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AHBPC 2012

Saturday, March 24, 2012 - Sunday, March 25, 2012
Host club: 
Perth Cycle Polo


McCallum Park
Canning Hwy
Vic Park - Perth, WA

Signed up

We have just secured the most amazing courts. Brand new basketball courts on the edge of the beautiful Swan River. 3km from the city.

This will be one nationals not to miss.

So excited!
I am looking forward to getting smashed with old friends on new courts.

Flights booked!

The Human Velocipede anyone?

Boosh! Will have moved to Sydney by this time.

57 kegs a tourny bitch!

You're moving? Damn man more reason to get my ass out to this!

Yes Bro, call the sofa now before I even own it. Maybe it will even get named for you.

57 kegs a tourny bitch!

Just so people know:
1. Not A Single Fuck Was Given (Perth)
2. Triple Dutch Rudders (BNE)
3. DOG SOCCER! (Sydney + San Fran)
4. Love Sex Violence (Sydney)
5. Lewd (Melbourne)
6. Majestic Pink Shafts (BNE)

Not sure the rest of the standings.

Aren't both Lewd and MPS tied at 5th? Or was goal diff in last match used to rank?

EDIT: dont worry, figured it out - saw Rob and Wall's post updating it...