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Austin TX tournament Oct 30-31 2010

Saturday, October 30, 2010 - Sunday, October 31, 2010
Host club: 
Austin Texas Bike Polo
Contact info: 
Court size: 
2 COURTS- Both courts will be 100'x55'


1 Thuggish Ruggish: Joe CHI, kremin MKE and nick LEX
2 str8 edge : jarred FTL, Jason FTL and Charlie BLO
3 Seshame street: mark ATX, ace NYC and Jasper PDX
4 Migg Migg: ATX Miguel, Miguel jr. and Robert
Tied for 5th: Aztecs: ATX Cyrus, Tina and Pelon
And Scary Larry: LAW Malakai, Charlie and Spencer

Male mvp's- miguel jr(atx)
Women mvp's- Jill(pits)
Best costume
Mo and jasmine(atx)



Hope everyone has a great time and remembers Austin very well! See you all very soon :)


South Austin Recreation Center (tennis courts)
1100 Cumberland road
United States

Signed up

in for this!

Rad. Gonna try to make this one.



I like your polo.

Sweet, I really hope that you guys can. I promise there will be plenty of craziness and trouble for us all to get into, minus the trouble! There will be tons of parties and other things to get into after and before the actual tourney happens if you are here before then.


Fuck off

I would like to officially submit my application for housing that will be a quiet refuge.


"wear a face mask or duck" - Tall George
stick 2 da code, stop snitchin'

I can probably host like 10 or so and everyone else here I'm sure can host a few as well. There will definitely be housing for everyone that will be attending this!

Fuck off


let's play.

i will have room for a few as well.

Well I have my kiddos on the weekends and are in bed by 9 or 10 and they get up around that time in the morning soooooooo if that's ok then you're welcome to stay here. Also my 11 year old will be playing on my team! He kicks ass and is in love with polo-

Fuck off

im going


kremin do you need a team?

oh come on yall should stop planning on coming. jumbo coozieZ already favorites for back to back austin championships! ha.


Fuck off

i like that all the northern birds are talking teams and travel plans...and it's only MAY! way to go atx for playing hard and being cool...i guess traveling and going to out of town tourneys pays off when folks get stoked for your events too!

Well let's just hope that they make it and come through. I know we will all have a great time and have fun! Let's make this tourney big and hopefully we can show the city that we need a court and how big this sport is growing all the time.

Fuck off

Mobile will be there! 4 of us are planning, I'm defnitely confirmed.

let's see, these two events fall on the same weekend: my cousin's pirate themed wedding in south carolina or atx bike polo tournament? it's a close call

hopefully i'll be driving by then so i can come no matter who else is coming from here. if not i'm at the mercy of a new orleanian (or mobilian or floridian) that is heading that way.

carve. smash. eat shit.

make sure u have a ride back, our team has ABANDONMENT issues in this town

thinking about it it sounds much nicer in austin in october than the middle of summer!!!

BTW this is the butcher

bring your ass down here again for some more fun times my friend!

Fuck off

Little Rock will bring a team. Can't wait!

There was a lot of talk about Austin tonight... it'll be a fun roadtrip.

Yarr! Settin' me sights on some tournament action! Me an' the googlies can't wait! Let me know if any help is needed when the time comes. t

i didn't know we had a pirate that played with us!
btw who are you?!....wait...tom?

You betcha. See you on the courts!

declaring free agency *edit* the fine print of my pandzig contract contradicts this prior declaration. pandzig to attend with major new look line up.


new look as in new name? mayhaps the morrissey muppets?

Im planning on it. I'm on Foot Down Syndrome!!

so....i think it's time to come back to austin. see you there.

Sweeeet! Try and bring Maija with you too.

Fuck off

Oh hellz yeah!!
I wanna see a good costume!!

Also declaring free agency.

Mo and I need a third!
How do you feel about spandex, bobsledding, and Jamaica??

I still need a team that won't try and make me wear spandex.

there are now three tournaments on this weekend-- seattle now and san francisco had this date last year.

are you set in stone for this date? cascadians will be headed to either seattle or SF.

I think we are pretty set being that our last tourney was in August and we figured there is a lot going on that month with worlds and other events. It would be nice for you guys and other folks to make it down, but it's completely understandable. I'm sure we would all LOVE to go to Seattle! I believe that the Ladies Army tourney will be held here next so maybe we can throw another small tourney in with that as well.

Fuck off


The Cascadians can't come!

END OF THE WORLD IN 3... 2... 1...

Which of the three will be the 'one' to attend? aaaaahhhh!

The answer should be pretty obvious.
ATX ftw!!!

i will do my best to bring her [maija]. but she will be a free agent....i think...we need to split it up and see what happens.

regardless. see you in a few months!

Sounds good, do what you can! See you in a few...........

Fuck off

uh ohhhhh


it's all good. she and i talked about.
we are both new to this tournament thing. finding the right groove with different people can take time.
we can't all already have a team like you cris.

see you there...

pandzig is less a team and more a cabal sixsixsicks


cris gt wrote:

pandzig is less a team and more a cabal sixsixsicks

so your whole team is going now?



Fuck off

Mike Polo wrote:



i'll say


Im def flying out for this

get yourself a team homie!

on that note. i do need a team. so....?

Denver will be returning to Austin in October. will we be having foot down/mallet toss competitions again? Hopefully this time sirius won't nearly bean me with his mallet!

haha, hell yeah, mallet toss! I'll make sure Cyrus is there!!

I love the idea of a masquerade themed tournament. But I'll probably have to wait until Ladies Army to make the trek to ATX.

boooooooo bring yer butt down here missy and have some fun with us!

Fuck off

the south austin rec isnt a gentle euphemism for the eastwoods courts is it? i just saw "two tennis courts".


cris gt wrote:

the south austin rec isnt a gentle euphemism for the eastwoods courts is it? i just saw "two tennis courts".

edit* checked the map, much improved and pretty much next door to where i'll be staying, nice ATX


yeah buddy, right down the street... much nicer than eastwoods, much much!

gonna start lookin for a team and bust my ass for 2 months to make this my first out of town tournament


do it son! bring other mke peeps!

oh gosh, what am I going to wear?



At first I didn't get this------ JUMBO COOKIEEEEEEEEEEES! HAHAHA

Fuck off

i was thinking of SF but if my presence is being requested well then......

Yes Maija, please come to our tourney and grace us with your presence! This is turning out great already----------

Fuck off

cherri who are you playing with?

lookin' like a couple of birds


chandel, you still looking?

rob we need to hit up wahoos and drink some codeine 'n sprite


sippin' on that purp! ha ha

any rumors on prizes?


Jeff's givin' hand whammies to first place.

we are working on all local, custom stuff (we have a local vendor slogan here called, Keep Austin Weird). think belt buckles, flashbaks, bags, tats, booze....

you, too, sir, are a petty motherfucker

eveningtide fire a disaster

What you call a winner's factor in their decision to make it or leave it.

i need a team anyone else?

Get rad

so if he's up for it too; me you n drew deub? you'll already be down there


its a team. yall better be ready

Get rad

no it aint, drew said no and i heard your playin with kelly? FUCK still need a team


...there are ATX players and Goast from PGH?! still needing a team....you wont be without!

So looks like I'm going to be throwing down several Texas Pennies to take this trip. Self B-day gift, if you will.

Will be solo from Pittsburgh as far as I know...I'll need a team. Holla?

...those days are over.


bob and jill, soooo happy ya'll are coming down! FYI for everyone, we are working on housing and coordinating who can pickup/dropoff people at the airport. let us (me) know what your travel plans are.

Little Rock's driving. We'll probably have two teams. Any spots left for us?

Im commin!
I need some team mates! and a place to stay!

you can stay with us if you want! glad to hear you're going to make it!

Fuck off

Brandon! Let's join forces!!! Is Jeff coming? Will he be our third?

...those days are over.


driving? flying? what's yer plan brandon?

im about to by my ticket today. im flying cause its just as cheep to fly then drive down there with buddys. im thinking about getting there on thursday and leaving on monday. how does that sound? for me crashing on your alls coutches/floors

count it! polo on thursday night!

we say y'all down here!!! not "your alls"!!! haha, can't wait to see you Brandon!!

Having a variation for possessive must be a northern SC thing.

Brandon!! We should team up if you're still looking!

Midwest is best!!

costume idea...be really cute (and sweet) cupcakes!!!!

"Megs" and I are teaming up!
We still would need a third. Brandon, holla. Im'a call you.

...those days are over.


I might possibly be coming down for this. I really really want to make it, but right now my job is holding me back. : ( If I can make it, Kelly and I will need teammates. Kelly is a seamstress and we are going to have really rad costumes most likely!!

Midwest is best!!

I might possibly be coming down for this. I really really want to make it, but right now my job is holding me back. : ( If I can make it, Kelly and I will need teammates. Kelly is a seamstress and we are going to have really rad costumes most likely!!

Midwest is best!!

Meg, make it happen! And bring Suzy with you!! Get a sweet little carpool/caravan action happening with the rest of Chicago and mke! It ain't hard...we've done many of these treks now! Do it! Do it!!

Kelly will be driving her car if I end up going. Suzy really wants to go, but money will be tight after the crown...

Midwest is best!!

Working on a car/team from St Louis.


Possibly CoMO too.

Let the great Midwest cometh!!! Between all of us here, we should have crash pads aplenty. We just need confirmed numbers...

come come come people, this thing is going to be one awesome event, cool unique prizes, cool unique environment, good foods, good drinks, good fun and good people will be waiting for you all here in the CAP city, atx baby! Come show these Texas folks what polo is all about!!! count it!

omg i'm getting so excited for this!!!!!!


yea girl! ok operation costume has not been fruitful as of yet...do you still have my phone number? i lost all mine so i need yours again!

So people, who thinks they are definitely coming and need a place to crash? Get in touch with us folks so we can get a count and figure out the numbers and such.

Miguel Reyes

Fuck off

i have space for probably 9-13 inside the house (2-3 on futon, 1-2 on couch, 6-8 on floor) and then lots of backyard for camping!!!
the weather should be awesome so don't be scrrd out there!
something of note...my house is also where the saturday after party will be.
its about 4 miles from the courts and about 1 mile from downtown where our other parties will be.

does anybody want to play with me for this?

I'm rocking a two girl co-ed team (boner jamz '03 girls) for atl and atx (my soon to be new home)...but I'm down to play with you any tourney any time in the future...pick Joe up people...he's a polo powerhouse!

Hey Joe, Nick from Lex here. I am down.

i'm double down. interested?

are there going to be polo-shenanigans at this tourney? by that i mean: can we expect to play regular-ass-polo with the same two teammates the whole time? or will there be 'surprises' beyond everybody playing in sweaty costumes?

no polo-shenanigans. this is no los marcos event....i hope that doesnt keep you from coming.
there will be plenty of sweat-drenched(not because of the weather though!) costumed, playing with the same two teammates all weekend along with lots and lots of party- if you're into that sort of thing....

i like my bike polo shenanigan-free. i'll see you there!

excellent! i like the cut of your jib chris! see you in austin!

someone give me a ride from the midwest!!!

Maija- Kelly from MKE is trying to find people to fill up spaces in her car. Call me @ 573-639-2364 if you want her #. Hopefully you can drive a manual.

Midwest is best!!

if cherri could do it on her third try and get us to seattle from denver, maija can do it!

dooo itttttt!!!!!!! and drag birdies ass along with you! i will be so sad if i dont see yall's cute lil' faces!!!!!!!!! (but of course i will understand)


fucking teams are available only in SoCal where the porn industry makes its 8 billion dollars annually. you are asking on the wrong forum, wrong place.

on a side note, it's possible you could join me and scooter. i love playing on teams with two lefties. ask jfrench.

I will be at this tournament. plane tickets round trip are looking like they will be perfectly priced.

let's do it.

alright I'm hitting up my lefty later and we'll make a committee decision

you got a costume bro? hit me up on the facebook chat or something like AIM

I'm going as me. Assuming this works out, you and Scooter are encouraged to do the same.

we know you're going
but you need to wear a costume.
you're thuggish,
you're ruggish,
you're.... SKELETON BONE MAN aka "Bones"

Don't worry, I'll dress up as Jay Z

aka "Thuggish Ruggish Bone"

we're not against rap
we're not against rappers
but we are against those thugs.thugs.thugs.

I think Scooter should go as Black Jesus.

maxD, just do the damn thing and buy your tickets and figure out the rest later!

do it!

TICKETS FUCKING BOOKED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

ok. jas. i sent you a text. get on that shite! i'm working on the wigs and trying to figure out the helmet scenario. hahaha. we are going to kill it!

:) See you very soon!

Fuck off

so stoked! so stoked! get here grrrl!

Will be coming down for this, hopefully will have a couple teams but will certainly have at least one from up here in the Nothern area of the Texas place.

Polo at Mack Park in Denton Tx Sundays 5pm-10pm

I just booked my tickets for this and am super stoked!! Who still needs a third? My only request is that we have really awesome costumes!

Midwest is best!!

Just booked. I should be arriving in Austin on Wednesday. I'll be arriving in the late evening. Who is down to chill thursday?

why is texas so far away? this looks awesome.

Keep your standards low, and morale high.

it will be soooo worth it! (we go up to all of yall when we can! come play with us for once!!) i am hearing reports of southwest airlines having some damn great prices right now. check it! bikes under 50lbs are free!!!

good thing I just got together a new polo bike...my old one was right around 50lbs

Polo at Mack Park in Denton Tx Sundays 5pm-10pm

tickets booked, so stoked!!!

I would like a place to sleep. I'm not picky. I do dishes and sweep. 60+ references on CouchSurfing, eight vouches. Further references available upon request. Thank you for your consideration, Austin.

if you wear some assless chaps then you in my house! haha

Fuck off


remember: Austin is still in Texas.

however austin is the last liberal strong hold in Texas. At least that is what I heard in Tulia a few years back

houston has/did have a gay mayor.

Mike Polo wrote:

if you wear some assless chaps then you in my house! haha

You also get a special spot on his bed in the deal. I assume that special spot is the little spoon area brrrrrrrrwrwrwrwrwrwrwrwrBARF

[creeps from the shadows]

blah blah bike polo blah blah austin halloween blah blah blah

[lurches back into the shadows]

carve. smash. eat shit.

I'm gonna get a haircut, but I'm keeping the beard, let's try to trick some of the texans into thinking we are brothers.

Interested in seeing what happens at this tourny. Hope some one will give updates.

Well Joey, maybe you should just come down and have a great time in a great city! But there should be updates if not.

Fuck off

Hey ATX, are we registering at the tournament or will we do it online ahead of time? Also, is there going to be a cap on registration?

Midwest is best!!

we are not registering online, we figure we could get it all done on Friday at the reg. party or saturday morn. And as far as a cap, doubtful, we don't expect there to be so many teams we can't handle... we have two courts and will play as much polo as possible!!!

oh yeah, getting excited, we've got prizes, surprises, and surprizes!!!!

I'm coming to this.
I don't have a costume yet... so Jazz, I figured I'd just borrow some of your clothes.
I don't have a team yet... so, I figured I'd just party.
I don't have a way of getting there yet... so anyone: if you're passing threw MISSOURI, \let me know. and pick me up.

AUSTIN-how do you feel about me and Evan from STL staying for FUN FUN FUN fest? (Evan hasn't agreed to this yet... but I figured I'd just include him anyways)

we don't serve women here. bring your own.

me and tim a are going hopefully! and tim needs a team!

Please tell me I'll be seeing you again. It has been FAR too long.

...those days are over.


a) you can def rummage my closet :-P
b) welcome to party town USA
c) hitchhike?
d) hell ya stay for funfunfunfunfunfunfunfunfun fest!!!! and that doesn't include the festival :-D

YES!!! Oh and can you bring my cycling cap that I let you borrow at NA's, please? Can't wait to see you!!

Midwest is best!!

ohhhhhhh sick! shit just got real!
stay for funfunfunfest!!!!!!!

Katherine press-on and I are planning on going. We've been discussing this all night. You don't have to play with us, but I can potentially drive.

my other ride is a loveboard

Katherine press-on and I are planning on going. We've been discussing this all night. You don't have to play with us, but I can potentially drive.

my other ride is a loveboard

Do it, ladies!!

Midwest is best!!

jew wanna come too? I wanna go...

Moe Mike Jasmine Rob heads up coming for sure with many from mobile and nola. Team ASSEMBLE.

team fartbox

carve. smash. eat shit.

MOLO and NOLA, how many teams? How many people total? I need to start finding houses for yall....I was kinda thinkin lots of yall would want to camp out at Party Headquarters (Jasmine's living room/bedroom floor/backyard tent city). Speak NOW or forever hold your peace.
This goes for all the COMO peeps and STL(?!), and MKE, and Lawrence players as well. I saw Malakai wanted "quiet housing", was kinda thinking miguel's abode would be perfecto...

Holler at yer grrrl (me), polo peeps!

new orleans: as far as i know, frazer, liz, and i will be coming. i believe daniel, jeff, and maybe will are coming as well (confirm/deny)?

i can't speak for mobile. kiefer is the contact for them.

speaking for myself, i'm down for tenting a backyard/floor. if you could reserve a space for our car (liz, fraz, me), that would be great. : )

carve. smash. eat shit.

yo yo yo coming straight out of mobtown: me, porch, kg, ben, welch, britney, jacques, and todd (getting there the fun way)

i think we're all down for camping in a backyard or whatever and iirc ben, kg, porch, and liz will all be arriving together on tuesday.

i'm staying with miguel.

I'm down with party HQ. Not sure how many we're bringing.

i want loud housing

oh hi looking for a team. dont be so sad or mad. didnt think i was coming till bout a week ago.


Fuck off

damn mike... you gotta bring race into this? : )

carve. smash. eat shit.

and its CRACKERZ get it right

oh gawd not zico again.

Better have the shitters ready to go. : )

Midwest is best!!

NO! crackers, as in saltine! duhhh

That means they will get crushed easily :) count it........

Fuck off

P.S. I have 5 people at my place now. My house will in no way be a party HQ, just a nice place to lay your head. Maybe some brews and conversation and movies.. haha.. Let me know what's up. I can probably do a few more, but not certain. My place is 6 miles from the courts, so I'm not right next to them.

Fuck off

WOW! The sponsors just don't stop... Everyone should come to Austin, This is probably going to be the best tourney EVER!!!!!

Fuck off

well party headquarters has a special treat for its inhabitants...not for butter haterz!!
also...it is of the non-dosed variety

Ooooh girl. I want to stay with you!!

Midwest is best!!

Yo, it's looking like around eight or nine, give or take a couple, representing MOLO.

Any singles looking to complete a team?
pm me if you are.


I laughed

Pete, any idea of the number of COMO players we can expect? I'm trying to play matchmaker/housing coordinator extraordinaire......

Seven (Me, Kruse, Chris, Megan, Charlie, Tim A, Julia) would be the absolute most, but probably more like 4 or 5.

any female 3rds (with the ability to play goal...switching in and out of goal seamlessly) down for a 2 girl team?

this sounds so weird! basically Jason and I need a 3rd! and we would prefer a female goalie who doesn't suck.

Would a male who only kinda sucks be ok? I need a team for this.

hahaha...we're holding out for a 2 girl co-ed team first...I thought molo was rolling deep?

what if he plays in drag? it is halloween after all.

don't offer such a thing unless he is ready to go the full monty the whole tournament, hahaha.

more co-ed teams! down with the sausagefest/bros only garbage!

You're so XprogressiveX.

...am i wrong in thinking YOUR flame still burns...xposi-danielx

get a room!

Fuck off

jasonfortlauderdale wrote:

...am i wrong in thinking YOUR flame still burns...xposi-danielx

only for xyoux.


x2!!! I am so stoked to play with Jill and Brandon!!

Midwest is best!!

i think i need a ride to this. any room in a mobile vehicle?

carve. smash. eat shit.

I thought you were on top of this already? Your ass better be here Paul!!!!!

Fuck off

We should be able to squeeze you in somewhere. I'll have some room in my car if I end up driving.

Paul, you're on Frazer's team right? Aren't you riding with us??

Found an apartment, and should be moved in before Halloween weekend. Paul, I have room if you have monies. Daniel, you riding with me? Who else?

Austin, who's got driveway space? I can sleep outside.

i have one space in my driveway or probable two actually. and a shed that could prob fit a car haha. but there is also space on my street in front of the house allll the time!!

We've got plenty of driveway space and maybe even more room in the house depending on who is staying with me.

Fuck off

he ya'll those of you who are camping outside or on floors please bring the necessary equipment.
i.e. sleeping bags and/or pads
also if you plan on sleeping outside...texas has terrible grass so i suggest bringing a tent.
i have a 3 or 4 person tent available for use and also extra pillows at my place

I don't think anyone should have to be camping anywhere unless that's what you want to do! There shoud be plenty of housing available fo everyone because everyone who lives here has there own place. If you don't have a set place by registration time, then let us know and we'll figure something out for you.................................

Fuck off

hey, cordially inviting the city of new orleans to stay with me. got plenty of space. and im a free agent as of a few days ago so looking for a team. work busy and got an art show this week so texts best three one five two seven eight two one one two. do it.

are those numbers also how many goals you're gonna score in each game?

Hey im flying out but dont have a team whos looking for one more?

I believe there will be many people without a complete team, so your best bet is to ask at registration. When will you be arriving? And do you know who you're staying with yet?

Fuck off

kiefer and will: what day/time are you guys leaving/coming back? i have class that thursday evening from 6-7:30pm and would rather not skip it.

carve. smash. eat shit.

Leaving Friday. Maybe 2am, maybe morning. Coming home Monday, leisurely.

xjasonx and i are still looking for a 3rd that is a goalie.

edit: we are looking for a third with the ability to play goal...sam is AWFUL in goal so our third needs to be able to switch in and out of goal with me...

  • http://www.hulu.com/watch/177438/halloween-on-6th-street
  • this is kinda long, but may give you an idea of what to expect downtown to be like all three days you'll be here!!

    I watched part of this last night and thought about posting it too. Looks like fun!

    Guy in that video mentioned crowd control and walking clockwise around 6th St. Confirm/deny?

    Also, I need to borrow a 22t freewheel for the weekend. Mine died and the one I ordered is not arriving on time. I'll take care of ya if anyone can help.

    yes! clockwise and it's retarded!!!!!!

    Fuck off

    Y'all realize how much I love you, right? Coming to Austin for clockwise Halloween while there are riots on the street in New Orleans.

    will, if you remove my acs claws 22t, i'll give it to you, bra.

    carve. smash. eat shit.

    Don't think my team is going to make it :-( Some other time, ATX. See you in Lex.

    hatin' ass pete


    I don't think you take bike polo seriously enough. you should donate some blood, sell some crack, rob some hookers, lead cops on a interstate chase, and show up anyways.

    i'm drinking a loko for you hopefully there's no bee waiting to sting my tongue

    Im excited, about to go get on a plane! see yall soon


    bike polo hotline

    this should have been sespi's weather, eh?

    Fuck off

    my teams fallen apart at the last minute, does anyone need one more?

    im looking for a team last minute

    ill be asking at registration so look for me then

    Get rad

    cool! we should be rolling in around 10… hopefully

    Can y'all post the teams registered?
    Perdiction: Flavorable for aztecs.

    P/M Hardcourt

    Updates please!

    33 teams total registered. I'll ask to get a twitter feed figured out for today's double elim.



    We'll be updating.

    Thread #2: http://leagueofbikepolo.com/forum/tournaments/2010/10/31/austin-tx-massa...