent party. Thank all of your volunteers again for us, they treated us like kings!

So, where's the XMen headed?

The town of Mankato impressed me to the fullest. Not only did this club manage to turn the Mankato Curling Center into the best polo court I have played on in a REALLY long time, they exceeded our expectations with a grand show of hospitality. Local volunteers smoked copious amount of meats and provided vegetarian options to ensure all the players and volunteers were well fed, housing was provided and generously shared in the community, and no one's beer mug runneth empty the entire weekend.

My hat is off completely to the Mankato Polo club, and I believe they have set the bar to a higher level for anyone looking to host a major tournament. Our club learned a lot from this team, and are looking forward to hosting NAH Championships this summer.

Thanks, Mankato!

JenNastix wrote:

Not only did this club manage to turn the Mankato Curling Center into the best polo court I have played on in a REALLY long time

Jenn you just started playing this year! I'm going to assume this is from Mr Do. Either way: THANKS!

I wasn't there but watched the live stream quite a bit and it was obvious that Mankato put a lot of blood sweat and tears into making that tournament the best it could be. Nice work!
Mr Do and the Stream Team did a great job as well.
Wish I could've had some of that smoked meat though..

Huge thanks to mankato for putting on this event. I know I speak for all of chicago when I say I was extremely impressed with the set-up, the FOOD OMFG!, the curling club (awesome people!) and bikepolo.tv!!! So cool and thanks again!

Nope, Joe, that was from me, proper. Again, HUGE thanks to all of you. And, to Podium for their collaboration with bikepolo.tv on this!

Haha, and to add, any time spent between playing polo seems like a really long time. ;)

P.S. does anyone else have "Like a Virgin" stuck in thier heads today? Damn jukebox...

nope, but i do have "like a surgeon" stuck in my head because of that jukebox!


Maybe that's cause Charlie's on your team.

I've been sitting on these photos for awhile, thanks for giving me an excuse to finally post...

to all the man- and woman- of kato, you guys are amazing! thank you so much for such a great time. The most chill and weirdest looking dogs that pee wherever the F they want, the most delicious smoked meats, most gracious hosts Zach and his dogs, most fun off-ramps to pee into, thanks for such a great tournament weekend, I had a blast, please come visit in Michigan sometime and hopefully we can repay you with a good time too

There are so many people to thank but here goes:

Thanks Kremin Kruse and Adam for reffing multiple games all weekend. Adam you killed it despite being exhausted.

Thanks VINCE! You were there for me all weekend and even added a bunch of awesome shit that helped everyone analyze their lines and gave me tangible numbers to work with.

MVP went to Aaron Hand, who in the final game played 2 shifts for a total of about 35 Minutes, scored 3 goals and a +5 goal differential (the highest on the team). He also only allowed 2 goals from chicago during his 25 minutes worth of shifts. Of course the rest of team had similarly outstanding numbers.

Best Line went to Rob, Ryan and Mick from Chicago. Look at their numbers from their game against Mpls. Holy hell, 5 goals +8 diff for rob and 3 goals +9 diff for lakes!!! They woke up that game in a serious way. And watching Lakes and Dellwo mix it up everywhere on the court was incredible.

Anyway, maybe vince can fill us in on what the other numbers are for. Rant over for now.

Thanks Zach, Tyler and Dustin for streaming and commentating all weekend. I didn't even get to experience it, but I've heard only good things.

Thanks to all the participants who helped clean up. Let me know if you left anything.

Oh and Kruse's 10 goals in the final game. No Big deal.

hell yeah Rob, rhyno, and mick!

Uhhhhh.... so rad!

Mankato, ya slayed it. From the curling club people to the polo club people and the people in between, it is always astounding to me how much work people put into this stuff. Thank you a million times. Everyone was ridiculously nice, the court was awesome, the food, the beer, the beer, the beer...

Every time I play bench I'm more stoked on it. I think it is so fun to experiment with the ins and outs. A tournament or two more like this and it may become clear to me that polo may not remain a 3v3-dominated sport.

I am very interested in trying 5 man squads, 40 minute games. 2 courts would allow for a 16 team tournament with three rounds of swiss and a 10-12 team double elimination with a 50 minute final. 2 day tournament. I think this would be so fun and I think changes would become more important to the game.

Anyway, just thinking about shit... thank you again Mankato, thank you to all my polo friends and thank you to Columbia, Missouri for being the tightest club in the midwest. 4+ years on the sixth story of a parking garage. Fuck yes!

YES! 5 PERSON TEAMS! strategic subbing should be a crucial aspect of the game...fuck multiple lines.

Thanks for the great court, beer and food Mankato.



Click for some photo's from the final two games.

I wana get some of that stuffs on FB but don't want to snatch it without permission...

You'll see. Unless you drilled out your eyes because they were too heavy.

bah.. just give him credit when you post it. great pics in that there set!!

Rob_G wrote:

I wana get some of that stuffs on FB but don't want to snatch it without permission...

Go ahead and use them. I try to use flickr as much as possible because FB quality sucks.


Click on the goal times, in the video description, to skip directly to each goal. Or watch the entire thing!

Final Game

Thanks, Dustin!

Now where's that third place game?

coffee, whiskey, beer. repeat.

Did anyone else notice the incident in which a mallet was dropped during a crash and then strategically kicked by an opponent - after which the mallet owner dragged the mallet kicker's bike in retaliation?
Which game was that? A goal was scored directly after that and it was a pretty cool (illegal?) series of events.

Ramon v Kruse in the MPLS v COMO game Sunday.

We all had a good laugh about that one. I remember turning to whoever was reffing and saying: "2v2 for 30 seconds?"

It was an ACCIDENT! I would never kick someone's mallet.

..i would never pull some ones bike to the other side of the court ;)

and you know this man.

That play was a highlight for sure. I kind of would have liked to see the call if there hadn't been a goal scored- as I recall there was a delayed penalty coming for the boot to the mallet. In all seriousness- coincidental minors probably would have been the right call.

That was great entertainment. Gamesmanship at its finest.

I forgot to post results!

1st Place: COMOPOLO
2nd Place: MKE POLO
3rd Place: Chicaggoooo
4th Place: Minneapolis
5th Place: Indiana
6th Place: Winnipeg!
7th Place: Michigan
8th Place: Kato
9th Place: Lexington

haha 9th place lexington....

Can I petition that Lexington should be 10th and Ohio 9th?
I at least showed up.

where can I find my professional (slightly erotic) photos that were taken?