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2011 South Central Bike Polo Championship thread #2

Couldn't reply on the first page, but re: Memphis being in the region...

I think it'd be awesome if we were, especially since it would open up some of those outta town spots, but I understand that lines have to be drawn somewhere. If we lived right across the river in West Memphis, we'd be in like flint since it's in Arkansas.

ALSO, the Southeast regional tournament is 640 miles away, whereas this one is only 137. Maybe there could be a adjacent county residency thing? Like here, you can get in-state tuition at University of Memphis if you live within the counties surrounding Memphis in Arkansas and Mississippi.

Just an idea.


As the 10th out of region team to register I am definitely in favour of this. I also recognize that there has to be a cut off and will attempt to be content to sit on the waiting list.

How were the regions determined? Did the Memphis club register on LOBP as a SouthEast club and that was the determining factor, or is there a map our there that defines it? It looks like New Orleans registered themselves in the SouthCentral region and so they counted toward regional spots.

New Orleans is South Central. Memphis is South East. Memphis players were counted as South East Region members and New Orleans players were counted as South Central Region members.

Ok, but that didn't answer my question.

I would guess it was last summer maybe a bit afterward where NAH drew up the lines to separate the regions. NAH organized a committee to do that and they cut up a map wherever they thought it made sense. I think...

I don't believe it is just due to where they registered when they joined LOBP. The states are predefined.

The regions were defined last year, there was some shifting to accommodate states with few clubs and states with a lot of clubs... they tried to balance the number of clubs per region.... please keep in mind that little rock is on the very edge of the south central region, it is in no way the center of the SC...

Damn I can't believe all that shit just happened! HEY NATE! Are all the spots in region taken too?

"wear a face mask or duck" - Tall George
stick 2 da code, stop snitchin'

looks like 5 regional spots left, but that could change any second.

Holy crap. That was quick..Are you gonna come anyways AB?

me and julia are!! 'course we're only third on the waiting list so maybe we'll get lucky

I'll be coming down as well even if I don't end up finding an in-region team(unless my team actually gets in next Friday). That being said, I will definitely be cheering on my boyfriend's team and all my friends as well as heckling and drinking. LR- If you need any help whatsoever, holler at me!

Midwest is best!!

yea girl! you me and julia!

Yay!! We will heckle, drink beer, and be sexy all day!! P.s. I'm excited to meet Julia!

Midwest is best!!

YES that's really all i want in life. I didn't even know you guys haven't met yet, she's amazing! you'll love her!

seriously, that is fucked up. not only did we register one millisecond too early, but we're in an adjacent state. this system has got to improve if this is the way its going to be. i'm pissed.


"wear a face mask or duck" - Tall George
stick 2 da code, stop snitchin'

Yeah, that's fucking lame

You guys were the ones who were like "OH MY GAWD WE DON'T WANT TO BE IN SOUTH CENTRAL, OH MAN, NO WAY WE'RE GETTING PUT INTO THAT REGION" when that whole region thing happened. So no sympathy there, big dawg.

I use "you" royally, of course.

However, I do I agree with Nick K. in thread #1 that next time the page shouldn't be accessible until it's time.

But, if I were litigating this I for COMO, I would say:

"Your terms clearly stated that early registrations would be ignored. We don't deny that. Your terms also stated that a team was not registered until the paypal transaction was complete. Following that logic, a team would have to have had submitted the Google form *AND* paid, prior to 12:00 CT in order to have been "registered" prior to 12:00 CT.

So, even though I submitted the form one second early, I had not completed the registration process early... the fact that I completed A PORTION of the registration process one second early does not disqualify me from entrance. Had I filled out the form, AND paid early then it would make sense that I be disqualified. However, since I interpreted your terms in a way that any reasonable person could, in that I could fill out the form early, as long as I didn't pay early (in turn being registered), how can you reasonably say we can't participate?"

But that's just me...

At the same time, I would--under no circumstance--disqualify the #9 team (Barry White Sup.) to give a spot to the COMO team. I would allow both teams to participate and chalk it up as a lesson in making your verbiage water tight.

But, again, that's just me...

What if that was agreed then someone drops out. Would we allow Winnipeg in even though that would mean there would be 10 out of the area teams? The pre 1 and 9/10 team are clear challengers for a top eight seat. If both teams are let in then someone is going to loose out on a chance to go to NAs later. And someone else is going to miss their chance to go to the wild card Tourney. That might be my team!

There would need to be two out-of-region "someone(s)" to drop out in order for Winnipeg to get in. Just because you let the pre and #9 in doesn't automatically make nine spots into 10 throughout the whole thing. Letting in COMO and Barry White in is only done because the organizers made an error... this error doesn't mean that there are suddenly 10 spots available no matter what.

Who are you kidding? Your team? You have a better chance of getting blown by The Dixie Chicks... all of them... at once...

Fine, it could be your team. Whatever, that isn't the point. If both teams are let in, chances are good that it will happen to someone's team.

Your logic is flawed. This argument isn't based on the teams' perceived skill level. It's based on doing what's right when you organize an event and the terms are ambiguous. (no offense to the organizers. overall you dudes and lady dudes did real good. pretty smooth. kev pulled it together at the end. nice jokb, seriously. this is really a minor issue that's easy to make right).

You're saying that it would make a difference if the two teams concerned were people who started playing yesterday? Regardless of if the teams are made of up quadriplegics or six clones of Jesus-fucking-Christ himself. It would be OK if they were quads because there wouldn't be a chance of knocking another team out? That was rhetorical because I don't care what you think because I'm listening to Bone Thugs. GONG! You're old... you get the reference. Like the show... the GONG SHOW!!!!!!! YOU'RE YANKED! OUT! DUNZO!

Remember that time you wanted to fight me? Fuck man, youda been straight buuuuuummed with how that turned out. Punched in the face with a watermelon (see, Kev?). Like Gallagher playing polo.

Dude I don't want to fight anyone. That isn't my thing. You just looked like you wanted to fight and I said it, as a joke, in hopes you'd realize fighting over a game is silly. It didn't work because you were ready to go. I got nothing against you and if I remember right my team beat yours that day and that's the last time we played. At little rock maybe it will be different. Anyway, that was a year ago and I wish you would let that go. Yeah, I do remember the Gong Show, fuck I am old, so what! I'm having a blast playing the game, why don't you leave my age alone? Yeah, your a smart dude so you know distracting people with a bunch of unrelated talk is probably helpful to you get your way.

Nothing you've said to this point is more then an emotional plea to bend the rules.

stevenso wrote:

Nothing you've said to this point is more then an emotional plea to bend the rules.

Uh... you can't just take my line and use it against me when it doesn't even fit the situation at hand.

I laid out a concise argument about why they should both be allowed play, based on the terms of service being ambiguous (by no fault of the participants of the system) and how the ninth team should not be excluded--when they were already told they could play--simply because the administrators of the system erred in judgment by prematurely excluding the team who filled out the Google form one second early. That, in no way, is an appeal to emotions. It's an appeal to logic. Show me anywhere in what I put forward where I rely on anything inherently emotional to get the crux of my point across.

I would argue that YOUR words are more of an appeal to emotions because they rely on the character (skill) of the teams--and saying "oh gosh, those teams are so good, what if you got knocked out by them," rather than an interpretation of the rules, when, in fact, the skill of the teams has no bearing on how the teams were let in, in the first place. Had admission been based on skill, you'd have a valid argument. But there weren't, so you don't. Too bad, so sad. Life sucks!

I'll let you puzzle over that little brain teaser for the evening. Just think about it.

There is no fanciful everybody wins—there is just ignoring later consequences for other people. I'd like to see both teams there. I'd actually really like to see the East Van team there too. I'm pulling for Frazer to get in. I like the idea of increasing the number to 48 teams.

If we agree there has been an error, maybe the current 9th team would agree to be moved to the waiting list to let Charlie's team in.

stevenso wrote:

There is no fanciful everybody wins—there is just ignoring later consequences for other people. I'd like to see both teams there. I'd actually really like to see the East Van team there too. I'm pulling for Frazer to get in. I like the idea of increasing the number to 48 teams.

If we agree there has been an error, maybe the current 9th team would agree to be moved to the waiting list to let Charlie's team in.

This isn't some fanciful zero-sum scenario, Stevenzo.

DanielNOLA wrote:

\ You have a better chance of getting blown by The Dixie Chicks... all of them... at once...

wouldn't be that memorable, trust me.


I would allow both teams to participate


i would say that missouri is part of the midwest in most definitions of that vernacular region.
you're saying that because my team did not fully register, that is both submit the form AND pay, until after noon, we technically did not register until after the start time.

DanielNOLA wrote:

I would allow both teams to participate and chalk it up as a lesson in making your verbiage water tight.

that's an outcome we'd be ok with. this can be a learning experience for everyone. even if we were to continue to use the google docs timestamp (which is an easy way to record when registration is submitted, and is simpler than using a paypal receipt), a future fix would be to disable the form website until exactly noon (according to google's clock). a clock displayed on the form would also solve this problem.

or if tim a had coughed as he pressed the submit button...

smallmountain wrote:

you're saying that because my team did not fully register, that is both submit the form AND pay, until after noon, we technically did not register until after the start time.

Right, Charlie.

Registration = the google doc + timely payment + after 12:00

Early Registration, resulting in disqualification = the google doc + timely payment + before 12:00

You did not complete the three critical components of "Early Registration" equation, which would disqualify you; you never paid before 12:00.

You completed the google doc before 12, but that doesn't matter because you would have paid after 12:00 (and if the paypal link weren't brokeded), thus completing your registration after the "High Noon, Central Time" start time...allowing you to participate.

"original registration link" wrote:

Registration opens on Friday January 28th at High Noon, Central Time. That's 10am PST.

Any registrations received before this time will be ignored. Registration is first come first served basis for 27 teams from the South Central region (At least two players on your team must live in the South Central) and 8 [sic] teams from beyond.

Registration is $60 per team, and includes $10 towards NAH. You are not considered registered until we have received your payment. You will be prompted to pay via paypal (you'll need a credit card OR a paypal account) as soon as you submit this form.

I'd say let y'all in!

Heres my license, current and valid:

We'll be paid up by monday.

Dude you might use email for stuff like this...some Nigerian might get lucky with a Google search. But props for the intiative.

This is all so funny to me...I remember when...The only way you could pre-register was by mail...and the only way you could do that was to be at an event where your vehicle ended up with a flyer on it... thank you NA governing body...oh yeah this reminds me...the early season events became cash cows...ie...super big entry fee...no...prizes...just bragging rights and leading an overall series...

slayers are only slayers if the slay out of town...


slayers are only slayers if the slay out of town...


slayers are only slayers if the slay out of town...

I miss my slayer

slayers are only slayers if the slay out of town...

wow, i missed a shitstorm while i was at work today. many thanks to kev and the little rock crew for hangin' tough and makin shit work. thanks to the dopest teammate ever, nick kruse, for getting my ass registered on time!

Hey MattB, cool that you found another OKC player.

yep, that would be my fiance.

That's so cool. I know we've invited you a million times, but you guys should come up and play with us.

We would but the time it takes to come to tulsa, actually get people to play (we came once barely enough for 3s), then play and drive back. it doesn't work well for us especially on a sunday. we both work early during the week. Also if we were there for too long then we would have to make plans for our dog. But maybe when it get warmer.

for reference, here's the list of registered teams from the first thread:

I wanna fucking cry. Major buzzkill of the year not making it into this thing...good thing I didn't buy a plane ticket. BARF!!! Maybe next year.

YO Little Rock, I hope you guys have a sick tourney!!! See yous at the NA's

Take it Sleazy



Northern Standard

The MFBOP. will be representing...like ...LET THEM GET IT ON AND WHATNOT. Osprey I fuckin love you

slayers are only slayers if the slay out of town...




Take it Sleazy

So, I paid via pay pal (got the email receipt and everything) and my team is showing up as pending payment. Just a glitch or do I need to get in touch with someone? The team is Welch Family Live.

i call sabotage!!! mother nature cradles all of you in her warm filth!!! mother nature rises above all lists decreed by all mortals/non-mortals heading for the grand portal!!! mother nature fluffs the pillow of the unfortunate soul!!! lest said soul be that whoso registereth late!!! mother nature weeps upon the sucka who is he!!!! good night, sweet fabricator of horrid fantasies!!!! good night fell ghost of gnarly porridge lists whoso finds themselves thrust at the knees of the mercy of gay-ass lists of admittance the likes of which we have done nothing but lobby for through the thin veil of tears of our own disdain!!! crimson and clover....over and over

Take it Sleazy

Hahaha. I'm really sorry you guys didn't make it. I was really looking forward to it.

They only have 2 courts with no lights. You can't do a 44+ team tournament in March on two courts without lights. It's just not possible.

yeesh...booze/the internet/5am...what can be said?

seriously though, i was so excited to come down there, but hey the rules are the rules...

stoked for you guys !!

Take it Sleazy

Dude, I'm really bummed you guys didn't make it in too. The whole crew was looking forward to having ya'll down here. I wish it were different. A couple of us are going to try to make it up to Vancouver around the time of worlds. We're having a tournament June 11-12. Don't know if that might help resurrect the travel plans.

Here's an idea.. More courts. I mean it is a qualifier.. Or get a generator. Generator = lights. I dont know but theres got to be a solution to all this mad disappointment. Winnipeg, Seattle, Vancouver.. In future if a tourney is going to be a qualifier perhaps we should make sure they have the resources to host it- ie: enough courts. Not possible I guess?

in LR's defense:


Each NAH region (7 in total) is responsible for holding a two day tournament accommodating 32 or more teams.

your comment insinuating their lack of resources could be interpreted as an insult, which isn't fair to them. the south central region is probably the youngest and smallest in population, so this tournament even happening is a great service to our region and little rock should be met with praise, not criticism. the governing body agreed upon and created rules and minimum requirements for the structure of a regional tournament, which LR was quick to volunteer for and meet. if you think the minimum requirements for the number of teams allowed at a regional should be more, you should bring your concerns to your local representatives, not take cheap shots at the hosting city of a region that you do not reside because you barely missed the registration limit.

besides, there is so much polo to be had in cascadia, gena. : )

carve. smash. eat shit.

Well said.


Thanks drizz!

Also in LRs defense or whomever... this tournament was never made to accommodate a large population of out-of-region teams.

While Winnipeg, Seattle, and Vancouver were all looking forward to coming, and it would have been great to see them, this is called a "regional qualifier" for a reason--because it's designed to have 75% of the teams with two or more players who are in region*.

* we still don't really know what "in region" means.

No no not a cheap shot at all.. Just something to consider for all cities throwing qualifier tourneys. There will be much demand. We were planning on this one before it was a qualifier. I was just seeing what was possible. I'll let go of the dream. Best to you all and peace on earth.

and let me add, we also don't know when a player qualifies as part of a region. If they move to the town 1 week before the tournament, it technically counts. this may be a loop hole that can be exploited as time goes on. players move to a city, participate in regional, then move out.

the way to deal with this by limiting people to one region. if you claim to be a resident of one region and play in that regional tournament, then you move to a different region, you shouldn't be considered as a regional spot in that new region.

carve. smash. eat shit.

Actually lights and a generator is a good suggestion. I looked into a while back and it seems a couple of nice setups that would light the courts would be about 3 or 5 hundred for the weekend. There is more to it then light so I don't know if it would be possible to make all the arrangements to make 48 teams happen. I don't know all the scrambling that it would take and I'm not doing the work but I do think it'd be cool. There are a lot of people that were looking forward to meeting your teams so the disappointment is shared. Nine spots were pretty few for 'out of area' teams but the twenty 27 for the south central were about right. In respect to our region this is probably best for us even if it hurts to turn people away.

we got lights for midwest one year it was more like $800 to light one court really well

I just moved from ft lauderdale to Austin a week ago...when am I officially considered from this region?

I'm coming to this with all the other Austin kids and would love to play...any regional teams need a strong third...or any regional players interested in taking one of those last local spots...

I hustle, pressure the ball and hold it down on 1v1 defense...fast, accurate shot, 1v1 with goalie I usually score, pass well and often and don't tap very often...would love to play in this! somebody vouch for me and help me get a team!

dont listen he sucks C- player


Fuck off

...you could lie for me, jerkass.

Jason- If you are considered in-region we should team up and find another in-region player. Are there any ATX people still looking for a team?

Midwest is best!!

I hopped on an in-region team...I'll trade you my spot for a spot at BM...wink, wink, hint, hint! jk...hahaha...I'll ask around and see if there's an atx team for you as well...if you're coming all that way you should play!

Thanks Jas! As far as Bench Minor is concerned, I am almost certain you will make it! I made a list of the top 48 I think that will make it in and you are on it. : ) I hope you are loving ATX! See you in March!

Midwest is best!!

nice...BM would be so fun to be a part of...especially in Chicago!

I'll ask around at polo tues and thurs about a team needing a third...

Registered and paid. lets do it

Get rad

Hey Little Rock, another idea to help some of these disappointments is maybe you could just special invite East Van, Winnipeg, Charlie's team, and Frazer's team. That would extend it out to 40 teams so we could start an hour earlier and skip lunch to make time for their extra 10-12 games each day. As a host club and organizers I think you have that right.

steven, let Little Rock do their job!!!!

Fuck off

x a bajillion

x2 on that miguel, how would stevenzoh's idea even be fair to the teams that actually are time stamped ahead of the four teams youve just mentioned? that would certainly just be bending to the will of the most vocal about their exclusion and not in the least bit right. all of these teams still have hope to make it in with some teams not paying up by the deadline. until that is decided da rules is da rules and da breaks is da breaks. good luck to all on the outside looking in, i'm in that boat with you.


Sorry Cris, I could have gone with your team over Winnipeg they were just next on the waiting list and I wanted to have a even number. If exceptions are going to be made some prefer wanna be legal agreements others prefer special invites. I was just throwing it out there.



No one deserves a ticket to this tourney. Registration was open to all (with quotas for in and out of region) and that's just how the cookie crumbles.

I LOVE COOKIES!!!!!!!!!!!

do you have them enabled?

I have them enabled in a bag on my desk.

om nom nom nom

  • omnomnom.jpg

Get rad

Dont hate the player, hate the game.

"wear a face mask or duck" - Tall George
stick 2 da code, stop snitchin'

Hey Little Rock cant wait to joust with a shed load of new players. Looks like it's DanielNOLA ,C Murder and Machine . Get out yer snakebites , lock up your fun fur factory and get yer party hats on coz we is coming to town.

"So this is how it ends"MACHINE

I'm going to barspin your world. I'm going to T-bone your heart.

Be ready.

So I am finally back from Tempe.

My observations: 3 courts with no lights was cutting it kind of close in Tempe. 2 courts with no lights in LR will mean we need to play early as possible, with a very short buffer between games (Tempe had a 2 minute buffer I'd like to see little rock pull off a 1:30 buffer or shorter) and seamless transition on line judges/referees and such. I don't think a team should be allowed to call time out with "possession" of the ball and time outs should only occur after a goal.

Also, MVP awards for female and male shouldn't fall to crowd chanting for people. Look at the top 12 teams and determine accordingly.

Finally, a suggestion to everyone from south central, be constructive and helpful to the LR process of throwing this tournament. goal judge, line judge, positivity, etc.

Maybe next year Denver can host the South Central tourney.

We really should.

Working on it, eh! Parks and Rec dialogue is slow but proceeding. Little Rock and Kansas already have their own set courts given to them by the city, it's only a matter of time before we do. ;)

As far as the time goes, there will be a couple more hours daylight because of where the earth is and we will have changed our clocks by then too. Sunrise 7:05 sunset 7:26. An early start would be great for some. Are we going to have an am/pm brackets?

pete COMOPOLO wrote "I'm going to barspin your world. I'm going to T-bone your heart."
i'm assuming this will be your first time playing Hardcourt Bike Polo.

"So this is how it ends"MACHINE

you just made an ass out of u and me.

I may have played you at NAs in Madison. We played an all SF team with grey shirts. It was a lovely game.

if it didn't have fur, it wasn't Machine.

I think you're remembering Badfingers.

Credo quia absurdum

If anyone wants to sell their spot to JT, Big Werm, and Myself I'll pay you $150

this is where it begins....the selling of NAH spots....

my teams worth its weight in gold

Get rad

There are 11 teams before you on the out of "region" waiting list. That's a lot of bribes!


I hope that this happens


anyone need a solid third?

slayers are only slayers if the slay out of town...

yeah, if you don't mind a gelatinous 1st and 2nd.

have u and laura registered?!

registered and paid.

I'd love to play with you gals! Sending you a message now...

Midwest is best!!

I'd vouch for this guy being solid but he got beat up by two 12 year olds and mini mike at DP3.... HAW HAW.

As long as he took it like a man and didn't cry like a baby afterwards...

he's a man's man until you stick enough pot edibles in him. Then he'll be a space ape. I totally am planning on this for LR...

Registration announcement:

We still haven't received registration fees from a few teams. To see if that's you, check the spreadsheet here:


and then pay your registration here:


If you have paid but we still have you down as not having paid, email us asap at:


At noon central time, Friday, February 4, we will start contacting teams on the waiting list to fill any unpaid spots. Thanks, and we look forward to seeing everyone in March!

So looking at the team list is exciting and 100% worth heckling.

First up, the comovers, the first non sc group that probably should sell their team registration for 250 dollars (per person) and wait until their regional tourney instead. think about it guys, 750 dollars to wait until next regional tournament. it's totally acceptable to spend some of the cash to show up in case we need substitutions.

Next there's DanielNOLA and Machine. Who's casey? why do you <3 him? What if he F41LZ you? will you < / 3 him after?

Team saddle bags!? sounds like a bunch of tourists on bikes to me.

Scary Larry is back! watch out for the warriors from the cauldron!

Tulsa is bringing a team! surely they'll do well cause stevenzo will be in the paint, grabbing rebounds, throwing elbows, dunking like a...oh wait, wrong sport... isn't tulsa near oklahoma city? anyways, looks like tulsa needs a team name, how about "My Little Pony"? "The Tulsa Throat Tinglers?" "Team Tulsa Taskforce"? You can have those ideas for free.

somewhere around where my team registered, there's two out of town teams, e.van and more como. jeesh guys, didn't you take it seriously enough to stay near your computer waiting for the exact moment you could have registered? oh yeah, that's alexis' team... sorry winnipeg!

scrolling down on the teams list... oh there's bob from austin. hi bob. good luck. look, guadalajara is in too! ¿como estas senors ?!

Pensacola, Philly, Memphis, better luck next time.

Hey Paul NOLA, where do you live right now? we all know paul is born NOLA die NOLA, except if he dies in little rock because 20 other teams are frustrated in registration...then he'll be born NOLA and DED in LR. ohhhh yeahh...

Los cuateros looks like a scary team. top SC team contender here.

Where is sunz-a-beaches from? conway? russelville? I give them a good chance to finish DFL.

Denton? Is that somewhere between oklahoma and arkansas?

anyways, that's my thoughts on team registration, hope it makes things lively on this thread.

3 2 1!!!!

Maxxx wrote:

we all know paul is born NOLA die NOLA

ya heard?

carve. smash. eat shit.



carve. smash. eat shit.

ha! if reading this made you refresh this whole long boring thread then x's...2 happy birthday drizz!!

slayers are only slayers if the slay out of town...

learn your geography man, denton is in oklahoma just a little north of the border with texas! They apparently have a combination pizza hut and taco bell there... Among other things...

Apparently you don't know your geography either, Denton is just north of Dallas. Home of North Texas Bike Polo.

now I'm gonna heckle ariel for not knowing geography!

Maxxx wrote:

Where is sunz-a-beaches from? conway? russelville? I give them a good chance to finish DFL.

Thanks for the best laugh of the day, Maxxx!

Maxxx wrote:

So looking at the team list is exciting and 100% worth heckling.
Next there's DanielNOLA and Machine. Who's casey? why do you <3 him? What if he F41LZ you? will you < / 3 him after?

What? Only I can talk shit to Casey. Step off Big Maxxxxx oner. You gonna get steam rolled by that nigga, twice. I know your weakness. I'm going to kill you, scooter and cherri, then cwalk on your graves. funeral procession starts... now.

Night night, lights out... talk shit and get put down like a sick dog at the pound... Paul's gunnin for you, he heard you talk shit about the NATION OF METAIRIE. You eat pork? Pete's gunnin for you, too. I'm Jew for the weekend... ME AND PETE ARE GUNNIN FOR YOU! six feet under. BOOSH!!!!! Enjoy your life while it lasts... the last breath you take will be the last breath you take.

keep it gangsta dawg keep it gangsta

props! *not Ice cube* though, this is W.C.

"wear a face mask or duck" - Tall George
stick 2 da code, stop snitchin'

you lose = you deserve to get murdered.

I'm gunnin for YOU, not Max.

Maybe you'd be better if you didn't have your mallet on the wrong side of your bike!

OUR regional tourney? Who the fuck would want to admit that they're in the midwest? Nothing but celebrities and assholes and celebrity-assholes. We be comin' to take your first place. A few bruisers in our way... shan't be a problem. CAN'T. FUCKING. WAIT!!!

P.S. let in the tiger sharts, under the table. They're good fellas.


"wear a face mask or duck" - Tall George
stick 2 da code, stop snitchin'

Maxxx wrote:

Where is sunz-a-beaches from? conway? russelville? I give them a good chance to finish DFL.

They're from both places. These guys will be fun, def. game for the heckling. For the River City Rumble alums, think team Orbea, on beach cruisers.

I didn't make that RCR tournament but Conway/Russelville appear to be AR based (googled) and I'll give them the benefit of the doubt as to not finishing dfl!

Did any of team Orbea ever come back or did one day of polo finish them permanently?

One never came back, one played for a while and one is still with us.

I'll be jousting in my newly made electro argyll cuddle puddle fur with my 2 in region buddies Murder and DanielNOLA. Don't worry you'll see us coming . just don't do a deer in the headlights routine coz we got 700lbs of polo love coming your way. (Thats dry weight , zero equipment.)

"So this is how it ends"MACHINE

Look forward to playing you. I'll be the short one on my team.

in other words, screen pete and you'll get a free shot on his goal.

wowsers! what a bunch of shit talking assholes... i can't wait to get down there and drink/play with you people!

talk shit and burn bridges

Pete wrote"I'll be the short one on my team"Can't wait to play you 2 pete.On court, I'll be the one with the strike like a cobra (enhanced perception from drinkin snakebites),the sexual appetite of a panda (shoots and leaves..that be thru yer bottom bracket) and the mobility of a tumbleweed in a hurricane.

"So this is how it ends"MACHINE

I will challenge not only your polo abilities, but also your sexual appetite. I masturbate both furiously and without stopping. I may be masturbating as I type this.

Be ready. Or don't. It kinda turns me on when they're not ready. Actually, don't be ready. And wear bright colors. My kinda girl.

Registration announcement:

As of noon today, all teams who registered were paid up. Here's the updated registration list:


Not that it really matters at this point, but I spotted a few mistakes that probably happened when this got updated. Team Shenanigans is on there two times, once in the registered, once waiting list.

Also, Ole Dirty Memphis' third team member is Andy Hill from memphis, not chris gt from philly.

Nitpicky shit, I know, especially at this point, but just to avoid any future confusion.


Also, I am now the third member or Starsparklez. Can't wait!!

Midwest is best!!


free agent unless something miraculous happens

i'm pretty good

He's talking to you, Pdillo and Stevenso! Or San Marcos!

Ha, cool, thanks Nick. Yeah that sounds good to me! We have one guy that doesn't know if he can go or not… its looking like latter tho.

Pick up charlie. You guys will have a lot of fun playing with him. Phillip, you can pedal super fast and strong and you got that on-court work ethic and you can just enforce and fuck people up on defense and be right up there with Charlie doing the god damn thing and fucking people up. GET HIM! DO IT!

Why aren't you playing with that team?

miracles! i'm off the table


Midwest is best!!

Very happy you made it, truly!

stoked charlie! glad you found a team

talk shit and burn bridges

Just a reminder, if you're registered for this tournament and want to stay with a friendly Little Rockian, email us at lrbpolo@gmail.com. We aren't going to be able to accommodate everyone with free housing and the spots are getting snapped up.

If you miss out on the free housing, or if you like beds and hot showers, we got a great deal ($59 a night for a room with 2 double beds) at the Downtown La Quinta on Broadway which is a very short bike ride (less than 1 mile) from the courts and convenient to restaurants/bars in downtown. To book a room either call their group reservation line at 1-866-527-1498 or go online to lq.com. The group/promo code is: 2010GRYJJG. We will lose any unbooked rooms by March 4th.

See you in March!

I'm also putting my free agent status out there. Would love to play at this tourney.

P.S. I'm better than Charlie:)

No longer a free agent!

EDIT: Better than Charlie at bunnyhops.

replying to your own post reeks of desperation!
and then editing it to talk trash about charlie (the most positive player in all of como) stinks even more!

hey lay off my teammate. he smells lovely.

Positive player? He cuts me with razor blades and throws sand in my eyes...and this is at pick up! On my BIRTHDAY!

Bike Polo Ronin

I'm about as desperate as you are a decent shit talker, Maxxx:) Me thinks it's time for a signature change.

Yes you como guys are quite desperate. stealing other cities flags and running around naked in them.
I'm saving the good juice for march. :)
plus, I'm not talking shit, I'm just joking about your fallacies. I'd NEVER talk shit. I just wanna have FUN. If you're taking me too SERIOUSLY, you're not having FUN.

Hahaha! We are without any flags at the moment, even our own, but hide 'em if you got 'em. This means you, Lexington!

I think you are taking him too seriously about the fact that he is taking you too seriously.

The forums are never that serious...or are they?

Hey Pete I was gonna tone down the colours for this tournament but seeing as you guys live somewhere over the rainbow i'm probably gonna have to fly thru one to get to Litttle Rock. C'est la vie. See ya on the darkside . Keep up the hands on training and watch out for the whiplash

"So this is how it ends"MACHINE

DENTON! TULSA! pick me up...team fell through due to their prior teammate deciding to play. I moved to atx too late to hop on a team. I am a team player and I definitely contribute...I will hustle for every point!

me, you and jared, southeast. it ain't help you now... but think about it. it make sense.

either way, let us know what you wanna do, we still need a third

slayer for hire...with qualifications

slayers are only slayers if the slay out of town...

This is regulation right? jk

  • Antler means bike 2.jpg

they should make hantlerbars a requirement.

I think it would be fine, you just need a chain.

I like your polo.

denton! tulsa! what's up with those TBD spots...I'm in region and I'm dying to play! I can get someone to vouch for me if you need...i am mainly a playmaker but I can definitely score and my goalie skills are fast becoming formidable! I will play any role you need me to play for your team...I seldom tap and usually only from dirty play or a calculated sacrifice on my part. come on...don't let me miss my first tourney as a south central player!

I PMed u, dawg

Someone should rename their team to "don't be a menace to south central while drinking your juice in the hood". I'll pay you to do it!

more props if you can rename your team, and then get marlon waylan's hairdo from the movie.

super cereal over here...man i just got these new heads from AZ N.O.D. and they are killin it.. qualified and some may ask... why do you want to go to this one? i asked around in az... raven...(read in typical high seabass voice)..."i just love good polo tournaments, i want to go to as many as i can" HAWK "man i just wanna help you bros out and get qualified early, having seasonal obligations i'm going to everything i can" puffin "ogad i coughed so hard i lost some feathers"
after all the confusion dies down and things smooth out i hope we can all get into the tournies we want to and have fun...however...with recent results in az with a pick up BOP suad i am looking to come to little rock as well...anyone on the fence speak up now...this may be the last one as a free agent for the rest of the year
black eagle

slayers are only slayers if the slay out of town...

maybe you can come to colorado and accidently break my arm and take my spot on my team. right?

no..no little maxxx i wouldn't do that
ps...there's a pizza delivery babe at your front door i can see her on the google map...get up and answer the door jerk face

slayers are only slayers if the slay out of town...

pizza delivery babe was actually a dude, good call though

YOYOYOYO! maxxx-i-poo..how abut i fly into denver and Pop-A-RRRubberband on it!!! no seriously how long is the drive from denver and could you guys do it?
ps... check your arm...

slayers are only slayers if the slay out of town...

We were going to drive to COMO then make our way south. The drive to CoMo is a while, might leave early as thursday morning so we can party/play/recover in como then make the 7 hour drive south to little rock. the car would be pretty packed with 3 people and our gear. There is also another team from the springs going to the tourney and they usually utilize a 4 person van, hit me up on the bookface and I could get you in contact with those guys.

You could save your self about 8 hours driving by stopping in Tulsa. I didn't look it up or anything but it sounds right. Little Rock is 4 hours from Tulsa and surely closer to Denver.

There will be intense training going on wednesday through friday in como. Spring break, no school, just polo and beers. Having you guys come would be awesome, we would all be in top condition and ready to head down and shred.

yep that settles it. We're going to CoMo. Sorry Tulsa but top condition players, beers, spring break, beats oklahoma any day!

Agreed, can you stop by and get me?

hah! Sort of defeats the point doesn't it?! I appreciate the self depreciation.

yes! (it only adds ~2 hours to your drive) i will be in como for the aforementioned intense training, see you there!

nick its the week before spring break

Verified. I stand corrected. So what I meant to say is "nothing but midterms and time in the library". Ahh fuck that I'll ditch it for polo!!!

Shiiiiit. My team just talked last night about how COMO would be a nice halfway point in our drive to Little Rock.

Let us know what's up, we'd gladly play the shit out of some polo on Thursday or Friday before the tourney.

Please do come. We'll go out to the big court, grill some food, play polo on thursday, maybe a little more early friday and then we can all caravan down to LR. Would be a good way to kick it off.

We have plenty of places for everyone to crash, too.

Denver folks are coming too, you should do it for the tasty treats if nothing else.

i am showing up to this... count it...even if i have to lie and say i train hopped all the way there... yeah his parents flew him...fuckit i got it.....! i am moving to all the cities chosen for qualifiers one month in advance...that way i will always be in the 75% bracket...awesome!!! i will just have to do something cooler than ------- for make believe transportation...plans for a polo bike you can ride on de-commissioned train tracks coming soon...

slayers are only slayers if the slay out of town...

so any ideas from yous out there of a bigger city to fly into?? then maybe we can all ride our newly converted train/polo/bikes into town...so like anyone want to give a ride from a big town? i love a good woad trip...

slayers are only slayers if the slay out of town...

How many of those TBD spots are still TBD? Is there any new names to put in those spots?

I just sent the teams with TBD players an email. Hopefully we'll have an update in the next day or two.

any good teams need a third?

will fly for polo

I remember the days when I thought it was ludicrous and a little obsessive to fly to a polo tournament.

I remember the day when I bought my first plane ticket to fly to a polo tournament.

I remember how awesome it was.

Now I'm looking at bags that will hold a bike and thinking about how many polo tournaments I want to fly to this year. What the fuck happened to me!?!?!?

ha x2!

I use to swear on the frugality of long mile road trips and scoff at the money spent on air flight.. but now this year I'll be flying to two or three or more tournaments.. so convenient.

bike polo, you ruined my life.

upthebikes wrote:

I use to swear on the frugality of long mile road trips and scoff at the money spent on air flight.. but now this year I'll be flying to two or three or more tournaments.. so convenient.

eh, usually the cost of taking a few days off work to drive is more than a flight to most places in the US.

eh, you can reach much of the eastern/central us from ne florida by driving friday thru the night and get away with only taking off friday afternoon and monday. and splitting gas 3+ ways is a lot cheaper than one plane ticket.

eh, i can't sleep when joe fawls is driving so I'd be sooo tired for swiss rounds on saturday.


and when the big man loses his sleep, he's like a zombie on the court.

who wants to help woadie out with a ride from a closish city??? fly in like on thurs nite or fri morn meet you and drive to LR.. will blaze you out drive like a pro...and walk out of a wawa with a case after they stop selling... its brutal enough flying out of a little big town but the flying into on smaller...exspensive! woadie lost his main sponsor Rabbi White when he took leon over too his place...also he didnt like what i did with his credit card down at turdukkken 1

slayers are only slayers if the slay out of town...

if you don't mind flying into/out of new orleans, which i'm doing, will is probably going to have room in his van. let me know if you're interested and i'll talk to him (or he'll see this).

carve. smash. eat shit.

I could fly into tulsa and rent a car... hello tulsa...?

slayers are only slayers if the slay out of town...

No need to rent we own. Fly on in—we have you covered!


What are your travel plans? Please say waiting until Friday when I land at 1105pm...

Seriously though Memphis how will you be traveling, can I catch a ride, and will you wait for me???

I will bring you... anything they will let me carry on a plane.

You have to go out of town to get inside jokes.

If you can't find a ride from the Memphis crew, I may be persuaded to pick you up.
Edit: I just realized that I can't pick you up because I have terrible night vision. Sorry, dude! I'm sure you'll get a ride, though.

Midwest is best!!

Weeeee...don't know yet? Dunno how many of the other memphians read this but I'll talk to people and see what's up.

Edit: Still working on this, one car is full, still checking on the other. Just wanted to let ya know we haven't forgotten. Also, do you need a ride back too and will you have your bike with you?


if ANY team loses a player...please pick me up! LET'S EFFIN' QUALIFY! YA HEARD? i'm an assist master...I'll make YOU look good!

I'll travel if someone needed a 3rd? Never been to Arkansas

Did you hear that the governor's house in Little Rock burned down?

Pert' near took out the whole trailer park.

You guys feel any of these recent earthquakes?

I'm glad you guys are excited to host but jeez, tone it down before you open a rift under the courts.

No tremors felt recently in Little Rock. At least since registration got straightened out.

Anyone partying it up at the La Quinta hotel with us? We just booked a room.

I booked a room at La Quinta but was lucky enough to be housed by the lovely people of Little Rock

"So this is how it ends"MACHINE

Shit, and here I thought the tournament was at the end of March.


866 hours right now. tick...tock...

Oh yeah Baby I've got my money on 700lbs of Polo winning this one.Anyone like to take a wee side bet on that. I'm putting up a dozen snakebites and an elctro argyll stealth fur(invisible to law enforcement, ask anyone who was at the 2010 LA Polo Picnic) beer coozy with skull and crossbones

"So this is how it ends"MACHINE

A bet that your team will win the whole shooting match? I'll take that bet. I'll bet you a beer coozie from Stupor Bowl XIV that you don't.

How about another bet that you don't even break the top 4?

No disrespect to C-murder and DanielNOLA. I actually know what their skill levels are.

don't see many birds in this line up...kackaw!...do i hear a second Kaw for someone in the area getting TMFBOP's nod after all the feasting is said and done?

slayers are only slayers if the slay out of town...

Ok Sveden, Since polo is a team game and not based on individual skill levels when the chemistry of a team outweighs the chemistry of every other team by at least 200lbs I accept your bet coozy for coozy.Top 4 it is

"So this is how it ends"MACHINE

Well I'm not sure what bet you are taking but that's OK. Good times will be had be all regardless.

Not sure my team can beat your claim of 700lbs but we're close. Too much good beer in SF and MPLS methinks.

We might even have to call a special game for this, the announcement will be "can we get 700 pounds and mpls on the same court, there's a very special bet that has to be solved...."

and then... it's 3 2 1 HECKLE!

Maybe we should have a bare naked weigh-in at the bar the night B4 . Is Little Rock ready for such a spectacle .I still have 6 weeks to add 13lbs to reach my optimal fightin weight of 230LBS

"So this is how it ends"MACHINE

Yes, and so is the bar we plan to invade Friday night.

You bring the scales I"ll bring the birthday suits . Glad to see I'm not the only one taking polo too seriously

"So this is how it ends"MACHINE

i heard 2nd place world champion of LOS MARCOS..(viva!)...AGUILA will be there for this

  • los marcos 3.jpg

slayers are only slayers if the slay out of town...

praise jah, I heard he's gonna be at every single qualifier and will win himself 8 different spots in the north americans that 7 other people were too weak to win. thus he will have eliminated 2 teams (and another 1/3rd of a team) before it ever started...

ka kawwww

Is this going to be the first tournament with the three main countries of North America competing? Epic and Historic!

you mean the only 3 countries of north america?

A geography lesson isn't the point but Greenland is a country in North America and we also have a couple territories I didn't want to exclude.

a lot of caribbeans are very mad at you right now

fine. greenland and the caribbean are both in north america. just like saudi arabia and thailand are both in asia.

if anyone needs a last minute in-region sub...I'm dying to play...I'm ready to qualify so let's do this!

plus his bike rules.

you haven't seen the new custom frame justin from tallahassee (oldfield cycles) built me...looks and handles like a malevolent force...love it.

pictures of this frame so we can check it. have you seen Will's bike (Nola)?

you mean the one he goes to the grocery store on?

slayers are only slayers if the slay out of town...


carve. smash. eat shit.

sir woadie... wrote:

you mean the one he goes to the grocery store on?

if by grocery store you mean your goal, then yes.

Just groceries, Max. Adding a trailer after payday.

hahahaha- takes it apart and carries it in the basket!

Fuck off

dude! CMON!
come on DudE!!!!
well, see you in arkansas.

my bike will be at the tourney in all its malevolent glory...if i get picked up! somebody pick my ass up! i will set you up so many times you will get tired of scoring goals! one-timers...booooring...its all about seatbelt wheelie shots, endo one-timers, hop shots/passes and seatbelt bb shots/passes...ill teach you...you'll look cool...cooler than me...way cooler...people will like you.

are you still running those incredibly small handlebars?

i was playing with even smaller ones...cut 2 squares off of oury grips...loved it...but justin from tallahassee built me some custom risers that are a little larger but as narrow as risers can be. i run my brake lever to the inside of the crossbar and have almost a full oury grip on the grip. at first i hit them shooting and when i reached over the bars but now they're awesome. the extra width doesn't feel any more stable by the way. he welded the ends closed so no bar ends/plugs to worry about...nice touch.

why? you thinking of running some knucklebars?

short bars FTW

jason f-off wrote:

he welded the ends closed so no bar ends/plugs to worry about...nice touch.

Dude, fucking awesome. You should call out someone, anyone, for not having their bar ends plugged, and then immediately substitute for them.

Haven't moved out of my armchair in 3 weeks just so I can reach Maximum Tonnage for the weigh in in Little Rock Hope the courtz have some under pinning

"So this is how it ends"MACHINE

guess who's coming to little rock to rampage and rage.

"ok Mr. Schwinn fucking Armstrong!"



slayers are only slayers if the slay out of town...

Here's hoping its you attending and not "Mr. Fuck People who go to other people's regionals"

NOpe, it's me playing. sorry, wouldn't it be nice if I was just spectating ?

"ok Mr. Schwinn fucking Armstrong!"


so who are you playing with..?

whoever can stomach Jared's attitude for 2 days (which might deserve an award by itself...the snake charmer award!)

Uhhhh do you mean 'watch'?

what happened to staying in one's region, jared?

carve. smash. eat shit.


this one goes out to the future "dick of the week" jared...

slayers are only slayers if the slay out of town...

LITTLE ROCK...where can I ship a bike?

Still working on getting a ride from Memphis.

You have to go out of town to get inside jokes.

i think i might ship mine too!

I'm looking into this. I should have an answer in the next couple of days.

If you want to ship your bike to the tournament, email us. We'll have you send it to the person your staying with. If that doesn't work, I'll just have you ship it to me.


last minute sub right here! i want to play some polo!

Yo Jason, you are on a team with me and a dude from lawrence. 2/3 south central required. Boom! CALL ME!


I'm all for staying in one region , and that be yer frontal cortex , where you shall find me both on and off court , whether ya like it or not. Art by one of the original Portland Poloistas Jacob Hewko

  • IMG01184.jpg

"So this is how it ends"MACHINE

ahgad 4 weeks til the reunion! i haven't hit a ball since Turducken

shame on you!

when are you guys getting into little rock?

Thursday night around 9 or 930. pick up all day friday!!!

the royal turkey wrote:

Thursday night around 9 or 930. pick up all day friday!!!

That sounds magical.


I shall be lookin at aclimatizing at Midnight on thursday Ya serious about pick up all day Friday

"So this is how it ends"MACHINE

landing in little rock at 11:35 pm local time thursday night, looking for party upon arrival and pickup friday afternoon

if you or anyone else wants to line up a ride from the airport email us at lrbpolo@gmail.com

woohoo! can't wait!

I'm driving in, 1:00 Friday.

don't forget your team...!

Their coming separate.

Its almost March! Stoked.

oh yeah! Sven, when is Minneapolis rolling into town? If anyone is getting to town by 7 Thursday night they can come join this "infamous" bar game called "bottle toss."

We're not sure... we were talking of overnighting in Como because it would break the trip in half... but if people are going to play polo on Friday there too...

Yeah Sven,
We were thinking of stopping in CoMo too but friday pickups sound Juicy

Fine then, fuck you guys too!


Let's party it up in CoMO on Thursday and then caravan early Friday morning. If we leave by 6am, then we'll be in LR by noon ready to play polo all damn day!!

Midwest is best!!

This plan sounds feasible. My spring break is on this week but it's a solid 12 hour drive to Como = we leave at 6AM we show up at 6PM. I doubt we'd be very good for anything besides drinking and passing out on the bar tables on a thursday night... then friday again!? jeesh...

6am? whats that?

Sounds like about the time we went to sleep at the "Oakeshitt" in Minneapolis.

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