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3rd Annual Milwaukee Messenger Invitation 2v2

Sunday, April 18, 2010
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2 tennis courts

Short notice but....

Sunday April 18, 2010 in sunny Riverwest -Milwaukee, WI
Formerly known as "The Real March Madness" Milwaukee will again host a 2v2 tournament in conjunction with the MMI.

The Milwaukee Messenger Invitational, in it's 9th year, is the city's largest alleycat. Come Friday night and expect a great time, ride the race Saturday, play a tournament Sunday. The 2v2 format was adapted last year and at least for now, is here to stay.

Since most of us live in this part of town housing near the court will be abundant

$20 per team

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In order to maximize light the tournament beings @ 1030 am Sunday morning. Late arrival will result in forfeiture of round robin games thus hurting your seeding into the bracket. Bagels and coffee will be provided by Beans and Barley, beer by Pabst, and most of us live <6 blocks from the court. You have no reason to be late.

There will be 2 main courts with a 3rd court ready to go if needed. The 2 main courts dimensions are as follows-- Length of polo court = widths of 2 tennis courts. Width of polo court = half length of tennis court. Boards will be sparsely used to plug holes in net only.

There are no lights so the tourney must be finished by 630 pm. If we find that we are behind schedule or more than 25 teams register we will begin utilizing the third court.

The exact format of the tourney is not set in stone. At this point estimating 20 teams there will be 4 swiss round games followed by a single elimination tourney. At a minimum swiss round games will last 10 minutes, bracket games 12 minutes, semi final games 15 minutes, and the final will be first to 5. I don't want this to be set in stone though because if we are running with a lot of time I would like games to be untimed beginning at the quarter finals with the finals being a best 2 of 3. Also if we are running below 20 teams there is a chance we will run a double elim bracket.

Nets 200cm x 100cm will be used on the 2 main courts. If we need to use the third, court cones will be used and the height of the goal will be top tube.

Helmets are not required.

No player will be required to tap out if in reaching for the ball they take out an opponent’s front wheel. However malicious or repeated reckless play will result in a player’s ejection. Crowd consensus or myself will hold the power to eject a player. If a player is ejected they will sit out the remainder of the game and a replacement player chosen by the opposing team will fill in to finish the game 2v2. 2 ejections on the same team throughout the extent of the tournament result in team dismissal.

No ball jointing on defensive half of court

After a team scores a goal they are required to retreat behind the own goaline then are free to attack. In other words center line does not apply. On a short court conceding the center is too much of a disadvantage.
My only concern with this is that the ball may get stuck in the net. The team who was just scored on is encouraged to get off their bike to remove the ball from the net in order for this system to work. If there becomes issues with teams who just scored attacking too quickly for the team to retrieve the ball from the net there will be a rule change. In this case teams who just scored will be required to stay behind their own goal line until the team who was scored on successfully removes the ball from the net.

Wrist shots will not count

Am I missing anything?


United States

Signed up

damn I wanna go to this

Feasting Peacockz!

Milwaukee would love to have you!

I like your polo.

Fuck yeah totes comin.

You'll see. Unless you drilled out your eyes because they were too heavy.

OOH I need an excuse to visit Milwaukee. This sounds like one.
I'll check the schedule.

mad_sam (not verified)

Ain't this just sick as hell.

Count me in! Rob, can I catch a ride with you?

Midwest is best!!

Count me in! Rob, can I catch a ride with you? Zach- I'll bring your mallet then!

Midwest is best!!

I gotta figure out who I'm playing with first!
But its only 2s so yeah, probably.

You'll see. Unless you drilled out your eyes because they were too heavy.

I'll play with you if you can't find anyone else. If not, is there anyone who still needs a teammate?

Midwest is best!!

Brian no one is coming to your tournament! only 6 people have signed up!!!!

I thought nobody was zero people, not six- did I miss the memo?

I like your polo.

i was teasing brian that only a few people had signed up...no memo.

Wish we could be there to defend our 5th place finish last year. But alas, ain't happening.

Is there pick-up on Thursday now? My flight gets in early that Thursday the 15th and hope to play.

You make the rules and I'll play the game.

Alright people we have a flyer now no reason not to sign up. MKE will be hookin it up with prizes there will be pizza and beer. MPLS get here, CHI get here, MAD get here STL get here, LEX get here, and everyone else in the midwest get here. Friday night there are multiple parties going on. Including a reopening of the old Pabst brewery as a gallery space for 1 night. The after party will be at the same bar we got were at last year on friday. Come drink dollar beers and smoke trees. The bar is like 2 blocks from everyone and the courts. Word is that kremin will be rolling around the race on saturday with beers ferdays. Join him on a booze cruise or race the most competitive race in the city put on by Cog Mag. Bottom line is SIGN UP!

Where are the parties? Why did you announce that there were prizes? You should have just send me and my secret weapon the prize info. since we're taking them home anyway.

I like your polo.

The Uptowner!!!

is that supposed to be a canadian tire logo in the poster?
see http://farm3.static.flickr.com/2692/4485109823_f3de39f404_m.jpg


should be a good size group coming from Chicago.


will this be swiss brackets or regular round robin? how will teams be split into groups? how long will games be? to 3 or 5? can i use offensive picking /screening?

Wrist shots?

I like your polo.

We have rules on this? Are you gonna have goals or is it just cones? How many courts? Teams from Madison=

Sam/Leif, Matt/Max, Ben/Atwell - Chicago madison hybrid Matt Lane/ Jonny Hunter

Right on Madison!

I have received 0 housing requests. Anyone planning on coming either Friday or Saturday night? Como you coming? Minneapolis? Anybody not from Mad, chi, and mke? Singles we can be your matchmakers.

Can't do it, sorry.

There will be 9 from Chicago (7 playing). A car of five will be in on Saturday night needing housing. I'm not sure if everyone is paired up yet, but I'm still looking for a teammate. Anyone want to play with me?

Midwest is best!!

Amanda kelly and i have a spare room near the courts for anypne with a sleeping bag.

Might there be any room for me to get a ride to chicago sunday night or monday?

wow your actually saying crowd concesus will playa real role in calling penalties?? yikes good t hing this is in mke and i hope you are al my friends...let me buy ya a beer!

so 8 out of town teams
im gonna guess about 8 teams from in town

brian - do you mean no ball jointing on offensive side of court? above you ay defensive to me that implies on my side im defernding

brian, can you use a scoop in the offensive area? i'm thinking about things like around the world and chips?


what time will this begin?

mad_sam (not verified)

I think I might need housing Saturday night, if anyone wants to put me up.

All players must report to the courts @ 10:30 coffee and bagels will be on site. With interest rising and teams traveling we have to get started right at this time in order to get all of our games in and crown a champion by nightfall. Lunch will be delivered to the court as well. Everyone will be getting hooked up for their $10 so do me a huge favor and get there on time!! Anyone who needs housing please call or text me 6124235484. There is plenty to go around, I plan on putting up a team or two. Expect to stay no further than 6 blocks from the court.

Love Brian

Thank you Bri. Chicago will do it's best to be on time.

Great tourney milwaukee, i love this format and i love the game play.

1st place, Joe Burge and Brian Dillman (came back from 1-4 in the finals to win this.)
2nd place, Ben Schultz and Matt Hewitt
3rd place, Jon Atwell and Ben Hunter (best game of the day was ben s. and Hewitt vs. atwell and ben for third)
4th place, BIG SURPRISE Jonny Hunter and Matt Lane

I still can't believe they took that, what a ridiculous comeback.

You'll see. Unless you drilled out your eyes because they were too heavy.

Those are some awesome pairs. I hope some video of the event surfaces .

This was such a great time. Learned a ton, got to be a part of some great matches and hang out with awesome people! What more could you want?

Thanks MKE! You threw a great tourney.

Thanks MKE! I had fun as I always do in your fair city!

Midwest is best!!

thanks for letting us rock all day mke.

ben schicago wrote:

I would like to take the opportunity to say that Chris Williams and Jerod Walz are two of the best polo players I've ever had the privilege to set foot on the court with.

Also, super handsome.

Great tournament, great times. The Horseless Headsmen will ride again.

my photos from the tournament:


thanks to everyone who came, it was a blast.