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All City Bike Polo Tournement

Sunday, August 23, 2009
Host club: 
Twin Cities Bike Polo

Minneapolis got its feet wet and now there's no stopping us!
Announcing, in conjunction with the All City Alleycat, the All City Bike Polo Tournament... and BBQ to help you nurse your race night hangover. The tournament will involve a brief Round Robin followed by Double Elimination. There's not gonna be a bunch of fancy swag, instead teams will be competing for Glory..and cash. Entrance fee is $9 per team.

The All City weekend, organized by Bike Jerks is gonna be insane with all sorts of bike events and parties:
Thursday: 2 minute trick comp
Friday: Match Sprints, Miss n Out (crit style), trackstand
Saturday night: All City Championship Alleycat
Sunday: Polo! 1pm SHARP! at McRae Park in the PoloDrome

More discussion here and more All City details here.


46th & Chicago
United States

Signed up

I should be able to make this happen. Sounds like funnnn.
Is this affiliated with the Bike!Bike! Conference?


That is the following weekend and no.

Minneapolis Bike Polo.com

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but you should come for bikebike, too. hell, just to move to minneapolis at that point.

(tangent: are you involved with a community bike shop and if so have you or any attending cohorts registered yet? registering is awesome)

FYI, this was first announced as a co-ed tourney but Connor, the organizer, just changed his mind.

Minneapolis Bike Polo.com

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But I've already started hormone therapy and scheduled the surgery!

Chicago Bike Polo 2003-2008
St Louis Bike Polo 2008-fun


& Cait, I still want to revive Wake Me Up Before You Polo. Tho I guess I can no longer guarantee podium.....or can I?!? Well, not if como is coming up - those guys smoke SO much weed!!!!

So much weed? Such an honor! Take a bow, columbia. haha
But I don't think we can come, this was the weekend we scheduled for the first trans-missouri super showdown.
I still think I'll be around for that bikebike jibbityjab, so I hope ya'll will be playing that weekend.


what's weed got to do with it?

Columbia, MO

really? cannabis is fuel to me, I thought it was the same with e'ryone.
& I was really lookin forward to seeing/playing you guys again! Hopefully before St Louis this winter. Cheers!

last i checked it was my kryptonite. but i'll check again just to make sure.

I was pretty disappointed with your last performance. Podium? What's that? I wouldn't know anything about it.

You could know soon, young grasshopper. As soon as you drop the fixed & go FREEEEEEEEEEEEE

Any Madison, Milwaukee, or Chicago teams going to come for the All-City party weekend and stay to take our cheese on Sunday? Anyone?

Minneapolis Bike Polo.com

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Handbills with more info about the weekend.

So sad to leave.

It was great having you in Minneapolis for the summer. Too bad you won't be around for this tourney.

You've definitely gotten better this summer. I hope you can take your enhanced skills back to NOLA and show them a thing or two.

Minneapolis Bike Polo.com

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Gonna miss you! Thanks for making me work so hard on the court all summer. Good luck & I hope to play against you again soon (since we were on the same team maybe twice I think). I will try my darndest to make it down for your tourney.

Thanks for the tip of the hat. I had a great time playing with you all this summer. And am looking forward to seeing the team you guys will send down for the NOLA tourny come November. Til then, take care and enjoy the tolerable Midwest humidity for me.

check out that sexy beast on the flyer.... sadly I cant make this was gonna try is i could get to and from MPLS for under 20$ but with worlds coming up gotta save cash for that traveling fund.
I wanted so bad to come up there and win all your prizes

yeah, who is the genius that made this poster? think Bribri doesn't get enough face time?!? sheesh. (not that I don't adore his boyish good-looks, I do)

& uh, yeah, we'd love to see ya...but...I'd like to maybe win a tourney at some point also : )

Its looking like there will be a Wisco contingent at this tourney. Menominee is going to drop in. Can't wait!

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1. Cosmo-Polo-Tans (Mr Do, Ebbmart, Stevelious)
2. Paul Bunyans (Jake, Trevor, Ramon)
3. Flying Jomonz (Joe, Connor, Alicia)
4. Bookhouse Boys (Sveden, Bjorn, Peedubya)

Great one day tourney. Thanks for organizing, Connor.

Congrats to Cosmopolotans who won despite their huge handicap of having close to the lamest polo team name ever. You guys were the best team out there. Stevelious was a rock on defense. Easily had the most blocks of any player.

Thanks again to the team from Menominee for coming to play. I didn't get to say goodbye to you guys. I think you left before the semi-finals. :/

Minneapolis Bike Polo.com

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Actually, my severe farmer/polo tan tells me that it was the most clever name in the history of team sports. COUNT IT!

cosmo-polo-tans? sounds like a lovely afternoon of ice cold concoctions.. followed by a sex in the city marathon. hope it doesn't sound like i'm giving you shit, it sounds like a wonderful day to me.

congrats on winning, I really wish i'd been there! It looks like it was a really fun tournement.

and dustin, i just booked my flight to nyc for los marcos in oct. Tucker and I need a 3rd!! can't think of anyone better to ask! do it do it do it do it dooo it!!!!

Great time on the court! Thanks everyone for playing hard.

Best free agent pick up on the mpls market, stevelious tipped the scales away from the Bunyans. Not that it was ever leaning that direction...
Great playing with you Menomonnieomime! Now us Minnesotans know what it's like to finally beat Wisconsin at something. Hope to see you soon for some friendlies.
Also, awesome play by The High Flying Jomonz. Congrats on defeating the spineless bookhouse boys. Get it? spineless? wow, the wit never dies....

The Spoils of Piñata

I'm sure Los Marcos had us beat to the punch in the pinata department but over the day we had two of these to whack about. Connor is a genius! The first one was filled with delicious candy. The second one was filled with candy and a pologuard donated by Milwaukee Cycles. Thanks guys!

No one had a friggin clue that the pologuard was in there. This pinata was put in the championship game and was snatched up by Jake in record time. Pinata busted open, pologuard clanked to the ground, and Jake jumped off his bike and sprinted towards the prize.

Bjorn once again took a lot of great photos of our little tourney. Team photoset and action shots photoset.

Way to go, MPLS. Looks like a good time.