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2on2 TOURNAMENT in Antwerp

2on2 TOURNAMENT in Antwerp
Sunday, March 13, 2011
Host club: 
Antwerp Bike Polo
Contact info: 

FiGA x Bike Polo Antwerp organise the first of many to come 2on2 sessions. Yeps, 2 instead of 3. For the sake of fun!

So everybody subscribes as an individual and we draw the teams on the spot. So you don't know your teammate in advance.
Exciting, right? This may sound very strange for all of yous now,
but ignore your neurotic feelings and come and play f*cking polo!

LAST CALL: 11.30u
DRAW TEAMS: 11.45u
GAME ON: 11.55u



Berkenveldplein outdoor hockey ring
Wilrijk, VAN

Signed up

Great, sounds fun, and always a pleasure to play on this magnificient court, the best outdoor court I know so far in Europe, with Weissensee (court n°2 of the worlds in Berlin) and one in London!
CU there then!
Cheers mate!