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Ball Whacker's Third Bicycle Polo Tournament

Saturday, October 15, 2011 - Sunday, October 16, 2011
Contact info: 
Court size: 
120x60 ish

Tournament Format:

Saturday 10/15: Classic double elimination. Seeding done by poll of bench minor captains. 32 team max.

Sunday 10/16: Bench Minor format. Eight captains will select 6 players from a draft, announced on Saturday night.

Double elim registration.

Sign up for draft here.

View double elim reg here.

View draft results here.

Registration: $45 per team for Saturday.


Courts set up early Saturday morning.


Youngblood Coleman Playground San Francisco, CA
United States

Signed up

Where's the sign-up?

To be announced.

fixegrlinafixewrld (not verified)

i need a team. ask around. (916) 2516069

fixegrlinafixewrld (not verified)

have work on sunday though. will just be attending saturday an the night.. driving home in the morning

let me know when to sign up :) i hella want to play!

Hey folks, a couple clarifications.

Sunday double elimination will be a classic double elim. We expect everyone who registers will play. We had 22 teams last year, easily accommodated on two courts. If we get more than 32 teams registered then we'll consider our options and do what we can to make it happen.

I plan on doing a simple draft and registration, opened on 9/20.

Sweet!.. im hella signing up for both.. or can you just sign up for one? and get included in the sunday tournment..

I need a team for Sunday. Anyone???

maybe we're still figuring are what our teams are..

I'm confused on how this works, but I want to come!

It's a scmorgusboard of bike polo and a nice view of the bay with your friends, in Frisco.

Hope you join us,


Credo quia absurdum

Saturday: sign up for a draft to play in the bench minor. Captains will pick six players from a draft. Eight teams will play a double elimination. This starts at 2p. Before the bench we'll have either pickup or something more organized but focused on everyone getting as much as possible.

Sunday: classic double elimination. Seeding will be handled "manually." That means seeds and starting games will be determined by me, with consultation from others.

I hope this helps clarify and hope you can make it!

polojoel wrote:



I Love u guys Tourney but this year i wont be able to make it.. Sorry guys. See u guys in Vegas.

"We don't need no education"

Same here, out for this year but will be in Vegas.

Sign up for the draft here:

Saturday bench minor draft sign-up form.

Sign up a team for Sunday's double elimination here:

Sunday double elim sign-up form.

signed up for the bench minor.. ..TEAM AUTUMNBOMBS hasn't nailed down a team for sunday, so let me know if your interested. ========> If anyones has room for me to crash on the floor or couch space :) Im house broken..lols.. ..with my own food, money, clothes, etc...down to buy coffee :) or breakfast...

Heigh! Do you still a team for Sunday? My team needs a 3rd.
If 818 Street Soldiers are not coming to the tourney, then I may have
a place for you to crash as well.


Lefty Bullshit!

ahoys.. dude.. im interested..

..my bad it took me a second to response, my phone is not so smart phone.. it wont let me go on the site.. anyways, hope your day is going swell..

im gonna wack you in the balls joel :p


Are you going?..

As large as they are, not sure you could manage it.

Joe's cats will pee on your mattress.

edit: I have signed up for the bench minor on Saturday, as well as the double elim. SLO is bringing at least 2 teams.

Tory & I (SLO) might need a third player. Let us know if you're interested.

interested. you want some of this lefty?

2007 - King of The Juice

Camillo, I would love to play on a team with you, and if Tory & I hadn't convinced one of the SLO noobs to be our third player, you would have yourself a deal. But any other time that you want to team up, I'm down. Are you going to the Vegas tourney?

I'm still in need of a team! I'm local lefty flavor if anyone has room for another on their team. Also, We should have places for folks to crash at our house.


Vegas has 5 people coming and could use some space if it is available. Could you accommodate that many? Also, we were wondering if it is inside or outside so we know whether to bring tents.

Sent you an email about crash space...

can't wait to see you all again! i'm getting back to SF on oct 13...BEAVER MAGIC WILL RIDE AGAIN!

i just want to put it in your goal hole

YAY!! We miss you beaver! Hope youve been gettin some practice!

Ok, I have registered a team for Sunday.
So far, it's me and Ty.

We still need a 3rd.

Who's out there?

Lefty Bullshit!



is that Jody? We need to make shirts out of this!


plans changed, now i'll have my real polo bike, and housing sorted. booooosh.

2007 - King of The Juice

You still lookin for team. Also a lefty! Looking for a third. Me, you , tsunami he's a righty. Have some good lefty lefty plays.

Deaddog- sacbikepolo

Count it! hit me up on email if ya need. I've played with Josh a bunch, he can vouch for me. hell the three of us could be an all lefty team some time.

brooklynbreak at gmail.com

2007 - King of The Juice

hey cameo, i hit you up on your email. are you ready to fuck shit up?

Deaddog- sacbikepolo

hey cameo, i hit you up on your email. are you ready to fuck shit up?

Deaddog- sacbikepolo

I was also wondering about housing options available other than the colorful streets and parks of SF.

Yo Joel can i be a captain?

I don't know. Can you?

I may has capptain?

Team LOLcats?

Ok, my team is sorted... Me, Ty, and .... Scrz !!! Get ready 4 a mess !!!

Lefty Bullshit!

Does anyone in SF have crash space for 4-5 SLO (San Luis Obispo) polo players? They're fun guys, respectful, and they would be very appreciative for the space. Anyone? Help me out here!

edit: if you have crash space for these wonderful polo noobs, please message me or call/text me @ eight-oh-five, 3-oh-five, 33-eight-three.

5 vegas kids coming in could use a place to stay. Please text seven0two-nine94-onefourthree nine

Any updates,Captains? Spredsheet for draft?

Deaddog- sacbikepolo

Damn, I thought I posted an last night before passing out, must have missed the post button or something...

My apologies, I missed my own dates on the drafts/captains. Still trying to work that stuff out. Patience is appreciated.

Other things are coming together well. Permits/insurance paperwork goes today. We have new sponsors for the poster, and a new poster. I need to get word out about draft better.

It will be good. Those of you who have been to Youngblood, you know.

Those who haven't...it sucks and we never have any fun in SF. Come anyway, but bring a pillow and a face wipe for your tears of boredom.

If nothing else the wipes could be used to clean up after scizzors.

2 weeks! ants in ma pants.

Alright, I'm thinking of going to this, considering I'm like 2 hours away a little north of Santa Rosa.... Can I bribe someone with cash and ganj for you to pick me up and bring me back? If so, then I'm in. Worth it? Only one way to find out.

If you aren't sinning, Jesus died for nothing.

i need a team, whos down?

Peace to all the Gods and the Earths!

come get me, I'm all yours :)

If you aren't sinning, Jesus died for nothing.

well well, I've been snatched up!

If you aren't sinning, Jesus died for nothing.

dang it! I would have been all in to Mark...I slept..

Peace to all the Gods and the Earths!

View team registrations here.

looking 4 a teem bros

Ahoys!.. Are you still a free agent? if so we are looking for a third, one of the team members totally bailed on me..

Is there still a costume contest, even though it's not on Halloween proper?


Can't wait!!!! Changed my mind on going obviously. Rolling through with LA(baby jesus and Dumbfoo panda), wanted the team name "Norfolk-in-Chance" (say it with Machine's voice) but we will see what happens. I am saddened to see that pyramid is not a sponsor, say it aint so..
Will not be participating in any jacket ceremonies this time around! and I promise to get some sleep somewhere other than the polo court!

can we see the draft list?

2007 - King of The Juice

Draft entries.

Let me know if you want to change your Polo Vitae statement. You'll have to email me. Consider, most people don't know you. Better write something interesting.

Note to self: next time get email address so people can update their own info.

references: Machine + Scizors..... wait, should I have said that?

2007 - King of The Juice

this list is full of rich, interesting characters... can't wait to meet everybody ! boom.

New information and poster above. We're flip flopping the days. Let's do the double elim on Saturday, then go have fun. Sunday we'll start a bit later and do the bench minor. Casey made the suggestion.

The captains for the Bench Minor are:

Andrew, Santa Cruz
Casey, San Francisco
Joe, Sacramento
Jouche, San Diego
Miah, San Francisco
Sarah, LA
Shannon, East Van
Too $hort, LA

Thank you Eric for the poster!

Hey not so San Francisco folks,

if you need housing, please email me at samalama514@gmail.com. Dus, I already know you are looking for housing trying to see where I can get you, but its not likely that you guys are all going to have a place together so you may want to look at hostel options if you are all looking to stay together.


Thanks Sam.

Saturday double elim trophy.


Peace to all the Gods and the Earths!

Yo Im still a free agent....I just completed my new Polo Bike "Beefy" and I'm ready to thrash....

Hollaaar At me!


Peace to all the Gods and the Earths!

^This guy will bounce some people around!

I am recently returned from a distant foreign land where a wise man said unto me:


Let all players bring with them TWO shirts to a tournament. One, a shirt of light color, the other of dark. Prior to the start of a match, the teams may coordinate and be thusly identified for the cheering crowd.

I say let this be the way of things at our Ball.

ok y'all so i might have some extra space in my dwelling for out of town Polo homies...
get at me asap i live in the Berkeley which is 7 miles from the courts but i will be driving there and back..Sober steez..Get at me!

Peace to all the Gods and the Earths!

Hey man, I'm a Vegas kid and I might need a place to stay. And probably a team to play with if anyone needs an extra...

sorry cody, I'm going to be staying the Mission close to courts...

Peace to all the Gods and the Earths!

^^^ driving because theres a bridge to cross with no bike pass...

btw JOUCEY what do
you mean? hehehhe

Peace to all the Gods and the Earths!

I hope everyone makes sure to say happy birthday to Finger in their own special way.

LV is now in SF :-) oh yeah!

Nice! Pick up at shotwell and 21st in the Mission @ 6ish...

Peace to all the Gods and the Earths!

Scano wrote:

Nice! Pick up at shotwell and 21st in the Mission @ 6ish...

Right on :) We'll try to meet everyone over there!

Start time 10a tomorrow.

team is register joel is you in the morning:)

...sadpants, dude from bakerfields just bailed on me. IN SEARCH of a 3rd.... ....if you need a team let me know asap.

Could someone please bring a channel lock to the playground pllleeeaaaaaseee :-)!

got it!

Peace to all the Gods and the Earths!

gunna try and make it out i land at 6am sunday at LAX and will make this drive to SF...ill have mallet in hand but no bike so hopefully i cna get in on pick ups if someone will let me use a bike

If you're still in LA, you should come play pick up with us Wednesday night. 7 pm til 11 or 12.
Sycamore Grove Park
4702 N Figueroa St, Los Angeles, CA 90065


gunna try and make it out i land at 6am sunday at LAX and will make this drive to SF...ill have mallet in hand but no bike so hopefully i cna get in on pick ups if someone will let me use a bike

Podium? Challonge? Twitter?

The only reason anyone does anything.
For the lulz.

Danfinger won, overall. (clicky pickture for a few more Saturday photos)

Saturday double elim:
1- Joel Casey Miah, SF
2- Shitty Brandon and Pat, Santa Cruz
3- Too$hort Brian and NOLOVE, LA

Sunday bench, depends on who you ask. Both teams lost one game of polo. Casey's team won the last game ... boat race ... with Scissors as a pinch drinker.
winners: Miah Forest Kimbo Beavers TsunamiMike
winners: Casey Jess LunchboxSam DaveLV Me DougFresh Scissors
..........................^......... last FAAAAT goal of the weekend, with 3 seconds left!

Credo quia absurdum


awesome time! thanks shannon and mike for playing with me. jamie,deja,cristine,shriver. we did awesome for not having a full team.next time wer gonna get em. josh fuck you for pickin jackie. joel,cec. thank you so much for yummy grill cheese and for all you do for polo! YOU GUYS ROCK!!!!

Deaddog- sacbikepolo

thx for showing us our way around joe! we had so much fun :) bench minor was ridiculous, but we tried!!! hope you will pick me again (heeheee!)

regret missing this, but i'll be bringing 3-4 polo players to sf on halloween weekend. sunday 10/30 pickup?

carve. smash. eat shit.

hell to yeah! Pick ups on Monday wednesday thurday and saturday...Hollaaarrr

Peace to all the Gods and the Earths!

Great time!
Thank you Devin, Machine and all of San Fran for the great hospitality.
We will definitely return the favor next month at Crank Gamble.


extrasketchy wrote:

Great time!
Thank you Devin, Machine and all of San Fran for the great hospitality.
We will definitely return the favor next month at Crank Gamble.


Fatty thanks to EVERYBODY for all the support, hospitality, new friendship, borrowed tools...and the things other than my own sangria...... Thank you for an all-around incredible experience!

THANK YOU SAN FRANCISCO FOR HOSTING THIS RAD TOURNAMENT and for MY NEW POLO BIKE! Holy moly! I am still such a giddy DFL, and I only hope to make y'all proud as I learn and play more.

I can say so much more (especially about my burning love for District 5 and FYI) but I feel that I already typed enough mush.

Come over to see us soon! ;-)
(Crank Gamble Las Vegas November 12th and 13th, ya know.)

Such a fun tourney! Thanks again SF, it's always good times.

Major thanks to my Scano and Camillo for playing with me Saturday, it was seriously awesome. And more thanks to the folks I drafted- No Love, Eric, Camillo, Machine, Ashley, and Chris. You all played really fucking well; I was especially impressed with how quickly everyone started playing together as a team. Absolutely fantastic.


Thanks SF,I had a blast as always!

Thank You S.F. Hope to see you all in L.V.

Capitol Bike Polo

SF, as always, you know how to throw a smashing good time! thanks for all the hospitality. FUN! Sacto Joe, anytime :)

pics or it didn't happen...

Great to have you out here, Joushay, and all!

Credo quia absurdum

thank you SF! Lil Sara, No Love, Mike Scano, Eric, Machine and Shannon... you're fam now.

2007 - King of The Juice

Yeah, thanks SF. As always it was a great time. Thanks to everyone who did this.

So much to be grateful for. Youngblood treated us to a very fine polo weekend.

Freewheel Bike Shop in general and Dustin in particular did a tremendous service to SF Bike Polo in making this event a reality. The sponsors are businesses that make bike polo a better sport, and I'm not just talking about giving away free stuff. They're designing/producing/distributing better hubs and brakes and bags and shafts and heads and rims and more. They're working with people to figure out what's what when you play polo; building wheels and bikes and fixing things that people like me ham hand into perpetual misalignment. Hardcourt bike polo has real energy behind it, and it really comes out in a tourney.

Special thanks to Eric B for the poster; Miah, Machine and Joe for the instant courts that rocked; Finger, Doug, Caldwell, Devin, Shriver and everyone else who kept the tourney moving along, kept score, kept it reasonably tidy, kept up the good heckling, kept people in their homes as possible, and kept SF the bestest polo town in all the land. Thanks to people who came to Youngblood for the first time and kept it fresh. And of course thanks to Cecilia for keeping all the loose ends tied down and taken care of.

Here is how it ended on Saturday.
1) ShuPu (SF Joel Miah Casey)
2) Economy (SC Shitty Brandon Pat)
3) 3 Sticks Mafia (LA NoLove Too$hort Brick)
4) Mother Shufflers (LA/SD Chris P, Campos, Jouche)
5) Priapism (SF Eric Joey Jason)
5) Soylent Green (SF Forrest Dustin Caldwell)
6) Kromunist Party (SF Finger Doug Kim)
6) Nancy Polosi (LA Eli Dejah Javi)
9) Jew Tang (LA/SF/Nanaimo Sarah Scano Camilo)
9) Super Team (SLO Peter Tory Max)
9) Beaver Magic (SF Jacki Jamie Jody)
9) Cock & Balls (Sacto/Van Joe Tsunami Shannon)
...and 8 additional teams with fewer than 2 wins.

DFL: Ashley from Las Vegas accepting a pretty new polo bike from Bike Farm.
MVP: Miah from SF accepting a set of polo spec'd Phil Wood hubs. (Also very pretty!)

And the Sunday Bench Minor format...
1) Team Murder (C: Casey)
1) Is It In Yet (C: Miah)
3) TGINOMT (C: Shannon)
Team Murder declared winner upon drinking contest agreed upon by all parties present.

On balance I feel the Bench format has much to say for it. All captains agreed to rotate evenly (i.e., give all players opportunity to play). Teams mixed up lots of players. Games had a new dimension of strategy. I really enjoyed watching Shannon's team in particular. They showed how teamwork makes a real difference. And Shannon made it happen from a draft pool she knows less than any of the other captains. Thank you Shannon! Casey's suggestion to move the bench to Sunday and keep it friendly was absolutely the right way to go.

It's taken me a couple days to get this message together in my head. All of these words are merely a tip of the iceberg in describing what a great time was had this past weekend.

Hope to see you next year!

I had the greatest time ever that day Joel!.. Shannon is fanastic..and such a good person, Im not going to forget this weekend for awhile :) ..... Thank Yous.. ..in this tourney was the first time I won against Danfinger in like a year of playing against him...hopefully I can do that again...lols..

Thank you San Fransisco

I love you San Francisco Bike Polo!

me tooo <3's....

Spanks SF and team Nancy Polosi for making my first tournament fucking fun!! (Thanks for the shelter too.) And more thanks to teenage mutant barbie turtles,(or whatever the real name was). we did good on sunday.

spanks everybody!

^^tys SF for an awesome weekend of POLO!!... ..cant wait for this semster to be over with...so I can go on monday nights again:) ...

Hey fellow poloist This weekend I missed placed my yellow Kryptonite Ulock.
I believe it was the Friday night of pick up. Contact me if you have leads any please.


the link to the photos: http://www.smugmug.com/gallery/19620816_nhj7M5#1538502740_NvtxFqr

(huge thanks to chris for taking a great many of these while i was otherwise occupied.)

There's just no way. The Halloween tourney is dead. I was there when we killed it.