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2011 Manitoba Provincial Championships

Saturday, August 27, 2011 - Sunday, August 28, 2011
Court size: 
170 x 75

Last year was the inaugural tourney. Originally called "Ready or Not"
and presented by Kev D, it was supposed to just be a chance to play
polo for a day.

Ten people showed up, teams were assigned through random mixer format
(Cigarette warning labels drawn from a hat) and teams were formed.

Then we played a game or two, downed a few and decided that since
nobody else fucking mattered anyways, that we were changing the name
of the tourney from Ready or Not to Provincial Champeenships.

This year, it's more serious. First, we faced west and shouted towards
Brandon and Portage and then north to The Pas and Thompson (where my
Gimli gangstas at?) to notify their crews of the impending carnage
that was about to go down. Nobody shouted back. I'm pretty sure
Maloney was in charge of emailing West Hawk's posse.

So it's just us and obviously it's very very tongue in cheek. Second
place is a shitty thing made out of cardboard and aluminum foil and
first place, which my squadron will continue to possess obviously, is
a dope spoon board shaped like Manitoba.

So ya, bring your 'A' game. After this year I'm making a wikipedia
entry about it.


101 Osborne

Signed up

This tourney will be dope. Great poster!

2nd place is a shitty thing.
yeah the trophy poster is perfect.
no subs this year.

i hope this sucked.