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2011 South Central Bike Polo Championship

Saturday, March 26, 2011 - Sunday, March 27, 2011
Host club: 
Little Rock Bike Polo
Contact info: 
Court size: 
2 courts - 120' x 55'

Players on these teams qualify for NAHBPC.

1. Barry White Supremacy (Alexis/Nick V/Roberts)
2. Los Cuatrerors (Austin)
3. Hide yo kids, hide yo wife (COMO/Chicago)
4. Bluegrass Blazers (Lex)
5. Team 1×1 (MPLS)
5. Minute Men (COMO)
7. Krispy Kreamers (New Orleans/Seattle)
7. Scarry Larry (Lawrence)

Players on these teams can register for the NAHBPC wildcard tourney Thursday Aug 4th:

9. Bunglesaurus (Austin)
9. Gulf South Boys (N.O./Mobile)
9. Come and take it (Austin)
9. Critter Bonus (Austin/Mobile)

MVP Tina atx
male MVP Nick lex

36 teams
Online Registration: begins Friday, January 28 at noon central time
Registration cost: $60 this includes a $10 per team NAH fee

Register here: https://spreadsheets.google.com/viewform?hl=en&formkey=dFh6Z19iTm0ya3JLb...

Registered teams will show up here: https://spreadsheets.google.com/pub?key=0AnUPQDBkKBwkdFh6Z19iTm0ya3JLbkg...

Day 1: swiss rounds
Day 2: double elimination tournament

More info to come...

Facebook event page: http://www.facebook.com/event.php?eid=117566538308598&index=1

Map of things pertinent to the tournament:


We can update this as the tournament approaches. If anyone has any questions or suggestions for the map, don't hesitate to shoot us an email.


MacArthur Park
1000 McMath Ave.
Little Rock, AR
United States

Signed up

First south central regional tournament! We will see who has the will to be the strongest team in our region.

Also congrats Little Rock. I'm looking forward to visiting.

hells yeah! gotta get my polo bike finished and get back in the game. plenty of time to bring it hard.


and it begins

Get rad

shut up, bob.

It's difficult for him to do that.

count it

Get rad

in! love the LR courts.



hell yeah little rock, I'll be there

so will you be repping florida, denver, or seattle?

carve. smash. eat shit.


Fuck off

ha! hmm well since its South Central looks like Denver that month


cherri wrote:

ha! hmm well since its South Central looks like Denver that month

If it wasn't for the fact you're such an awesome poloista and I've spent countless hours playing polo with you I'd call bullshit. but the fact is, you're awesome, I'll probably spend most of 2011 playin polo with you, and I hope to see you in little rock march 2011 so count it!

.edit. jason, your comment was also awesome, why you gonna delete your funny shit?

glad you got to read it before the edit, hahaha.

Are only SC cities allowed to register, or is open to all?

pretty sure it's open to all. would wait until registration opens to see.
another question: will SC based teams be ranked for the NA's admission?

since this tourney won't be on the official tour, it shouldn't have any rankings for NA's.... we'll have to go to other tourneys for that!

that's it, rob. you're fired.

carve. smash. eat shit.

Ha sorry it looks as if I was thinking about the old plan, there has been discussion lately about having each regional tourney be that region's qualifier... guaranteeing top teams from each region a chance at NAs, sorry about that y'all!

Rob, come tighter or I'll release some shit on WikiLeaks about you.

the polocracy

Whos got the crack!


"wear a face mask or duck" - Tall George
stick 2 da code, stop snitchin'

I heard its open to everyone but sevenso, but that might just be a rumor

Bloomington, Indiana is pretty central, but are we far enough south?

i might end up being a loose cannon on this one. not too many people from Southern California can travel that far. so if i end up spending a day and a half on a train to get there, i need a team!

give blood. play polo.

It's possible some of us from Denver are going to carpool to little rock. it may (or may not) be cheaper if you wanna come to us, then carpool to little rock. Stay tuned...

that sounds very tempting. we will figure everything out when it gets closer.

give blood. play polo.

Me, you and NOLove? Maybe?
Depends upon whether or not I can carpool;)

Cadabbers - "We will literally stab you"

Got room for one more? I'm looking into making this trip. There's a cheaper bus from here(phoenix) to Denver.

Cadabbers - "We will literally stab you"

Atlanta is in!

Can a Midwest team sign-up?

We're working out the specifics. Basically, yes, this will be an open tournament. We should have a more detailed answer in the next couple of weeks, though.

Probably will end up playing as a single in this...would be cool if some lexington peeps would come down to form a team..

Would also be cool if you got an OKC team together. Have you met up with Brad from Tulsa yet? He moved to OKC after playing with us for about 10 months. I bet he would be down.

Actually I think i may be playing on a team with Tall George and maybe james (from Lex)

planning on it my friend we have to get in first.


you know Austin will be hereeeeeee!
How many teams yet to be determined.
I'm so excited to go back to Little Rock!...Ben...I expected to be greeted with moonshine again kthx

Jinxy, If the LA tourney is not going on at this time and you make it out we will squad up and find a third.

hell yeah! totally down!

give blood. play polo.

Shit!!! Scary Larry bringin 4 teams!!!

Im excited.

im excited

I hope Little Rock gets a nice PA system so we can have people like Daniel and Charlie do some game announcement and trash talking. It's the south central championship, you better be ready to represent your part of this region.

We will have a PA. Daniel and Charlie might have to share the mic with some of our regular drunk-homeless-guy commentators, Melvin and Nature Boy, though.

can i request daniel NOT be given mic duties, drunk hobos sound more intelligible....

Get rad

shut up, pussy nigga*.

*brian's head just exploded.

I'm not excited


so you're not not excited. so sick!

scary larry! we may come chill with you guys before the tournament (makes the road trip easier).

Yes! You totally should!

Nathan - and all LRBP - keep up the ground work, this tournament is going to be DOPE!!!!

"wear a face mask or duck" - Tall George
stick 2 da code, stop snitchin'

Extra DoPE. & the trophies are gonna be real nice...1 for each team-member :)

WOW! Now that sounds awesome :)

I'll have another trophy to add to the previous one... hahahaha.. JK-

Fuck off

I'm getting ready. The cardboard brackets are upgrading to dry erase.


Making a early strike at the 2011 poster! I like it.

Little Rock, you guys gonna give us free dead bird and dead fish when we get out there?

Hell yes! One free dead bird and fish to each registrant. I love the things that get Arkansas on the world news.

Haha, you're right. When I moved to AR ornithologists had just found this. http://news.nationalgeographic.com/news/2005/04/0428_050428_extinctwoodp...

Midwest is best!!

I love this quote: The discovery "is huge, just huge," said Frank Gill, senior ornithologist at the New York City-based National Audubon Society. "It is kind of like finding Elvis."

6 years later they haven't found the Ivory-billed Woodpecker either.

new rule number 6.66: No throwing dead animals on to the polo court.
rule number 6.67: if animals fall dead onto the court, play will not be stopped until the first goal or until someone actually runs over the dead animal. if a dead animal falls and blocks a shot that would have otherwise been a goal, it will still count.

I'm gonna have to disagree with 6.67. imo it should not count as goal, be it dead birds, a swarm of locust or frog rain - ball must pass through cones

give blood. play polo.

that… was awesome

oh! now there's a t-shirt too.


(Beebe is the town where all the birds died)

WEll if you need to screenprint shirts for the south central championship, it should be pretty easy to screenprint a red-winged blackbird and a drum fish and mallets. Scooter coined the phrase for the south central bike polo championship, "so much slaying its environmental"

Maxxx wrote:

Scooter coined the phrase "so much slaying its environmental"

Sounds like we have a new tournament slogan.

sounds like this is going to be an exciting tourney.... would like to see this one brings brings to the courts

“I believe you should live each day as if it is your last, which is why I don't have any clean laundry, because, come on, who wants to wash clothes on the last day of their life?”

Beginnings of tourney belt buckles (these are 6"W x 4"H) BRONZE...when finished. Still have a bunch of detail/imagery to add.

sweet mane

those look awesome.... and big... I like big!

Fresh press yer apple cider , restock yer fun fur factory , recharge yer megafone batteries and hide yer cheater mallets, coz i'm comin to town.

"So this is how it ends"MACHINE

This is going to be one hot ticket! Dave O those buckles are dope! I'd love to win one. With this being a qualifier for NAs and all the awesome things you're doing the 36 spots for teams are going to fill up fast.

Hey Little Rock!
I think you might have some Canadians fixin' on comin' and havin' some sexual-relations with your polo courts...

Take it Sleazy

wanna reunite the smurfhammer?

2007 - King of The Juice

Sorry bro, I'm hooked up. I think Valley expressed interest/needs a team...

Take it Sleazy

Mmmm, sweet! Bring some lube though. Our courts are grippy. Seriously, so stoked aboot you guys making the trip.

Okay, so if you guys are going to adhere to the NAH rules which would make sense seeing as this is a qualifier, and you also only want to have 36 teams, that means that you can allow a maximum of 25% or 9 teams that have 2 or more members from outside of the South Central. I really don't mean to put pressure on you about this, because I know your main goal in this thing is to just have a shit ton of fun with the south central people and everyone's like "I'm coming from (insert other region here)", myself included.

My only question is how will you determine who those 9 teams will be? I think you should just hand pick them! Haha. Anyway, I'm sure you'll figure it out just fine. This whole "25% outside the region allowed" kind of muddles things. It should really be South Central only in the South Central tournament, but at the same time I want to see all my friends from all over, not just from the Midwest!

• Registration will be managed by NAH via the web and will be detailed in the near future. Registration info for each qualifier such as teams, participants and registration times will be made viewable to all.

I guess unless someone from Little Rock or the South Central has a problem with it, it is out of their hands. I thought I read that Little Rock didn't apply to be part of the tour. They talked about it as a club and didn't want the responsibility or something. Maybe there was a change of heart or an executive decision was made that this would be best for the South Central.

Nick, best of luck.

Well, it be a qualifier really changes nothing about who is going to attend or how the tournament is run, so the top 10 or 12 or whatever it is might as well be reported as qualified, you know? I mean it has to happen sometime and this seems to be perfect. It's called the championship, so it is what it is!

RookieNick wrote:

Well, it be a qualifier really changes nothing about who is going to attend

Yeah, I'm sure no one from Cascadia is thinking this would be a good place to come and get qualified.

As a matter of fact, I wanted to come 'cause me and a couple other Canuckleheads thought it would be a rad place to go play polo. Seeing as how none of us have been anywhere near that part of your fair country, it seemed perfect. I could give two shits if it were a qualifier or not, that would just be extra incentive, I just wanna come to Little Rock!

Take it Sleazy

Nothing personal. Little Rock and the South Central Championship will probably be one of the funnest tournaments of the year. Playing against an East Van team in our tournament will be awesome. So by all means, come on down!

Yeeeeeeeeaaaaaaahh Boyyeeeeeeeeeee!!!!!!

Take it Sleazy

*someone said* this tournament might be 48 teams not 36. I am starting not starting this rumor. what?!? where dey do dat at??

"wear a face mask or duck" - Tall George
stick 2 da code, stop snitchin'

NookieRick wrote:

...you can allow a maximum of 25% or 9 teams that have 2 or more members from outside of the South Central... My only question is how will you determine who those 9 teams will be?

NAH says registration will be first come, first served.

This is correct. Those who register immediately when registration opens will have the best chance. All qualifiers will use the same registration process. As an example, you can take a look at the Phoenix registration that starts Wednesday at noon MST. Of course we would also like you to attend.

Registration page: https://spreadsheets.google.com/viewform?formkey=dEg2QnZDQmc0SW1zYlhJOW5...

Teams registered: https://spreadsheets.google.com/pub?key=0Autj3tqs5MHTdEg2QnZDQmc0SW1zYlh...

NookieRick wrote:

...that means that you can allow a maximum of 25% or 9 teams that have 2 or more members from outside of the South Central.

I clarified this in the rules a bit. The 25% is only a maximum if the regional teams fill up their 75%. If any spots remain 10 days before the start of the tournament, the 75/25 restriction is removed and those remaining spots are open to all. As an example, if by March 16th only 20 teams from the South Central region have registered but all 9 outsider teams have registered, the remaining 7 spots will be opened to any team in North America. The result could be that more teams from outside the region will register.

NookieRick wrote:

...This whole "25% outside the region allowed" kind of muddles things. It should really be South Central only in the South Central tournament, but at the same time I want to see all my friends from all over, not just from the Midwest!

I agree it takes some time to wrap one's head around the concept but it does satisfy your tenuous requirement. That is by design.

Thanks dude!

I wanna come to your neck of the woods coz this year is polo year for me after 8 1/2 months of injury last year. I've been in the usa for 12 years and only been on the west coast and Chicago once. If it gives me a chance to qualify too then awesome but i intend to have crossed that off my Just Did It list in Phoenix in January.

"So this is how it ends"MACHINE

see ya there, you silly little freak

Take it Sleazy

is molo allowed to participate in this tourney.. few of us would like to come i know of

“I believe you should live each day as if it is your last, which is why I don't have any clean laundry, because, come on, who wants to wash clothes on the last day of their life?”

David there should be space for molo. you'll have to wait until the middle of march though but as soon as registration opens you should most likely be able to jump in as part of our region. see ya there

me porch and jeff is deff are a team we r registering on weds. dont fuck us over. we r in it lil rocks

when does registration open for this? Frazer seems to think hes registering wednesday but i thought wednesday the SW region opens for reg not the SC....

Jake is correct SW regional (aka tempe) opens on wednesday for registration. SC registration opens some time in march about 2 weeks before the tournament starts according to NA rules.
the nola boys are living 2 months in the future apparently.
4 words
hot tub time machine

The "2 weeks" pertains to the time period between the announcement of the qualifying tournament and the time that registration starts. In the case for SC, the tournament was officially announced as a NAH qualifier on 1/7/2011, so registration could begin as early as 1/21/2011. I'm not saying registration starts then. SC organizers make that call.

Tempe is special because the qualifier was announced 1/7/2011 and the tournament is on 1/29/2011. It doesn't fit the rules but we're doing the best we can.

sry bout confusion, my poloverse advisor PORCH got it wrong amidst our BCS war eagle victory celebration.

we do see the future though

your denver weed dispenseries and crappy craft beer are eventually replaced w/ weed pills and even crappier craft beer.

ahh fuck. was gonna to this but tickets prices got jacked up in the past two weeks :(

liar you're going. better be, you registered for the shit three times

I'm pretty sure the organizers will open the tourney up well before 2 weeks prior. The NAH wording states:

Registration for each qualifier should not occur sooner than 2 weeks after the tournament has been announced on the LOBP. Registration should begin at least 30 days before the date of the qualifier.

The wording is abiguous and in the case of Tempe, they opened it about 2 weeks + 3 days before the actual tournament started. besides, I don't give a f*** when they open it, all I know is I'm registering for it and nate from little rock will probably go through a similar google spreadsheet process as tempe is doing now and organize it when he feels its ready.

We want to try to do registration about the middle of February, maybe a little earlier. We are going to pay close attention to how it works in AZ first for sure. But, as I read the rules for the NAHBPC qualifier registration process, I think - at the most - they mean NAH is conducting our registration for us; or, at the least, we have to run it with their concurrent oversight. Whatever the plan, we're cool, it will just be nice to get to see how AZ's registration works first.

Hi organisers . If possible registration for tournaments should be 60 days before the tournie date due to the expense of flights. I winged it and booked flight to phoenix b4 the date was confirmed and b4 having a team coz the flights were 1/3 of the price that they are now............ just saying, i don't know anyone with a polo mama or dadda and we all know Mr Anderson's been lookin for a while now

"So this is how it ends"MACHINE

60 days means we'd have to do our 2-weeks-from-registration-announcement tomorrow or the next day, I think. I don't think we can get registration together quite that early, but, the earlier the better for us too. We'll do our best. I assume you're asking for airfare reasons?

I need a team.

south central this is one of your star players right here. the guy who can say pussy n***a and explode heads. the guy who is built like a linebacker and thinks like a rocket scientist. the guy who will say "if we lose this game we deserve to get murdered" and then nearly murder you after the game. oh god, I love this guy. you should too.

if i didnt already have a team… (and if he would even play with this okie-ass).
it would be much better to be ON the great white gorillas team rather than AGAINST!

of course i'd play with you, just not STEHVEN-ZO...

i'll play with whoever brings the most fun... i don't even care about winning. all i care about at tournaments anymore is wyling out with jeff and saying nigga, everything else is irrelevant.

not that we couldn't win... you know... but... uhhh... yeah... fuck...

Haha—well, I'd play on your team if I wasn't already on pdillo's team. I know you're going to bring it, so I hope we at least get to play against each other.

This qualifying thing for NA's is a very good thing to happen to this tournament and I'm excited about all the great competition it's going to bring in. It'll let us show off our region and our community as one of the best places in this country to play. All the teams in our region with any chance to do something in NA's will qualify so I don't think there is any issue here with other regions coming in. I don't want to alienate anybody that is going to spend there time and money getting here, but could we also have a prize that is only intended for the best in the South Central?

For sure, Stevenso! Got our South Central peeps covered right here. This is the clay mock-up that will become the South Central Championship belt buckle. Our God Father/Dear Leader DaveO is doing the casting. The belt buckles (there will be three) will be awarded to the top placing South Central team. If a team from outside the region wins the tournament, they will receive a different prize.

nateness wrote:

If a team from outside the region wins the tournament, they will receive a different prize.

that prize is a fat hooker with STDs

Yeah i was just askin for airfare reasons. For tournaments pre 2011 it seems that if ya wanted to go you just booked your flights and showed up .Gettin in to tournies might be more of a chore this year. Lookin forward to makin it though

"So this is how it ends"MACHINE

Housing announcement:

We will be able to accommodate a fair number of people in the homes of Little Rock Bike Polo members and friends. Those housing requests will be processed after registration and on a first-come, first-served basis.

For those of you that would prefer to stay in a hotel, you may make your reservations now. We have reserved a block of rooms at the Downtown La Quinta. The hotel is about 3/4's of a mile from the courts. The rooms are $59/night (+11.5% tax) and can sleep 1-4 people (two double beds).

For reservations, call the Downtown La Quinta Group and Tour department at: 1-866-527-1498. Be sure to identify yourself as a member of the Little Rock Bike Polo party. The reservation block confirmation number is 2010GRYJJG. All requests for reservations within the block should be prior to March 4th in order to be sure they can accommodate you at the $59 rate. On March 4th, we lose our reservation of any unclaimed rooms in the block.

I remember there was a mess of hotels around a BK and Waffle House that were like $35 a night, but these were drivable distance not bikeable, good look LRBP. (I also remember downtown rates were $85 a night)

"wear a face mask or duck" - Tall George
stick 2 da code, stop snitchin'

How far is the Peabody Hotel from the courts? I don't want to stay there, I just want to see the ducks! : )

Midwest is best!!

Maybe two miles tops. I'll put it on the map. It's just a few blocks west of the River Market area.

Here's the map of things around the courts. I also posted a link at the top of the page.


nateness wrote:

Housing announcement:

We will be able to accommodate a fair number of people in the homes of Little Rock Bike Polo members and friends. Those housing requests will be processed after registration and on a first-come, first-served basis.

We're registered already and need a place to stay. When and where can I apply for housing? Can't wait to visit Little Rock!

I am seriously pumped for this shit. Can't wait to meet/play with a whole new slew o' polo folks

Take it Sleazy

Who all from E.Van are you bringing?

Definitely want to meet you folks from far and wide! Can't wait. I'll have the whole week before the tournament off if some folks want to come a couple of days early. Just want to throw that option out there. I think some other Little Rock players will have some time off the week before, too.

I think me and my crew are going to try to fly in to Memphis (cause it's cheaper) on the Wednesday, and check out Graceland and possibly shoot over to Nashville (I like's me the music). Then drive into Little Rock and have all of Friday there to check shit out. Is this too ambitious? It seems like not a bad drive, but I've never been there so I don't know.... Any suggestions?

Take it Sleazy

Sounds like a sweet trip! It's a six hour drive from Nashville to here, not too bad at all. There's some cool music related stuff in south eastern Arkansas but it's all so far apart and on slow roads. I would suggest the National Civil Rights Museum in Memphis if you have time. Also, Craig's Barbecue in De Vall's Bluff, Arkansas (besides the coleslaw and grilled cheese, not vegetarian friendly - cash only) and the Pie Shop across the street, both are a short drive off of I-40.

Awesome! Thanks for the info, Nate. I can't wait to O.D. on some real southern Bah-B-Q...you might just find me motionless with pulled pork and brisket remnants crusted all over my face and a pice of key lime pie in my hand. If this happens, just pick me up and throw me on a polo bike. Oh yeah, what the fuck is a vegetarian??

Take it Sleazy

9 out of 10 cannibals agree....vegetarians taste better!

But If you're in Memphis you should probably try the ribs.

Dude, I'm trying it all. But if Memphis is known for the ribs (i know shit gets territorial down there with the BBQ) then may that be my meaty focus....

Take it Sleazy

Just Me, Brooke and Gena as far as I know. Camilo might come too?

Take it Sleazy

Registration Announcement

Registration will begin at noon central time Friday, January 28th.

We'll have the link up soon.

Has a price per team been settled on yet?

Who all is stoked for this? I hope people are making travel plans from far and wide because this is going to be the shit. I'm working on adding a large timer to the scoreboard we used last year. Would it be okay to make a second one and debut them at this tournament?

Dude, the Canadians are stoked beyond!! We're gonna shower you guys with toques and maple syrup....

Take it Sleazy

tommy gunn wrote:

Dude, the Canadians are stoked beyond!! We're gonna shower you guys with toques and maple syrup....

When I moved down here it was Canadians who kept me from going crazy from culture shock...dont forget the bacon!

…and weed… customs shmustoms!

beyond. stoked.


can't wait to return,
with maybe a new orleans kind of entry into the SC

are west van coming down too after, their appearance at the victoria winter mixer, or are you east vanners keeping them boxed in on their side of the tracks

"So this is how it ends"MACHINE

Haven't seen those dudes since Victoria....total mysteries.

Take it Sleazy

"free to spectators"...hilarious..

Are there still any teams that need a third? Just putting my free agency out there.

Midwest is best!!





Yeah, I'm looking for a team too. Maybe Megs and Daniel?

Jack Crowe
"If you're gonna be dumb, you gotta be tough."

There might be some LRBP members still looking for team members. I can ask.

I'm getting excited now.

And the Canadians are welcome to bring maple syrup and ketchup chips but their healthcare won't fly here.

any idea how can a I get my bike on the plane without getting charged extra? I'm stoked on this! Or maybe take a bus to austin, then car pool with someone. Any Austinite doing the trip by car?



Check these two threads.

If it's cheaper to ship it here before hand, let me know, we can set something up. And, if this would help more people, I can look into getting a bike shop to receive bikes shipped to the tournament.

If you ship ahead of time.. make sure you insure your package!!! it's a minimal fee for insurance and highly worth it.
Go Canucks Eh!

Thanks for the links. I think I'll take the tip from machine and dismantle the bike then throw in some random colourful fur and say it´s a mixed media art project, haha.

Nate I'll look for shipping rates to little rock nad let you know

What airline would you be flying through?
I've travelled a couple times now with bike and if you break it down, zip tie everything to the frame in an intelligent manner, protect major things with pieces of cardboard/towels wrapped around it, then throw a trash bag over it (pref clear) then cling/plastic wrap and tape the shit out of it...they will assume it's under the general measurements of checked baggage. And as long as they don't charge a flat rate for a bike because it's a "bike" and not "luggage" you can tell them it's a bike. Just check the individual policies out of the airlines you are choosing.

Also, Austin is planning on driving. Not sure if we will have extra space though. That most likely depends on who ends up going. We will probably know more after registration begins/ends!

It'll be American airlines. I've been reading this in their site and it seems that as long as the bike doesn' t exceed the maximum dimensions and weight, it's ok. No extra fee.

Yes but honestly is it hard to fit a bike into a square box that small. If it is a free form or even a box that is cut and reshaped to be smaller (but not a square - think trapezoid or whatever) they'll have a hard time measuring it and you can probably convince them that it's under the size requirement. it'd suck to get stuff with the $150 fee at the last moment.

I intend to wrap it in plastic and then tape the shit out of it, so it doesn't exceeds the 62in and 50lb allowed. That, and not say it´s a bike unless they ask.

no matter what, don't say it's a bike. It is hockey equipment or art supplies

2x, anything but a bike.

i've said proudly that it's a bike 3 times now and not been charged. it's not an automatic fee anymore for most airlines. even southwest, who used to have an automatic $50 fee for ANY size isn't like that anymore. granted, i had to have them look at the website as they tried to charge me cuz they didn't realize the policy had change.

so do what you want. i wouldn't be scared, just don't give it up if you don't have to. just tell them to look on their website if they try to charge you. and be nice.

Last Time I did it, I had to fly out with 4 hours notice. I put my bike in a frame box and my wheels in wheelbags inside a bean bag cover and they let me on for free. Just never admit to it being a bicycle (allot of airlines have a standard fee for bikes), my messenger friends have told them it is a massage table with good results.





Im game



queue up the Final Countdown!

Columbia Mo will be waiting diligently at the computer come January 28th.

Nick, who are you playing?

Chris W and and Pete A.

I look forward to playing you guys. I hope it fills up in a single day but if AZ is any indicator you'll have plenty of time.

how long did it take AZ to fill up? erreybody is freakin out!

Seems like a week. It's hard to believe the SC will have more teams wanting to compete but I could be surprised.

Charlie sitting this one out?

team charlie double tim will be waiting by the computer this friday too.

what are the courts like? Daniel drive me there and back from nola no cost and get me fucked up and you may have just bought your self a team mate. (depending on flights)


Satellite view

Street view

NookieRick wrote:

Satellite view

Street view

Actually both courts are full boards now..Thats some OOLD satellite footage.

They look sweet!

mercenary killa


Just realized I can't come to this after all...fuuuuuuuuuck. i'm bummed

you need to fix that realization

"wear a face mask or duck" - Tall George
stick 2 da code, stop snitchin'

x2 definitely broken

Jack Crowe
"If you're gonna be dumb, you gotta be tough."

wtf peter!

I KNOWWWW. Bummerfest2011. I gotta be in Dallas that weekend (Saturday, specifically). You and all of ATX should leave Austin a few days before and come to Larryville for some pre-tourney pick-up...just an idea...

Registration announcement:

Registration costs $60 per team. That includes a $10 per team NAH fee. And don't forget, registration starts this Friday at noon Central Time. Little Rock can't wait to host everyone!

wheres the registration link??

Get rad

x2! Will you post the link on this page tomorrow at noon or do you have a website we should go to?

Midwest is best!!

It's going to be the same process as Arizona's registration. Going to work on getting the link up tonight and still expect to be ready tomorrow at noon central time.

Manu and I are looking for a third!

I'm looking for a team!

Jack Crowe
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anyone want to pick me up for this ?

"ok Mr. Schwinn fucking Armstrong!"

damn.... few days too late... pussssyyyyy.

yo pussy, let's play together fuck who you're playing with. Keep the edge united.

"ok Mr. Schwinn fucking Armstrong!"

but you're out of region!!

If you can't beat em, PLAY POLO !!!!!

"ok Mr. Schwinn fucking Armstrong!"

Who cares!

"ok Mr. Schwinn fucking Armstrong!"


slayers are only slayers if the slay out of town...

Register here: https://spreadsheets.google.com/viewform?hl=en&formkey=dFh6Z19iTm0ya3JLb...

Registration starts at noon CST today. Early submissions will be ignored. Good luck!

Registered teams will show up here: https://spreadsheets.google.com/pub?key=0AnUPQDBkKBwkdFh6Z19iTm0ya3JLbkg...

Louisville shooting for one of the 25% teams from outside

talk shit and burn bridges

so is LEX. in 20 min. fingers crossed


Bring it on, mother fuckers! Counting down the minutes!

Oh my god, paypal is not working!!!

If you need a third, I'm your man. I can even register for you if you need!

Jack Crowe
"If you're gonna be dumb, you gotta be tough."

Registered teams not showing up on form.

Paypal link also did not work for me.

Just an FYI to document that I was here. I just tried to register an out of region team (me + two from SF) and your form returned a bogus paypal link. I've tried it twice... still no luck.

I'm here too! Fuck I have to go to class. Fuck!

so its time what now it wont let me pay


What's up with the pay-pal? The link I clicked isn't working.

same problem as sven, nick, daniel, and cardinal

Yeah, Shit is fucking up

all of the above for louisville too.

keeping polo sinful.

PS... like Nick (and the others) I can't sit here all afternoon and wait... so I'd imagine that if we're out of region teams we're afforded the courtesy of being able to pay later, once you get the payment thing worked out, and not having to worry about not being let in. please.

x2 on that. Being out of region makes this a bit more urgent.

same here.


Teams just showed up. Shit. I swear I only hit submit twice. How did I do it three times. Sorry organizers!

sorry como you were a second early haha!


I watched time.gov and hit submit at 12:00:02 CST cause I'm classy like that.

Okay, same as all the others, payment didn't go thru. I'm totally good for it!

now that i'm officially registered, i'm officially excited.

so, my first registration time (13:01) has disappeared and my second or third attempt is all that's left. our team has been moved down the list. there has to be a record of the submission order so we can sort through this madness, eh?

the timestamps are still correct. they're just ordered incorrectly.

duplicates are disappearing, and my last, not first, attempt is stamped

No, chris is right. this is fucked up and might take awhile to untangle.

i have a screenshot of all the original time stamps before the dupes were deleted, don't worry we'll get this figured out, but might take the rest of my fucking afternoon.

never mind. EVERYTHING IS FUUUUUCCCCKKKKKEEEEDDDD UUUUUPPPPPP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Let's hope. I swear I registered at noon on dot, but google says 11:59:59. WTF!!!

hahaha! too bad, so sad. como-a-no-no, maybe next time tim!

talk shit and burn bridges

Probably off by less than a quarter of a second. FUCKING RIDICULOUS!!!!

shit sucks for real man. sorries

talk shit and burn bridges

Wow, that really is f'd up. What can be done about it though? I doubt anyone of the other nine will give up their spot so you can go. Sorry man.

i just heard from Dan in little rock, they'll be fixing the paypal link soon.

The first 36 teams (27 regional, 9 non-regional) will be given a week to pay, then it will open up again. They will email you the link, no need to fill out the form again.

Google documents seems to be a little finicky with all this traffic. Might be a little while before everything is clean and easily readable.

/edit and me hitting refresh on the Registered teams page probably isn't helping. I'll stop doing that.

I'm going to start changing some time stamps. please stop refilling out the form.

I just hid the registered spreadsheet from view. the fact that there are 50 people hitting refresh constantly is making it impossible to edit. Google docs fail. I will republish it once i've fixed the timestamps so that the first reg from each team is the one of record.

STOP REFILLING OUT THE FORM. i'm looking at you hammersley. jesus christ.

Haaaaahahaha. Whether I get in or not, this is thoroughly entertaining.


hot damn what a massive rush of registration. i think my registration was complete, could you post when you finish editing all the double and triple registered teams and republish that doc kev? thanks for dealing with the shitstorm

what are the chances of South Central filling up all their alloted spots anyhow?

what are the chances of South Central filling up all their alloted spots anyhow?

Well, all of the out of region spots have already filled, and that was just within the first 10 minutes or so. So I think there's a pretty good chance the whole thing will fill up.


I think Memphis should be in this region anyway. you guys are right down the road from Little Rock


I aggree seeing I fly out of the airport sometimes because it's so close....

Pretty good, I'd imagine. LR is very central in terms of location.

well I tried to register... not sure if it went through... obviously the paypal link wasn't working... but it says you have my details!!!


Get rad

Most exciting tournament of the year and it hasn't even started yet!

OK i fixed the timestamps and the google doc is back up at https://spreadsheets.google.com/pub?key=0AnUPQDBkKBwkdFh6Z19iTm0ya3JLbkg...

I've been chatting with Dan from Little Rock and he's got a new, functioning paypal link setup: https://www.paypal.com/cgi-bin/webscr?cmd=_s-xclick&hosted_button_id=U3N...

The first 27 non-regional teams (there are currently 20) and the first 9 non-regional teams (there are currently 16) have one week to pay, until 12 noon CST on Friday February 7th. After that, the teams on the waiting list will be contacted to confirm their registration by paying. If there are less than 27 regional teams who have filled out the form by that time, those regional spots will be given to non-regional teams according to the waiting list.

should we pay if we are not in the first 9 registered from out of region? is there a waiting list or does it go by first paid?

you're on the waiting list if you're not in the first 9 non-regional teams. don't pay unless they get in touch with you.

No, you'll have the chance to pay if you get a spot one week from now. Does that make sense?

cool. thanks for the quick updates will hold off on paying. hope some people drop out been looking forward to this one

Us too mang. We've been so stoked for this. Even before it was a qualifier.

Isn't memphis in the Region? It's like a 2 hour drive.

Memphis is a 2 1/2 hour drive away from Little Rock but it's in the South East Region.

Paid. Thanks for clearing all that up. Big ups to your effort in this.

I am also in the same boat with the registered and not paid. My room mate did it while I was at work. That shit was stressful.

Winnipeg, it looks like you did not make the cut. The 9 spots were filled in exactly 1 minute. You registered at 1 minute and 10 seconds. Rough.

Well that sucks. I guess at least we seem to be the next on the waiting list.

Yes, keep your fingers crossed! All tournaments are little better with some Winnipeg.

Thankfully COMO brings out the best in us. This is getting serious though. I am going to have to start booking off work in order to register for tournaments.

getting serious indeed.

Holy shit! Thank you Kev!

No prob. One browser window showing riots on Al Jazeera. One browser window showing riots on LOBP.

same differnce right!? :)

9 out of region spots filled in 60 seconds. 36 teams applied within 60 minutes.

29 made the cut.

Waiting list 8 deep and counting.

Holy eff.

Probably because Little Rock is such a bustling and vibrant American city. One which is on the leading edge in fashion and culture. Followed closely by Columbia, Missouri.

haha, couldna said it better myself

I just registered my team, didn't think all spots would be filled in such a short time. Can someone tell me if I'm on the waiting list or if I'm screwed. All members of my team are from this region if that helps.

Your registration shows up as 21st (or 22nd depending on Frazer's recidency). So yeah, looks like you're in!

Hell yeah! Shit that was stressful.

You are in the South Central Region, right?

If so you should be all good.

Part of the reason I wanted to go to this was the chance to play against a team from Mexico!

looks like there will be two teams with 2 players from Mexico

Fuck yea!!!


Haha, I think we're registered twice... But yes, we're going! super stoked!

The registration has been paid. I'm stoked!

Jack Crowe
"If you're gonna be dumb, you gotta be tough."


fuck since it come to this, for the record, im a legal resident of louisiana though ive lived in bama for 2 months. Legal also is my team mate Jeff Gerhart, we have one out of towner (David Trosclair) so this should secure us an in region spot right?

don't know, guess we'll have to run it by NAH, what does your driver's license say? (not that I know if that should be the determining factor yet)

fucking stooooked! can't believe we're in

talk shit and burn bridges

Paid. Cant wait this is turning out to be a big tourny


Paid in full, done and done. One full team of mobillionaires repping the Redneck Riviera.

we wanted to come to this so bad. this is a major downer. we were gonna go to memphis and nashville and play some serious south central polo. fuckballzzzzzzz. open more out-of-region spots. let canada in eh!

yo how many people have actually paid that 60 bones? i want to gather a team. i registered if im in let me know before i pay. i do want to go to this tho

bike polo hotline

wait to pay, you're pretty far down the list for out of region teams. we'll send you an email if spots open up and you get in.

This shit is crazy! I thought that there might be a time discrepancy before this thing opened, but I never in my wildest dreams thought it would fill up so quickly! In regards to the COMO Tigersharks registering a millisecond early I think that is kind of bs that you are not counting that. One clock may say 12:00 and another might say 12:01,was there a standard clock used? I had to register via my phone since I am on a bus right now, so I am not in the know. LR- is there anyway you can be persuaded to change the capacity from 36 to 48? You have two courts with lights, correct? CoMO threw a two day, 46 team Swiss rounds with only two courts (only one of which has lights) running Vince's software(which was brand new, by the way) and the tournament ran super smooth. Either way, I will be attending this tourney anyway. Are there any in-region teams looking for a third? See you all in March.

Also, a huge thanks to KeV and the LR bike polo club for putting up with us bike polo addicts.


Midwest is best!!

2 courts for 48 isn't really enough. There was a lot of waiting around between games even with AM/PM brackets

Crazy is right. In regards to the COMO entry: I read their time stamp as saying 13:00:01. That's one second after registration opened. It really sucks we can't get everyone in. The folks that have been able to talk about it here in Little Rock are all amazed and flattered at the interest our tournament is drawing.

Can reopened!

that's a different team.

Kev's screencap clearly says 12:59:59.

Over the line, Smokey!

Just another case of premature e-registration.


Fuck that dude, mark it 8.


In the future, if such strict adherence to the exact time signature is going to be law, the page should only be viewable after registration is open. Just looking forward to a better way.

It really sucks that those guys aren't going to make it, but rules are rules and you can't take away the spot from the 9th team.

Actually, could you do that? They're good and are really going to fuck up my chances of winning this thing.

48 Teams. Do it. More spots. More polo.

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