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All Florida Bike Polo Tournament [Orlando Bike Weekend. 12/14]

Sunday, December 14, 2008
Host club: 
Orlando Bike Polo

Orlando is putting together an All Florida Bike Polo Championship!

Dec 14th 2008

teams from orlando, tampa, sarasota, jax, tally, pcola, ft laud and hopefully more!


not much info besides its at Howard Middle school




Howard Middle School
800 E Robinson St
orlando, FL 32801
United States

Signed up

There is a new location for this, We're having polo at Langford Park. http://maps.google.com/?q=28.540764%2C-81.357343&ll=28.540764%2C-81.357343

Now in freewheel flavor!!

hey make a sarasota club listing and a pin on the map!

cant wait to meet/play yall down in real florida.

splash mountain here we come!

teams per city

tallahassee (x3, perhaps)
pensacola (x1)
orlando (x??)
sarasota (x2)
FTL (x1 possible 2?)
tampa (x2!!!)
Jacksonville (x2?)

should be a fun first year tournament and a big 30th birthday for me!

Dude, I thought we had two teams? No?

[A friend in need is a friend indeed, but a friend with weed is better!]

"It is not birds that speak, but men learn silence." -Kathleen Raine

nope tony on house arrest steven "broke" butts in colorado

you elright and i being the team and cori and rusty are coming maybe brooks. rusty might play with a random team if necessary.

orlando has 4 possible teams. cant edit my last post ofr some reason.

I guess there will be plenty of random pick up polo throughout the weekend...so I can break the polo bike in. All my parts are in for my bike. just gunna piece it together on Wed. afternoon so I can play on Wed. night.
mmmmhm. But I don't think that we three have played on the same team ever....ah.usually opposite teams.
Steven's broke? How xpensive can it really be?

"It is not birds that speak, but men learn silence." -Kathleen Raine

This weekend is going to jam so hard!

wow. 16 teams from all over full results posted soon...

Tallahasse beat Pcola 5-4 in a long championship game after a round robin round with 4 pools of 4 teams with the top two teams from each pool going to a elite 8 single elimination bracket. (even though there was a contested "shuffle" on what should have been pcolas winning goal instead momentum swung tallys way and they scored the next two to win it all)

the games were moved last minute to a better courts right next to the Citrus Bowl huge stadium in the "ghetto" in a park where an RV pulls up with a r&b/hiphop/jazz dj blast music and a guy has a bbq stand and the locals loved us and were betting on the games!

The Golden Mallet (Florida Bike Polo Championships answer to the stanley cup which there will be an engraved piece for each years winner on the mallet handle and will be passed on hopefully)

round robin results. i think with the heticness at the end no one took a photo of the brackets?

tons of photos

more to come too....

group photo with tampa's truck and the Citrus Bowl in the background!
more good photos from this lady at http://www.flickr.com/photos/shortformelissa/sets/72157611335425666/

great photo! glad it went well, and bodes well for February...

more photos from championship game tally vs pcola and semifinal pcola vs sarasota

16 teams from one state? I am more upset than ever with the Midwest. And I'm not just saying that cos there was an ice storm last night.

Well done, boys and girls. See you for spring break.

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16 teams for our first major tournament! and the scary thing is this is the first year for most of the teams except for tallahasse. but it also helps that we have so many cities in our giant state. teams from orlando, sarasota, ft laud, tampa, jax, tally and pcola!

cant wait for FEB!!

This tournament was ridiculously awesome! Everyone played so well. Pretty much no douchebagedness either.

There was a bloody toe, some broken wheels and egos, and lots of celebration. My left arm looks like it stole Fat albert's left hand!


"It is not birds that speak, but men learn silence." -Kathleen Raine